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Who Knows Mommy Best Baby Shower Game Questions Free Printable

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Baby showers are a wonderful day for soon-to-be mothers. To make the baby shower even special, all the close relatives, family members, and friends join to play all sorts of fun and simple games.

“Who knows mommy best” is one such game. This game is basically a quiz where your guests have to answer questions related to the soon-to-be mom. The questions can be like “Which movie is mommy’s favorite?” or “Is mommy a cat person or a dog person?” The person who correctly answers the most questions will win and gets a prize. This is one of the most popular baby shower games as it’s super easy to play and fun.

We will regularly update free printables with new designs in the future, so bookmark this post to download when needed.

Who Knows Mommy Best Game

This is probably the most famous baby shower game as it’s a quiz and everyone loves quizzes. All of the couple’s friends, extended family, relatives, and close neighbors have to test how well they know the soon-to-be mommy. Guests have to correctly answer all sorts of questions related to mommy. It’s like a Buzzfeed quiz, but the difference is that you’ll be answering questions related to someone you know, and you’ll win a prize at the end.

What to Prepare

  • Download our free printable cards and print them out for the game. Each printed card will go to each individual guest, including the mommy.
  • The guests and soon-to-be mom will also require a pencil, pen, or marker to write their answers on.

How to Play

  • Give each card you printed to every player and give one to the mommy as well.
  • There will be several questions to answer related to the mommy.
  • Both the mommy and the guests will answer the same questions.
  • The guest with the most correct answers that are the same as the soon-to-be mommy will win the game and win a baby shower prize.

Question Ideas for The Game

  • What TV show mommy can’t stop watching?
  • What place does mommy always want to go to?
  • Mommy’s favorite food or snack?
  • Does mommy have any allergies?
  • What’s that movie that mommy really hates?
  • Which year was mommy married?
  • What’s mommy’s biggest fear?
  • Is mommy scared of spiders?
  • What is the mommy’s favorite clothing brand or store where she usually shops at?

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