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You probably clicked “About” to see who I am, so here we go!
I grew up in northern New Jersey and spent the majority of my childhood eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
with my head buried in books, magazines, and newspapers – anything I could get my hands on to read!

While reading is great and I all, it also meant I was sitting on my butt most of the time.
And sitting on my butt while munching on Doritos equated to my being a rather chubby and self-conscious teen.
As I got older, I knew that I had to make a change if I wanted to avoid a lifetime of health and body image issues.

Naturally, I turned to books to help me learn as much as I could about healthy cooking!
I also decided to give yoga a try, and a new love affair began.
I decided to elevate my knowledge of nutrition and wellness even further by studying it in college, along with journalism,
in the hopes that I could one day combine my two great passions into one awesome career.

These days, I have found my bliss working as a  writer and journalist living in Pennsylvania.
My husband aka “The hubs” is the biggest supporter of my pursuit of well-being in life and as a career.
We have an adorable toddler who I shall lovingly refer to as “babycakes.”

jen and babycakes









When babycakes was born I knew right then and there what my purpose in this life was – to be her Mama.
As such, I determined that I needed to work on some of my quirks (Road rage, for example. Thank you, New Jersey.)
and mindfulness meditation has been an incredible outlet for keeping me a calm, cool, and collected (for the most part) Mama.

Mindfulness Mama is a labor of love (like childbirth – but quicker and less messy) where you will find
a combination of  articles on all of the things I know and enjoy like healthy food, yoga, exercise, and parenting.
I hope you’ll follow me in my adventures here. You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest!
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