24 Best Places to Have a Baby Shower (Budget-Friendly & even Free)

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Not only the parents but also the relatives are looking forward to the arrival of your little angel. Among the most conventional methods for your family members to show their happiness about your pregnancy is to host a baby shower.

It is among several memorable occasions that any expecting mother anticipates throughout the pregnancy. It’s a moment for relatives and friends to gather with the expecting couples with gifts, love, and best wishes before the newborn’s arrival.

Seeking the best places to have a baby shower is also one of the initial tasks on your to-do list when preparing for this memorable event. Note that specific venues may need to book weeks or even months in advance, so it’s better to decide an ideal place for your event.

Let’s have a look at some creative suggestions that may help you host a memorable day. Scroll down!

Cheap and Free Places to Have A Baby Shower

If you are looking for cheap baby shower venues near you, the following locations are the best:

1. Park

Start with something modest and cost-effective. A baby shower can be hosted at a nearby city park. This baby shower venue is completely free and it’s an outdoor place where you can enjoy the scenery and breathe fresh air.

Parks are an excellent choice for guests who plan to bring their children to the event. They will have much space to play around and explore, and they won’t have to worry about breaking expensive stuff by accident.

On the other hand, the park is best visited during the summer and if the weather is good. It isn’t easy to prepare that far ahead since you could even get caught in a thunderstorm at your event.

Consider the clean-up after the celebration and the mother’s burdensome task of transporting all of those baby shower presents back to the house.

2. At Home

If your purpose is to host a party to gather relatives and friends for this event, your home is the best free place to celebrate this memorable day. For some, a baby shower might be held in the privacy of one’s own home.

You won’t have to spend a lot of expense on the location, allowing you to put that money toward decent food or decorations. Not to add that organizing party activities at home is far easier than doing it in a high-end restaurant.

Undoubtedly, the presents are lovely, but if the festive vibe isn’t there, the most lavish setting won’t help.

Only one drawback is that you’ll have to tidy up afterward yourself, but your relatives and friends may offer to assist, so it’s not a significant issue.

Cozy shower at home

3. Virtual Baby Shower

A virtual shower is a relatively new concept that has emerged recently. It’s one of the beautiful ways for the expecting mother to gather with all of her family members and friends, even when they can’t always be present at the gathering.

While it isn’t as much fun as having a shower, in reality, it does bring the family members closer together. It can help you avoid having to prepare an actual gathering.

Nonetheless, you may make it more enjoyable for all by creating a newborn registry list ahead of time. As a result, your family and friends will be able to give you what you need to help care for your newborn.

You may also organize various family-friendly virtual party activities for your guests to enjoy. It could be a virtual replica of diaper raffle, bingo games, question-and-answer games, or something else.

4. Drive-By Baby Shower

Drive-by baby showers became in popularity as a result of the pandemic. Though we would have preferred to spend time with our families and friends to celebrate, pandemics made this impractical.

A drive-by baby shower is merely hosted at the home of the baby shower host or the soon-to-be parents. Visitors stop to bring best wishes, baby shower presents, and affection to the expecting parents.

5. Sip And See Baby Shower

Besides the above options, you can consider this way, sip and see baby shower, also called come and go baby shower. The plan is ideal for throwing an event in a tiny space or for a couple traveling from another city.

This party is suitable for gatherings of relatives and friends living near your area. Visitors are welcome to join you in your joy at any moment and for as long as they like.

Sip and see a party.

Outdoor Places to Host a Baby Shower

If you are planning an outdoor baby shower event, you can consider these recommendations:

1. Beach

The beach is a beautiful and affordable location for a baby shower.

Nothing beats the day in the sunshine, whether it’s diving in the ocean to relax after a long summer day or chilling at a great bar with a non-alcoholic beverage.

You can also bring your homemade food if the local dishes do not appeal to you or you do not want to put your health at risk by eating seafood.

You could even hold a picnic there. Moreover, you won’t run out of recreation activities with all the other entertainment you can experience on the seashore and even in the sea.

2. Pool

If the beach is not private enough and doesn’t interest you, a pool gathering might be more your style. Nothing is appealing about sitting with your closest friends together around the pool on a sunny day.

The expectant mother can dip the toes inside the pool while interacting with attendees and participating in exciting baby shower activities.

A few decorations, a gift box, and a comfortable position for mom to relax are simple ways to embellish the space.

You must use extra caution if guests’ parents accompany their kids. They could be distracted and skip ignoring the children swimming in the pool. It may be a risk.

3. Camping Fire Pit

This idea is perfect for a baby shower in autumn. It would make a beautiful setting for a s’mores-themed get-together.

