12 Unique Baby Shower Activities That Aren’t Games

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A baby shower is a cozy party to support the soon-to-be mom mentally and physically. Those invited will bring gifts or even gift cards and money to give to the mother and the new baby.

At the party, there will be a lot of activities happening and usually games to make attendees more comfortable and relaxed. If you intend to have a baby shower without games, you can do the following fun things instead.

These non-game baby shower activities are suitable not only for women but also for men if you invite both the father of the soon-to-be baby and other male guests.

Fun Things to Do at a Baby Shower Instead Of Games

Without wasting time, let’s look at fun baby shower activities with no games right now. Our list will make planning your baby shower easy without using a match.

1. Diaper Raffle

As a mother, the first thing you should prepare is a bunch of diapers, so the diaper raffle is an opportunity to have a full diaper for your baby.

And you will probably be delighted with the effectiveness of this baby shower activity. This way will help you solve the problem of time and save a considerable amount of money.

You need to prepare

To do this activity, you get a description tag that looks or includes details at the end of the invitation. You ought to bring a diaper bag or box for a chance to win the game. You receive a lottery ticket or number card in each box you get.

You can design media lottery tickets for participants to write their names or lovely cards that match the theme. They will write their words and put them in a large vase. Then it would help if you chose randomly to find the lucky winner.

You need to do

When everything is ready, you will let the participant enter the Grand sweepstakes. To add more fun to the party, try to make it grand and tactfully remind them to bring a pack of diapers or wipes to the shower.

Any mother can participate. With this simple and fun baby shower idea, you and your participants will get more from it than buying it.

2. Shirt Decoration

This baby shower craft activity not only expands your creativity as well as the participants but also helps you to have new clothes for your baby.

Once you’re done decorating, you can place the finished product on the clothesline in the room where the shower is taking place and treat it as a decorative addition to the party.

What to prepare

You ought to prepare more things than the other suggestions on the list.

First, you have a white and plain baby bra. Preferably a short-sleeved vest without legs with panties underneath. At the same time, each participant should have at least 2.

A colorful clothing marker with clothing stamps or hidden candles is an indispensable tool. Also, dunes get iron patches and tables and chairs large enough to provide space for them to sit.

What to do

You do not need to be fully prepared; just a shirt and a pen are enough. However, you can use it with stamps and stencils to decorate your finished product.

At the same time, using them turned out to be a great idea to create a computer that the participants could sign as a record.

After the shirts are decorated, you can hang them on the clothesline to decorate the party.

3. Bring a Book Instead of a Greeting Card

Compared to gift cards, what do you think about using books?

Instead of writing a message on a greeting card, you will be asked to bring one or more appropriate books for your baby.

Then you will write the words of love you want to send into the book.

It is a meaningful activity to replace the card in the box forever. With books, you can jot down messages whenever you want.

What to prepare

Of course, to participate in the activity, you have to prepare a bookcase. It will be the app that accompanies you throughout the process.

What to do

Before participating in the shower, make sure everyone on the invitation knows that you want them to bring the booklet instead of the card.

Once everyone is ready, place the box with a large sign to distinguish the children’s book box from the others.

After placing the box where you hold the event, you have to ask the participants to put the book in.

When participating in the activity, they can find a simple whiteboard box for the same price as Amazon or any e-commerce store.

Not only is it meaningful and straightforward, this activity just takes a little planning. Let everyone know before going to the baby shower.

4. Photo Booth

Preparing a photo booth is a meaningful activity to help pregnant women store images at many important milestones of their baby and themselves during pregnancy. You can use it as a keepsake book.

You need to prepare

To set up a photo booth, you can do it in several ways. The simplest is to rent an actual photo booth. The service price is not too high, suitable for most families.

In case you want to shoot yourself, prepare a camera or phone and a stand. However, if you have more support people, the work will go smoother and faster.

You need to do

As mentioned, you can find a photography service at a reasonable price or shoot with a phone/camera.

All you need to do is choose a suitable and meaningful time for archiving. Prepare lovely props and a harmonious background. The photos can be hung on a room decoration line or stored in an album.

5. Onesie Making Station

Onesie making is another meaningful baby shower craft activity for guests to make instead of games.

You don’t need too many sewing skills, and the operation is effortless to do. This activity gives special meaning to pregnant women, and you can design some great headbands for your baby.

It can be that a headband is an adorable gift that a mother gives her baby to use when at the shower.

You need to prepare

As an activity involving sewing, you first have to prepare decorative items such as fabric flowers, elastic headbands, measuring tapes, and ribbons. Besides glue guns, rulers are also indispensable items to complete.

You need to do

In case you already have an elastic band, all you have to do is choose the flowers and ribbons you like and stick them on the string. On the contrary, just do a few more steps if you are not available.

First, please refer to the size of the headband for babies. Usually, for a 3-month-old baby, the flat band should be about 12-13 inches long.

After measuring the elasticity and treating the cut, make a circle and glue the two ends together. Finally, paste the decorative flowers.

6. Bib Decorating Station

Bibs are indispensable items if your baby is about to be born. When it comes to bib making, you can get a little more creative by decorating it with the included crayons or paints featured above. But best of all, this baby shower entertainment idea is straightforward with a canvas pen, so if you’re not ready, get it ready.

