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17 Best Diaper Raffle Prizes People Actually Want to Win

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Games and activities are necessary for anyone to engage in your baby shower and have a good time. Besides, games are essential to bring out the playful side and create the gathering pulse with energy.

It’s tiresome to attend a baby shower where the guests are courteous with one another all the time and just chatting. Games serve as a stimulus for breaking the formality ice and encouraging attendees to be more relaxed and interact.

That’s why you should have some games at your baby shower celebration. Ensure some fun activities with amazing diaper raffle prizes to make your special day unforgettable.

Check out this article if you’re not sure what to give the game’s victors as a prize! Your guests will be enticed to enjoy the game with vigor and competitiveness, resulting in a fantastic gathering.

What is A Good Diaper Raffle Prize?

A diaper raffle is an enjoyable activity at a baby sprinkle or baby shower in which attendees provide diapers and are participated in a prize lottery at the end of the celebration.

You can prepare good diaper raffle prizes for a wide range of ideas.

For instance, if you intend to throw a coed baby shower, it would be best to include prizes for both women and men.

What’s more, don’t forget about your baby shower attendees! Consider something for which they might bring a box or two of diapers in exchange for a chance of winning.

What are good prizes for the diaper raffle winners? Gift cards seem to be typically a hit since who doesn’t want free money to blow however they want. In addition, the gift card is also a unisex prize suitable for coed baby showers.

Apart from gift cards, gift baskets brimming with delectable treats are a fantastic approach to coming up with a unique prize.

How Much Should You Spend On Raffle Prizes?

It is entirely up to you to make this decision. You may set a spending limit for yourself, stick to it, or you can also go all out.

You may make all rewards comparable, progressively increase the costs to reflect the complexity of the baby shower entertainment, or increase third, second, and first awards.

It’s essential to remember that prizes don’t need to be costly or challenging to get. However, when purchasing and organizing prizes for your event, it’s critical to consider your budget.

When choosing awards, consider what might be beneficial and practical rather than pricey.

How Many Raffle Prizes Should You Have?

It would be best if you first determined how many activities you wish to play during the event before responding to this question.

The prizes depend on the number of attendees and the length of time the baby shower might occur. Typically, 2 to 4 games is a decent quantity. If your event is only a few hours long, it’s better to limit the activities to just a few.

If the party will last a couple of hours and you have many people coming, you may play different games to fill the time. It also increases the number of people who can win prizes.

Ideally, you should prepare at least two prizes for each game. You can then award a gift to the champion and runner-up or hold additional rounds. Have a couple of other awards on hand if you’re unsure what to do.

That way, you can distribute them after the party. You may also rest assured that you will not run out of awards amid the event.

Diaper Raffle Prize Ideas Everyone Will Love

This list recommends the most suitable diaper raffle prizes for your baby shower. It has everything from big award ideas to gift basket rewards. Let’s take a closer look!

Gift Basket and Box

If your baby shower has a theme, it’s best to choose prizes with that theme. Here are some of the popular gift basket ideas for your diaper raffle.

1. Honey Gift Basket

Gift baskets are always popular gifts, and the attendees will indeed be fighting over this honey gift basket.

A basket filled with all the lovely honey-based items, such as beeswax candles, lip balm, skin lotion, flowers seed mix, and honey dippers, is ideal for a baby girl’s shower.

2. Boho Chic Gift Box

It’s ideal to have a boho-chic gift box on hand if you have a boho-style baby shower with your hippie buddies.

It comes with a wide range of supplies such as a candle, wall hanging, muslin bag, or wooden matches. All of these items are perfect for both hippie women and guys.

3. Beach Gift Basket

If the game participants like to go to the beach or the baby shower theme is the sea, the beach gift basket is the best choice.

It includes a unique candle, saltwater taffy, beach blanket, decadent sea salt caramel fudge, tea, Kona blend ground coffee, chocolate chip cookie pack, and starfish.

