19 Best Ways to Announce Pregnancy to Family in Person

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Motherhood is such a great experience that you are sure to be both happy and confused. So how to surprise your family with pregnancy and share this happiness with them?

This article will share the best ways to announce your pregnancy to your family in person. Let’s get right into the details!

Creative Ways to Tell Family You’re Pregnant

There are many unique and fun ways to share the good news with the whole family. Most of them come with a big gathering and party, so let everyone know in advance.

You can combine the surprise pregnancy announcement with a nearby holiday to minimize suspicion. Surely the participants will be delighted and proud to have participated and shared in the fun.

1. Food Pregnancy Announcement

Food is a must at any party, and they are also the source of creative pregnancy announcement ideas for families. You can make use of everything from food to eating utensils.

Revealing Food

Desserts and sweets are a great way to tell your family you’re pregnant.

The most straightforward and most traditional are homemade cupcakes or buns. Use a different lovely oven, and it’s a direct message to understand – “bun in the oven.” As soon as you take the hotcakes out of the oven, everyone will realize the problem and burst with happiness.

Other fun options include chocolate or donuts. Personalized chocolate boxes often allow customers to take notes on their messages. You can ask employees to write greetings or lovely messages. M&M’s chocolates are also an excellent way to tell family members about an upcoming baby.

If your location is close to Tim Hortons or different donut shops, take advantage of them. Donuts are a great way to send your message.

Revealing Utensils

You can also reveal the presence of a baby at the family gathering by using eating utensils.

Coffee cups or mugs with letters or pictures are a smart way to report that you’re pregnant. Often they will slowly reveal images or text when encountering cold water. Make a delicious drink to invite people to and enjoy their surprised gazes.

You can also choose from mugs with a note on the bottom of the cup. It is also a pleasant surprise to drink to the last drop.

A few other eating utensils that you can use are knives or forks. Please make a small card or ribbon with your words printed and tie it carefully. It will excite everyone to read.

2. Games and Activities

Parties should not be without games. This activity helps stir up the atmosphere effectively and helps bring people together.

You can also use guessing games to spread the good news to everyone. Most of them will bring unexpected and fun effects. Get your camera or smartphone ready to capture the most memorable moments.

A few pregnancy announcement games that you might want to take note of include:

Puzzle Games

Jigsaw puzzles are always a fun way to stimulate the participants’ curiosity. Imagine that when putting together a jigsaw, everyone will be surprised to see its hidden message.

You can purchase plain white pre-cut puzzles and print your desired message. Another way to save messages is to use crayons and lovely pictures.

Cheesy Picture Surprise

Parties often end with a group photo session. When people are ready to smile, remind them to say, “Cheese!” At that moment, you and your partner can say in unison, “I am pregnant.”

You can arrange for a personal videographer to record people’s emotions. It will be an impressive moment to remember later.

Read My Lips

Read my lips” is a guessing game full of surprises and simple to play.

Let your loved one put on noise-canceling headphones and play some music while they’re trying to guess the shape of your mouth.

This game is highly suitable for those who laugh a lot. They might get a little wrong before they get the proper understanding.

Family Prayer

Prayers are an indispensable activity before every meal. Catch everyone off guard by saying, “Thank you, Lord, for this baby!” Everyone will be surprised because everyone is expecting a blessing for the meal.

Telephone Game

Telephone games are childhood games for many people and are a great way to announce pregnancy to the whole family.

The gameplay is very simple. First, the participants need to sit in a circle. The first person whispers the message to the next person until the last person speaks it out loud.

Be the first to announce the good news and observe the expressions of everyone in the circle.

3. Pregnancy Announcement Clothes

Outfits are a fun way to make a pregnancy announcement to family, especially passengers-soon-to-be. It is not only a cute method but also a meaningful gift.

Options that you can refer to include:

Customized T-Shirt

Personalized t-shirts are the best and simplest choice for reporting your baby.

Many stores today allow customers to choose and print individual designs. You need to find a design you like and adjust the text content.

Grandparents will undoubtedly be very proud to receive this gift. They can even wear them all over the place to inform people.

