Best Time Of Day for a Baby Shower: ALL things considered

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Baby showers are slowly becoming a popular day to celebrate with the moms-to-be. However, planning and organizing this event is not easy.

You will have to note right from the time and place of the party. So, when is the best time to have a baby shower?

Baby showers are held four to six weeks before the baby’s due date. This is the right time to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

Please refer to the instructions below to ensure the party goes smoothly and everyone is in the most relaxed state.

What Time of Day Should a Baby Shower Start?

Lunchtime or early afternoon are perfect times of the day to throw a baby shower. It’s best to invite people in between one and two in the afternoon.

This appointment time is just enough for you to organize the party without feeling too rushed. The mother will also have plenty of time to rest and prepare well for the event.

When the baby shower is over, the mother-to-be won’t be tired either because it’s still before dinner time.

The duration of the program is also a matter of great concern.

If the guests can come and eat comfortably while you are opening the gifts, limit it to about two hours. You will need three to four hours with a program that includes many parts, such as welcoming guests, opening gifts, and playing games.

What Is The Best Day of The Week to Have a Baby Shower?

The date of the baby showers should be based on the individual preferences and schedules of the parents-to-be. However, there are a few popular ideas that you can follow.

Saturday and Sunday are the two most leisurely days of the week to have a baby shower. People usually have a break at this time, and they will be able to attend the bathing ceremony without being too rushed. It’s best to consider the possibility of essential guests participating, such as close friends or family members.

Many people don’t want to plan for the holidays because it can coincide with pre-planned trips or fun. And if the shower takes place outside, you may be limited by certain days.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, throwing a virtual baby shower was one of the most innovative and exciting solutions. You’ll have more time choices and without any geographical constraints.

When Is The Best Time to Have Your Baby Shower?

The above guideline is only a general theory that everyone should pay attention to. However, the final decision will be flexible based on each person’s situation.

The following notes will help you summarize and choose a good time to do a baby shower if you need more support.

1. The Guests

Not all guests are the same. There will be more important people who want them to participate in this bathing ceremony.

In addition to the parents-to-be, you should list relatives or friends who need to be present at the event. They can be close friends, grandparents, or close sisters. Arrange the schedule so they can participate.

The host has to choose a time for guests who already have school-age children, so they don’t have to pick up their children during the event.

Make a list in advance to keep an eye on these special guests’ free time. Don’t forget to ask them in advance about the right time and plan on those days.

2. Location and Venue

The number of guests depends on the size of the venue. You should also note that some places will not accept children.

To keep the venue and party theme consistent, plan ahead. Location is also a notable factor as not all guests live nearby.

The location can affect the time of the party. Please book in advance to ensure that no one wants to book a party on the date you choose.

3. Refreshment Types

Every baby shower should come with snacks or drinks for guests. Depending on the time frame you choose, the menu will change.

Guests will often look forward to a meal for those who have planned a party at lunchtime. If you want to treat your cake and tea lightly, tell them in advance in the invitation. Dinner has a similar menu and will come with an alcoholic beverage.

The brunch-style events will have more flexible menus. However, it’s better to prepare some snacks and soft drinks. Champagne is a great idea.

For a tea party, you need to prepare tea, cakes, and other drinks. Likewise, cocktail parties will include alcoholic beverages and snacks.

4. Symptoms Of The Pregnancy

The mother’s signs of pregnancy are also a factor of concern, especially if they are carrying twins or multiples.

Mothers carrying multiple babies may go into labor and give birth earlier than expected. Sometimes health professionals will recommend this in advance so parents and families can prepare.

A popular timeline to hold baby showers is during a mother’s third trimester. However, in this case, it makes perfect sense to move the schedule earlier to around the end of the second trimester.

Pregnancy sometimes comes with complications, making a mother tired, uncomfortable, and unable to move around much. This issue also affects the event schedule.

One piece of advice, in this case, is that you should plan the baby shower earlier than expected and limit the number of guests. The most important thing is still the health and comfort of mother and baby.

5. Season

The two best seasons for baby showers are spring and summer. The days during this time are usually warmer and more prolonged. However, you should check the weather forecast to avoid rainstorms if you want to organize outdoors.

Choose indoor venues to ensure warmth if your due date falls in the winter months. It is best to choose places with automatic fireplaces or wood-burning. Another advantage is that it does not limit the organization’s timeline.

6. Baby Shower Themes

The theme of the party can affect your party plans. So decide on them as soon as possible.


Throwing a party before noon is a fun idea. People can leave on time for lunch and join other appointments.

The menu and the dishes you serve will also have more flexibility and creativity.


One of the most suitable places to hold baby shower parties is the garden. The beautiful gardens will delight guests and make great photo backdrops.

Factors you should consider if you want to organize a garden party are timeline, weather, season, and the number of guests. The most suitable theme for this scene is the tea party. The women love it.


Some families love to party all day long. For parents or friends who like to party and dance, this idea makes a lot of sense.

Culture also determines the proper timeline to bathe babies. Spaniards often have fun until the early hours of the morning, so this is a suitable choice.

“Happy-Hour” Style

What do you think about drinking cocktails and watching the sun go down? Quite a romantic idea.

Throw this party on the beach, at a bar, or at home. The downside to this theme is that it’s not suitable for all guests and you’ll have to consider your schedule carefully.

Virtual Baby Shower

With the development of the Internet, organizing an online party is no longer a problem.

The strength of this type of organization is that it allows for a longer duration and does not limit the number of guests.

People can visit, leave a message or encourage the parents. The guests will be more flexible in their participation schedule and create a lively atmosphere.

You should still send out invitations with precise times. Although there are many timelines to choose from, three in the morning is not a good idea.

Since the mother still needs plenty of rest, don’t prolong the event too long.

7. Culture Or Religion

Some religions and cultures will congratulate the child after it is born. If the prospective parents have such culture or interests, guests should respect them.

Watch parents and babies shower with love and gifts from the registry office after delivery. It has the added benefit of having a baby in attendance as a guest of honor and can also be a reason to bathe the baby multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article helped you find the best time to have a baby shower. People will hold this party between the sixth to eighth months of pregnancy. Do not forget to share this article if you find it interesting and valuable.

Thank you for reading!

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