You need to prepare

A cotton bib is a must when you join this activity. In addition, pens or fabric paints allow you to mark and decorate your baby’s bib. Small bows or fabric flowers are also suitable for additional decoration.

What to do

Once you have your bib ready, place it on the large table, optionally with pens or paint and other decorations to complement the bib however you choose.

If you still want something different, you can use iron stickers to decorate. Finally, keep preparing it for your baby to use when the product is finished.

7. Block Decoration

Decorating blocks is a beneficial non-game activity you can do at the baby shower. Not only is it comfortable for you, but it can also be available as a toy for your baby.

You can choose your color and then choose paint to decorate each block for blocks.

What to prepare

To participate in the activity, a plain wooden block is indispensable.

You should pay attention to paints and varnishes to choose the safe type for children because the baby’s skin is susceptible and easily affected by many factors.

Also, you have to add decorative stickers and paintbrushes.

You need to do

It’s straightforward, and you just have to decorate the wooden block to your liking. Moreover, there are many ways you can consult online.

Online references will help you combine the right paint and stickers to create a more beautiful block if you don’t have good taste. Letter stickers are paper, and you should apply a protective layer.

8. Make a Flower Crown

You can make them for yourself or your baby when making flower crowns. The method is similar, and the difference is that the size of the wreath for you will be more significant. This baby shower activity is straightforward, and you can add it to relax.

What to prepare

You will first need fake flowers and fake plants to fill in the gaps to make a flower crown. In addition, you need to prepare a tape measure and a glue gun to perform joining the parts together.

What to do

First, you need to use a flower string to measure the size to fit your head. It is best not to be subjective because it determines the comfort when using the flower crown. Next, cut and twist the ends together and then use tape to wrap around the connectors.

In order for the crown to come to life properly, attach flowers and plants to the string properly to create a good sense of aesthetics and not leave the height empty. For single flowers, use a glue gun to finish them off.

9. Alphabet Coloring Book for Kids

You can find children’s alphabet coloring books at many e-commerce sites or local stores and even download and print them for free. Your job is to choose the right crayons to create your baby’s first alphabet book.

What you’ll need

The book and the alphabet are what you will need before participating in baby shower activities. Besides, don’t forget the pen to draw and paint the text.

After the tools are ready, move to a table that is just the right size to sit and decorate the pages of a book. As for the number of pages, it depends on your needs and choices. You need to use crayons to decorate the book as you like.

10. Baby Shower Gift Bingo

This activity is highly entertaining, simple, and easy to do, so it is an excellent suggestion. You have to imagine it like gift bingo, and when participating, you will find the thrill of opening the gift.

The interesting point is that the warehouse with the prize will scream bingo excitedly. In this way, the game attracts a lot of participants while they cannot open the gift.

What to prepare

You need to prepare a set of bingo cards and gifts before hosting the shower.

You can find them at your local or online store, or you can download them for free and print it out. The most important thing is still a gift for bingo players; a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is not a wrong suggestion.

What to do

First, hand out bingo cards and markers to the participants to get started. When participating, they will check the boxes that match what the other person said. When they have marked enough, they scream bingo or baby to win and receive the gift.

11. Write on Diapers

This baby shower activity is super simple and inexpensive; it almost doesn’t cost you too much. For postpartum women who easily fall into depression, this will help you smile even when looking at dirty diapers.

Writing messages on diapers makes parents so much happier. Now, some diaper companies even claim that the news on the diaper shows the new mother’s mood, especially when she is in a bad mood.

You need to prepare

Stacks of newborn diapers are an indispensable item for you to participate in this activity. It is best to get at least 3 to write more than one message.

Besides, a lovely box to put diapers in is also essential. More than just aesthetics, you need to make sure the crate is clean and safe for the baby’s sensitive skin.

You can use cardboard boxes and paste decorative paper outside and don’t forget the marker; use colorful pens to make the diaper more beautiful.

You need to do

First, you need to put the diaper on a wide table to perform the following operations efficiently. Next, use a marker to write a message or draw a picture as you like. However, you should use a feature that does not fade to avoid ink spilling on your baby’s bottom while using it.

12. Create a Floral Canvas

Creating a flower planter canvas will help you have an excellent and unique work of art to decorate in your living room or bedroom. It is proof, a place to record the memories that everyone was present to create the picture.

In addition to the tree image, you can choose to make many different shapes.

What to prepare

You need to prepare a sheet of paper or canvas of the right size for the place to hang the display. The operation uses fingerprints, so be equipped with extra stamp ink pads and hand towels.

You need to do

It’s straightforward, and you just need to shape the pattern and then press your hand on the stamped ink vermicelli and print your fingerprint on it.

We recommend choosing a flat surface and various ink colors to make the results more unique.


Having a baby shower without games is not impossible because the activities expand to various types.

The baby shower activities that aren’t games above have both mental and physical support for you – the mom-to-be and your baby, so all you need is to start preparing to do it the right way.

However, not everyone is the same and can participate in any activity. So, it would help if you considered your conditions and interests to choose the most appropriate activities.

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