7 Unique and Creative Alternatives to a Baby Shower

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If you were going to host a baby shower soon, it might have been postponed for the time being due to the pandemic. It is understandable to feel disappointed about this change of plans if you have not already done so.

Even while a canceled party may not be the most pressing issue, the sorrow it causes is genuine. In this post, we will help you move on to excellent non-traditional ideas.

Alternatives to a baby shower have been around for years. Let’s follow this article and consider what ideas appeal to you the most!

Is a Baby Shower Really Necessary?

Yes, a baby shower is necessary since it supports the soon-to-be mother by providing essential needs on pregnancy and postpartum best practices.

In other words, a baby shower is a lovely opportunity to think about your soon-to-be-born child. It may also help with the cost of all those “must-have” kids’ stuff.

It is also a fantastic day when friends and the entire family gather to welcome the arrival of a new child!

Don’t be fooled by the impression that baby showers are archaic rituals or severe celebrations. Besides the traditional rule, it is a fantastic event to create and personalize it your way.

Remember that no law says you must follow typical baby shower protocol. So, our seven alternatives to this event are worth exploring if you’re searching for something different.

Many of the ideas we’ve included may quickly be suitable for the outdoors as well. Keep your party COVID safe and, once you’ve got some options from this list, read our excellent guide to celebrating the ultimate non-traditional baby shower.

Late in the pregnancy, remember not to get too caught up in organizing and planning for a huge party. Your infant does not require that much. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful time on your important day.

Alternatives to Having a Baby Shower

What to do instead of a conventional baby shower? Don’t worry; there are still baby shower alternative ideas to consider. Here are seven ways to share your new beautiful child with those you care about the most.

1. Baby Sprinkle

If a large baby shower is not for you, this alternative may be what you want. A baby sprinkle is a light-hearted activity to take on a baby shower.

They are a popular baby shower alternative, and they are typically for the second kid of a family. It is a moment for friends and family to celebrate the little newborn that will be entering the world shortly.

Unlike a baby shower, this alternative will not deliver presents to the parents since most parents already have items they will need for their second kid.

It is, however, still a ceremony of a precious newborn entering the world, and presents are perfectly acceptable. Diapers, books, wipes, and clothing are common gifts sprinkled.

Having a newborn kid in a household with young children may be a significant change and much effort for parents. Food delivery services, gift cards, cleaning services are examples of presents that might help alleviate the load.

2. The Hybrid Approach

Don’t restrict yourself to one notion because it is your special day. You can combine your preferred selections to create a moment as one-of-a-kind and memorable as your precious child.

For example, do you like the idea of a Sip and See but are wary about having strangers near your child? To have the best of all worlds, turn it into a new one.

3. Ladies’ Night

Another excellent alternative to a baby shower is a girls’ night. You may invite your closest females to have some fun instead of throwing a large formal celebration.

Giving birth is awe-inspiring, and what better way to celebrate than with your ladies? Whether you have a virtual women’s night over Skype, a nice and comfortable one at the comfort of your house, or a night out on the street, your night will undoubtedly be full of joy and laughter.

Now that you are pregnant, your ladies’ night out could look slightly different. Ensure you plan prenatal activities and places. If you are going out, remember any physical restrictions.

Their calendars may be more challenging to manage if your friends have children. Make sure that everybody has ample time to prepare ahead of time.

4. By Mail

Although friends and family members cannot be there in person, they sometimes want to rejoice and encourage mama-to-be.

If you can’t hold a baby shower, your family and friends will want to shower you with presents since they understand how expensive introducing a new child is.

Instead of presenting things in person as they would at a regular event, you may have a kid shower by mail when attendees mail offers to the mom and dad.

Quarantine made gathering together extremely difficult, if not impossible. But that did not make the occasion any less memorable or significant.

This method had become a convenient method for expectant parents to be sprinkled with affection, even from afar.

5. Sip N See

Pre-celebrations may not be in the plans for you for various reasons. However, this does not rule out the possibility of future baby-related celebrations.

Post-parties have been there for a long time, along with christenings and naming rituals, or sip ‘n sees. So, there is already much possibility in place to let this event happen.

The most basic advice is not to overthink things (or overload yourself with a kid). A welcome party’s purpose is to introduce your new baby to your family.

However, remember that as new Covid variants emerge and infection rates go up and decrease, guidelines for big gatherings are continuously changing.

So, although your due date is not for a few weeks, it is advisable to check with the local municipal or county standards or laws before preparing your welcome celebration.

6. Kid Video Wish Tree

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a baby shower is hearing words of support and love from those closest to you. With something like a video wish tree, you may get close to that sensation.

Invite friends and family members to contribute video footage of themselves expressing words of support to the soon-to-be parents.

It might take the shape of guidance, reasons why they will be excellent parents or just general messages of care and encouragement.

Next, assign the duty of gathering and editing the videos to a tech-savvy person in your group. A lovely reel is fantastic, which doesn’t have to be elaborate.

A Google Drive link containing video files will suffice. The parents-to-be may receive a hug through this video whenever they feel alienated or lonely.

7. Drive-By Shower

How can you throw a spectacular party for your friends without them having to leave their cars? A safe, socially distant method to greet your favorite people joyfully.

A drive-through or drive-by baby shower is a socially distant take on typical baby showers, in which attendees drive from the mother-to-home, drop off presents, and shower them with affection.

When you visit a drive-by shower, you will frequently witness automobiles playing music, blaring their horns, and guests exchanging good wishes as they pass through and drop off their presents.

Drive-by showers are a newer alternative to the conventional baby showers that arose due to the epidemic, which drove us to rethink new ways to commemorate the outbreak.

If you live in a city or your guests do not have automobiles, drive-through baby showers are generally not the most excellent option.

Remember that while drive-by baby showers are relatively new, you may need to explain how they operate to your visitors.

Drive-by baby showers become less formal than traditional ones, requiring less time and effort. That does not, however, make them any less unique or entertaining.

Ensure you have shower goodies to hand out to visitors, decorate your backyard, and set up a presents table to create that baby shower ambiance.


Baby showers are an essential aspect of the pregnancy process. While some expectant mothers may be uncomfortable by the attention or just bored of being pregnant, it is a wonderful way to show her you care and improve her spirits.

There are several baby shower alternatives, the most significant of which is that you may combine them! Making things work for you is the latest craze, so do not hesitate to try new things. If you have any great ideas about this, please let us know!

Thank you for being so interested in the article!

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