When mentioning camping-fire pit, fall, relaxing moments, and closest friends, anyone will surely come to mind. With a campfire on the patio, you might comfortably organize an outdoor event.

Camping fire pit party

4. Rooftop Terrace

The rooftop terrace is one of the most fantastic ideas to host a baby shower. The celebration will not only have an incredible view of the town as a background, but it will also have a unique vibe.

With this recommendation, you need to bear in mind two important factors, including the season and your city’s weather. You should also prepare backup plans if the weather turns unfavorable on that particular day.

5. Garden Or Backyard

If you intend to have a baby shower in the spring or summer, it’s the most fabulous idea to hold in a beautiful garden.

Your event will take place in a natural floral setting. Your guests will also have the opportunity to take great photographs, as the growing flowers act as a lovely metaphor for your newborn.

If it’s a large garden, you’ll have plenty of options for where you want to hold the party. Also, you don’t need to prepare less for setup and clean-up afterward.

The beautiful backdrop, delectable cuisine, and the attendance of your family members and friends will ensure that your baby shower is something you could never forget.

Mainly when the weather is beautiful, a large backyard might be ideal for a baby shower. Choose a moment of the day that is neither too cold nor too hot.

Attendees will get more area to roam around, which is incredibly beneficial if you’re throwing a baby shower that is quarantine-friendly.

6. Farm Or Barn

A farm is also among the finest venues to organize a baby shower for you if you are really into the rustic vibe and want to harmonize with nature yet still be able to retreat indoors if the weather gets poor.

If you reside in a central metropolitan area, this is a fantastic opportunity to get out of the city to relax in the countryside. Leave life chaos behind and enjoy the joys of a peaceful lifestyle.

Besides, a baby shower party in a barn with a rustic theme is sure to bring a touch yee-haw to your celebration. If you’re a country girl who will most likely appear at your party in a pair of cowgirl boots, you’ll adore this concept.

You have the option of dressing up and becoming extraordinarily fancy or keeping it simple and easygoing. In either case, you will create a warm and friendly ambiance.

Farm event

7. Tailgating

Are you a sports lover? Then throwing a baby shower during a community sports competition might be a great idea to honor the parents-to-newest be’s enthusiast!

Rather than looking for a champions league weekday in the autumn, it’s better to have a gathering in the parking garage! All of your favorite tailgate meals and games should be included!

It is undoubtedly a fantastic co-ed party idea that the guys will enjoy! It will also not seem like a baby shower but a gathering.

Unique Locations for Baby Showers

Want to keep this memorable day forever in an exciting and unique location? Check out the creatives right below:

1. Art Studio

What can be the best baby shower venue for a crafty and creative expecting mom? Do you want to create a beautiful and unique masterpiece? If that’s the case, a trip to the nearby art studio is in order.

You may undertake a variety of enjoyable crafts in a gathering. There are several options, ranging from pottery crafting to painting night. Plus, you will receive a keepsake after the party.

2. Spa Or Nail Salon

You can plan yourself for small numbers of friends, perhaps a half-dozen at most, by hiring a room together in a spa and throwing a baby shower event.

A spa or manicure salon offers a pleasant and calming environment, which is likely precisely what any mom needs during the third trimester.

You like this concept but going to these venues is impossible, so you can decorate your living room following spa styles.

You may hire freelance nail technicians and massage therapists to visit and massage you in comfort and privacy.

Throwing a party at spa

3. Zoo

Hosting a baby shower party at the zoo is a one-of-a-kind event, but it’s ideal for animal lovers!

Over the year, zoos throw family gatherings, anniversaries, and other special events. They have no reason not to get a baby shower!

It’s better to make an appointment with them in advance and consider the weather conditions on that big day.

4. Library

Is there a unique and intriguing place for mums who enjoy reading? A baby shower in the library is a sure bet.

In addition to being a place where you can spend time relaxing and reading, you can hold a party at this location. This is an interesting fact that not many people know.

Libraries with lovely stonework and magnificent wooden doors are bound to exist in your city. They have a community hall with a window looking out over the woodlands. It’s a lovely venue for your baby shower.

Small party at the library 

5. Museum

If a museum in your city accepts parties, this is a great place to have the baby shower for moms-to-be with a gathering of family and friends.

Are you really into modern style and art? Include this lovely venue into your plan list. Check to determine if you’ll need to hire tables, seats, or other necessities for the location.

6. Vineyards Or Breweries

Are pregnant mothers not allowed to drink alcohol? Yes, but enjoying the atmosphere and beauty of the winery in the baby shower event is a considerably fantastic idea.

The perfume of alcoholic cider and wood will permeate the atmosphere, giving it a rustic vibe. You’ll also get some fantastic shots because most vineyards are among the world’s most scenic locations.