As players compete for this valuable reward, the game will get more dramatic and exciting.

4. All Natural Gift Basket

Does your party have both men and women? Then preparing an all-natural gift basket is the best solution.

This basket includes unisex items like body balm, handmade soaps, body mist, lip balm, drawstring bag, or organic teas. These items are helpful for daily body care.

5. Leaf Tea Gift Box

What is the best prize for tea lovers? Look no further than a leaf tea gift box.

This basket has up to 10 tea sample assortments with various green, black, and herbal classics and premium flavors.

6. Sunflower Gift Box

You can also consider this sunflower gift box as a diaper raffle prize. This reward will make anyone’s day brighten with glowing yellow tones with healing vibes.

It includes many things such as a scented candle, bath bomb, sun keychain, a bag of Lemonheads candies, and a card. All of them are so cheerful and bright!

Other Gift Ideas

Besides the above raffle gift baskets, the suggestions below are also highly diverse, from practical to cute. Scroll down!

1. Cute Socks

Anyone’s feet will enjoy this wonderful treat! Offering a reward will let your family members and friends know about your care!

These adorable socks are ideal for siblings, relatives, instructors, daycare teachers and staff, friends, colleagues, and teenagers.

These fluffy soft socks are also great for stockings, stuffers, and hostess presents!

2. Sweatshirt

A sweatshirt is always an ideal prize because it can fit all. It is so practical! The winner can wear it every day, work, or hang out.

Each sweatshirt is printed directly with water-based ink. Both prints will not wash out, crack, fade, or peel over time.

3. Handmade Soap

Are you throwing a baby shower for exclusive women? If that’s the case, do they enjoy going to the spa and relaxing? Who among us isn’t?

Therefore, it’s better to prepare something calm and chilling, like a set of organic handmade soaps. The smell is fantastic and pleasant, perfect for relaxing in the bathroom.

4. Wine Opener Set

Wine is more of a luxurious product than other beverages, and as a result, it might be a little more costly. However, if you don’t have the budget, a wine opener set may be the best option.

You can either buy a great set, such as this one, or construct your own. This is a gift that all of your guests will want.

5. Wind Chime

This farmhouse wind chime is perfect! You can use them as thank you gifts for your baby shower guests as it comes with a thank-you card.

This ornament is suitable to hang outside or inside. It will create a rustic-chic look for any house. If you’re going to hang it outside, make sure it’s in a protected spot like an overhang or porch.

6. Necklace

This necklace, constructed of high-quality materials, is a lovely way to express gratitude to the guest who has come to your baby shower party.

It’s the ideal way to express gratitude for someone’s friendship, assistance with your party, and far more. You can convey many more messages with this necklace than you could with cards.

7. Bracelet

This lovely silver bracelet would make a lovely thank-you present for the ladies at your baby shower!

It will undoubtedly be a treasured remembrance that they will surely wear and cherish for a lifetime! The bracelet appears dainty and cute, yet it is well-made.

8. Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & Essential Oils

Who doesn’t love beauty and skincare? An advanced health and skincare device that will make people fall in love at first sight.

These breakthrough technologies have helped thousands of people battle problems like wrinkles, acne, and stress with home professional-grade therapies, using mood-enhancing aromatherapy and skin-transforming tech.

9. Massage Machine

This massager machine is another piece of healthcare equipment you can consider having in your raffle prizes. It functions in the same way that high-end massage chairs do.

Your friend can enjoy numerous programmed massage modes, a warming function, and customizable air circulation intensity depending on personal taste.

10. Bean Bag Chair

Is there any affordable but aesthetic furniture to add to your prize list? Look no further than this bean bag chair!

Soft shag faux fur makes it highly comfortable. This soft chair is suitable for both adults and toddlers.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the best diaper raffle prizes for the winners at your baby shower party. This list comes up with widespread, unique, practical, or even adorable reward ideas so that your prize will be perfect for anyone.

Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you! Thanks for taking your time reading, and see you in the next post!

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