Customized Hat

Personalized hats are also an excellent idea for family uniforms. You can prepare them before every outing or picnic. Give people hats and expect their reactions when they read the text.

Pet Bandana

Consider including them as part of the fun for families with cats and dogs.

These four-legged friends will be delighted if you include them in the plan. Get bandanas with cute words like “We’re having a baby” and let them roam around the party.

It might take some time for people to notice the problem, but it’s sure to be fun and engaging. Don’t forget to record a small video to keep as a memory.

4. Decorations

If you want to organize grandiose parties and let attendees recognize them as soon as they enter the room, decorations are the proper support. You can both redecorate the space and surprise everyone.


Balloons are an indispensable item at every party. Letter-shaped bubbles can create a meaningful message when standing together.

Surprise your participants by opening the door and reading the messages overhead. They will be highly excited and run to share with you immediately.

You can also use traditional balloons with letters printed on them. However, the effect will not be as good as the first choice.


Ribbons and bows are very functional. You can use them to attach items like a fork, spoon, or gift.

Participants will be curious about this bow. They will want to read the messages you put in them. When people understand the problem, their reactions will undoubtedly be exciting.

Keepsake Ornaments

You can hang ornaments all year round, but the most popular is still on the Christmas tree. These products can be handcrafted by contacting your local lumberyard or purchased online.

The price of each set is not too high, and it is usually in lovely shape. Sometimes, there will be a few guests who don’t notice decorations like this.

One piece of advice is to invite more kids to the party. Children are usually quite active and curious; they will want to explore every nook and cranny of your house. Wait until one of them detects the text and informs everyone.

5. Giving Baby Announcement Gifts

You can give gifts to people as a way to announce your pregnancy. Such gifts can include costumes, flowers, or small jewelry.

Jewelry is an exciting gift. It is small, luxurious, and meaningful. You can contact stores that sell personalized jewelry to leave a message for your loved ones.

Flowers are another popular gift. Each flower has a different meaning. You can search for the distinct purpose of each type to make the right choice. Please add a meaningful message so that the recipient understands the message conveyed.

These DIY cards are perfect gift ideas for craft-loving moms. Presently, giving each other handmade cards is of great significance. You can decorate and write messages to your liking.

6. Sonogram Photos

Ultrasound pictures are a cute way to reveal your pregnancy to your family and social media.

You can keep your baby’s first pictures in an album or frame them beautifully. Bring the whole family to see the album and be surprised about it.

These ultrasound photos are also a great way to post on social media like Instagram or Twitter. You will receive a lot of good wishes through such posts.

7. Movie Marathon

Movie marathons will bring an emotional journey to all who follow them.

First, you need to prepare a documentary about your pregnancy journey. Put together a story that starts when you and your partner are dating and then the wedding. Don’t forget to include baby-related images such as ultrasound or clips of baby preparation moments.

It doesn’t have to be a very long tape, just about 2 minutes in length is enough. You can ask a close friend or edit and stitch together the images yourself.

Insert this video while the family is having a meal together or when everyone is watching TV. Don’t forget to record their emotional reactions; it’s a valuable material for another movie.

8. Grandparent Proposals

A marriage proposal sounds traditional and familiar, but did you know the offer to become a grandparent?

You can plan a family picnic and hire musicians. When everything feels right, go get on your knees and ask if your parents want to be grandparents in the future.

They will undoubtedly feel very emotional.

9. Announcement Wine Labels

Announcement alcohol labels are another fun way to report that you’re pregnant. Invite everyone to come together and set up a little vino with memorable brands so people will notice the message.

Then everyone can toast the good news about your baby. They can keep the bottles as a cute keepsake.

10. The Baby Momma Dance

Check out some fun dance moves for moms who love to dance to spread the good news. Once you master the dance move, plan a small cocktail party.

Once everyone is together, you can turn on the music and dance to your heart’s content. Don’t forget to ask your partner for support to double the fun.

Final Thoughts

A new baby is happiness not only for couples but also for the whole family, from older siblings to grandparents. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas to announce your pregnancy to your family at a gathering.

Don’t forget to prepare your camera to capture the most memorable moments. They will be happy memories that everyone can smile together when looking back. Thank you for your interest in the article!

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