Your attendees will still have access to alcoholic beverages, and you won’t have to worry about catering because most vineyards provide meals. Most significantly, you don’t have to worry about tidying up afterward yourself.

If vineyards are unavailable in your area, you can consider breweries. Generally, these venues serve fluffier meals and have non-alcoholic offerings if you choose something besides water.

Overall, these two possibilities would be ideal if you’re looking for a blend of a park and a restaurant setting, allowing you to have the perfect vibe.

Party at vineyards

Popular Places to Rent for a Baby Shower

Apart from creative and unique locations, you can also consider nearby baby shower places to rent if you search for something simple.

1. Restaurant

The most accessible place on this list is a restaurant. You need to book the tables depending on the number of guests, and the restaurant owners will do everything for your party.

If you book a private room, you can design it with your style. You could obtain a custom menu created for your event that guests can select.

2. Community Center

A community center, if one is available in your area, is a suitable middle ground. Expectant mothers are always welcomed with open arms, and they will willingly allow you to book the room for the celebration.

It has everything apart from food and drinks, so you need to prepare them for your gathering.

Holding an event at a community center

3. Hotel

Baby showers are typically held in hotel ballrooms or event spaces. This can be an excellent solution if you’re planning an oversized baby shower! Opt for a hotel with a spectacular view.

4. Tea Room

It is an exquisite choice, where your friends may unwind in a beautiful, peaceful location while taking tea and biscuits, munching on a muffin, and discussing your expecting child.

It might not be an attractive venue for everyone, but it is the most suitable and perfect solution if you are too busy for a party. The staff will do everything you require.

5. Club

They’ll provide top-notch meals and service, as well as private banquet halls so you can enjoy this wonderful occasion with your relatives and friends without interruption.

6. On A Boat

Do you enjoy spending time at sea? If that’s the case, a baby shower party on a boat would be an excellent idea.

While soaking in the fantastic vistas, you’ll still get a lovely wind from the water. All you’ll need is your beloved, some great discussion, some fun activities, and some delicious food to get the whole party started.

Party on boat 

How to Pick The Best Baby Shower Venue?

You need to turn over these considerations over your mind before booking a place for your unique baby shower:

1. Budget

All action you take about this party should be made with your finances in mind. Remember that throwing an excellent baby shower does not have to be expensive.

Please note that even when you’re throwing a tiny gathering, costs might soon mount. You might easily overspend on the location, meals, decor, and services.

As a result, planning the budget before determining other options is critical.

2. What Is The Theme Of The Party?

You do not need to decide a theme, but it is preferable to select one that expresses the personality of the expecting mom and celebrates the newborn.

Yet, if you want something more fashionable or distinctive, it’s best to decide as soon as possible, as the event’s theme may impact where you host the shower.

Below are a few unique themes that mothers-to-be are interested in:

3. The Number of The Guests

The number of guests at your party will have an impact on both your cost and the place you select. It’s best to pick a good location that can comfortably accommodate all of your attendees.

Also, please note that the number of participants will affect the expense of particular venues, so think carefully before making your choice.

4. Who Are The Attendees?

The attendees you plan to invite depending on the type and the style of the party. Is it a female-only event or a social gathering that includes both men and women?

Consider the father-to-preferences: Does he like to socialize and unwrap baby presents in front of his fellow friends, or does he prefer to turn up towards the end of the event and bring the gifts home?

The attendees may affect the party.

5. Are There Children?

You should find a kid-friendly setting while planning baby events. A pool or seaside location might not be the most outstanding choice if children are present.

6. What Will The Weather Be Like?

Pregnant women often feel uncomfortable during pregnancy. Thus, make sure the day you hold your shower is not too hot or too cold.

If you plan to have an outdoor party, you should prepare a backup plan if the weather turns bad.

The weather will affect your event.

7. How Long Will You Be Hosting?

A typical baby shower lasts 2 – 3 hours, with both the lunch and gift unboxing accounting for most of that time.

8. Will The Expecting Mom Be Comfortable?

This question is the most vital issue. Choose a place where you feel most comfortable, either indoors or outdoors.

9. Who Will Be Responsible for Cleanup Afterward?

Do you intend to clean up after you get out of the party? If not, think about having the party in a location that will tidy up for you.

In A Nutshell

Now you have known where to have a baby shower. As you can see, there are several venues to throw your party, and they are all awesome.

All in all, the best-suited place will bring a sense of joy and comfort for you and your guests. Besides, it would be best to consider many things such as budget, the number of attendees, and many others before the party.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you. If you have any fabulous ideas, please comment below. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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