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Free Printable Price is Right Baby Shower Game

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The wait for a baby to be born is so exciting that we buy everything beforehand for the baby. Some parents even buy things for both boys and girls because they’re uncertain about their little one’s gender.

Baby showers are a special occasion when all of your friends and family gather up to celebrate the soon-to-be mom and her soon-to-be-born baby. The occasion is even made more memorable with fun and easy-to-play baby shower games. “The Price is Right” is one such game that is widely played at baby showers.

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The Price is Right Game

The price is right is a guessing game. It’s very easy to play and really fun. Who doesn’t like playing guessing games? No one! The price is right is a fairly simple and straightforward guessing game.

The host has to prepare, however, but nothing too over the top. You, the host, will have to purchase around 10 different baby-related things that are commonly used by parents and babies.

The guests now will have to guess how much you got each and everything, basically, they will guess at what price you purchased all the stuff for. The guest who comes to the closest prize of the baby item wins.

Blue Bear The Price Is Right Baby Shower
Blue Bear Price Is Right Printable
Green Woodland The Price Is Right Baby Shower
Green Woodland The Price Is Right Game
Pink Princess Price Is Right
Pink Princess Guess The Price Baby Shower Game

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What to Prepare

The best thing about this baby shower game is that you don’t really need a lot of stuff to play it.

The only things you need to play are firstly some game card templates to print cards. Cardstock paper is super sturdy and easy to handle. It is recommended that you print the cards on this type of paper. Cards of sturdy and harder material will make it easier for your guests to hold onto during the game. These baby shower game card templates will also have several common baby items mentioned on them.

As a host of the game, you will have to keep a list of the actual prices of the baby items you got. This list of prices will be an answer key that you, the host, will have to keep with you. You can just go online and check to see what the retail prices are there for your item. If you want to be extra sure, you can even go to your nearest store to check the prizes for baby items there as well. Note down further details of each item like their size or shape, or color, as your guests will probably ask you to be sure about their guesses.

You’ll also have to get all the presents necessary for the game as well. Buy the baby items from common shops where people usually go. This way, your guests will have a much better idea about the prices.

Your receipt lastly is of great importance. Take a printout of your receipt, as this will be used as a source of verification to fully confirm if the guests were right with their guesses about the items.

How to Play

  • A pen or pencil marker will be given to each guest to write down their guesses.
  • Show all the things that you have bought. Your guests will then think how much each baby item had cost. If you want to make the game more fun and engaging, you can get cards with prices on them. Then, to guess correctly, prices will have to be matched with the item names.
  • When everyone has guessed, you can take out your receipt and see which guesses came the closest to the actual prices of all the items.

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