Hi! Welcome to Mindfulness Mama! I’m Jennifer Landis – a thirty-something Mama to two beautiful girls, wife to one handsome hunk of man, and the brains behind the blog.

#MomLife is a lot of things. Gratifying. Hilarious. Exhausting. I’m not perfect – faaaaaaaaaaar from it – but here on the blog you’ll find some first-hand tips on parenting, managing your family finances, quick and tasty recipes, mindfulness tips, and everything in between.

Care to know a little more about me? Here are some fun facts:

  • I grew up in northern New Jersey and have settled with my family outside the capital of Pennsylvania.
  • PB&J was my fave growing up. Now it’s my big girls fave and it takes all of my will power not to eat her leftovers!
  • I’ve loved writing for as long as I can remember and serendipitously wound up freelancing for a living!
  • I genuinely believe they should teach you how to write and follow a budget in high school.
  • I’ve run several half marathons and one full marathon and plan to run more races soon.
  • Mindfulness meditation really isn’t as hard as it sounds and it’s part of my daily routine.
  • I’m living proof that you can practice mindfulness meditation AND still be a hot mess!
  • When my first daughter was born I knew right then and there what my purpose in this life was – to be a Mama.

I’ve been featured on some awesome sites that you should check out – like ScaryMommy, ForEveryMom, and even Fortune.com.

I hope you’ll follow me on my adventures here. You can also find me on Twitter and Pinterest! Maybe like me on Facebook¬†and read a little bit more About.Me?

Have something to say to me? I love making new friends! I’d love to hear from you.

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