Boho Baby Shower Ideas: Beautiful DIY Details

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We adore a Boho theme since it is feminine, laid-back, and enjoyable for guests. If you’re wondering how to host a Boho Baby Shower, we’ve compiled a list of helpful hints.

It’s not hard to plan a Boho baby shower. You can pull together a beautiful Boho-themed party by picking a few essential pieces and keeping them simple. For a lively, feminine atmosphere, use brilliant colors and flowery designs to give your party a new, modern edge. Even so, you can still decorate a boho-themed baby shower for your boy with blue as the primary color. If you do not want to reveal the baby’s gender, the neutral green tone is appropriate.

If you want to plan the baby shower yourself, all of the following will help make your party perfect.

1. Invitations

When planning a shower, one of the first things you’ll need is to pick out the appropriate invites. The invites set the tone for the event and provide important information such as the date and location.

These invites are unique to the Boho theme, and we love them!

Boho Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation

Boho Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation

The boho baby shower invitation is a perfect idea. The simplicity and colors are delightful, and you can personalize it with all of the shower’s specifics.

Pampas Grass Baby Shower Invitation

Pampas Grass Baby Shower Invitation

This invitation is ideal if the parents are entirely comfortable with the Pampas Grass motif. This charming, colorful invitation would be perfect for a shower, and it reminds the parents of the impending joy.

2. Boho Baby Shower Table Decor

Whether someone is celebrating a baby shower, there are many entertaining themes to add. When keeping to an article, it’s straightforward to make the cake, cookies, backdrops, centerpieces, and other decorations all match.

And there are plenty of options when it comes to boho. Colors and design elements associated with bohemian themes are generally used to create an atmosphere that is earthy, whimsical, creative, and free-spirited.

Boho Centerpieces

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass

Pampas grass is a universal trend in party design that will look harmonious at any time of the year, on any venue, and in almost any style.

Due to the variety of shades, from light wheaten to pale pink, and its splendor, pampas grass sets off a rich palette of party floristry and adds volume to the decor.

But you can also use it in mono-design, collecting compositions from fluffy inflorescences for arches or central compositions. Popular varieties used in baby shower decorations are Gold Band, Silver Stripe, Splendid Star, Sunningdale Silver.

Artificial Flowers

Artificial Flowers

Of course, you may use real plants. But depending on the schedule of your baby shower, finding a significant supply of them for decorating may be difficult. Artificial plants can help you create a warm, natural atmosphere for the baby shower!

Woven Placemats

Woven platemats

You must order these separately to serve meals from hot tiny cast iron pans without scorching the table. They’re pretty firm and performed an excellent job of keeping the table relaxed.

My table setting looked fantastic with mats and coasters, and they exceeded my expectations. The product seems to be durable, and I anticipate using them frequently.

Napkin Rings with Tassels

Napkin rings with tassels

These rustic Farmhouse party decorations feature natural Wood Bead Napkin Rings with Tassels. They bring nature into your house and let you enjoy it all day.

The rings fit wonderfully around a natural napkin and give your place setting a charming burst of rustic elegance. You may also use them as house décors, such as a miniature vase or a door frame.



It’s incredibly charming to have your tableware match your party theme, and it’s also a fun way to combine the theme with utility. You’re ready to travel when you pair these napkins with matching goose feather paper plates and goose feather paper cups!

Macrame Table Runner

Macrame Table Runner

Macrame is a kind of art that uses a variety of knots to create a beautiful design for wall decoration or used for any other purpose. The most popular materials are yarn and tan-colored rope.

Your baby shower will have a distinctive and adorable touch if you use macrame. Plus, you can utilize these parts as incredibly charming nursery décor later!

Paper Plates

You can use paper plates for children’s and adult parties. They require only proper disposal. You won’t have to clean up after eating your favorite foods.

Sunflower Paper Plates

Sunflower Paper Plates

Metallic gold foiling provides a touch of elegance and class. This cheerful set serves 24 people and is ideal for rustic gender neutral baby shower decorations for both boys and girls.

They’re excellent for sunflower baby showers with the “You Are My Sunshine” theme. Now you can commemorate your next occasion with this one-of-a-kind sunflower design that you won’t find anywhere else!

Cactus Paper Plates

Cactus Paper Plates

This set of plates will delight you with a lovely green succulent pattern and a gleaming metallic foil pattern. It gives the room a trendy splash of greenery!

You can easily throw these away while cleaning up after a party, and they will not pollute the environment, saving you time and effort.

You’ll be able to arrange a white and gold-themed party that will wow your guests all night long.

Rose Gold Metallic Foil Paper Plates

Rose Gold Metallic Foil Paper Plates

These plates were gleaming and metallic, and they looked fantastic. The rose gold tones on this plate snatched my color-obsessed heart, and the glam bohemian touches sealed the deal!



Rose gold plastic dinnerware set with a matching white handle can bring a touch of elegance to your rustic baby shower. The color was lovely, the construction was excellent, and the pricing was fantastic.

Favor Tags

Favor Tags

The Boho favor tags are printed on eco-friendly recyclable heavy-weight paper and are a great way to add your theme to party goodies.

Cut each tag out, punch a hole on end, and attach it to your party goodies! They’ll be a hit with your visitors!

2. Other Boho Baby Shower Decor Ideas

When it comes to bohemian decoration, you will need a decor with ethnic elements, where there will also be Provence, country style, and a bit of home comfort.

It is better to do without restaurant chic and pretentious decorations, replacing an expensive service with laconic dishes that combine practicality and charm. Opt for clay, copper, brass, or wood products makes sense.

Items made of wicker material will fit perfectly. You can safely connect creativity and preference to a specific “heterogeneity,” which will only emphasize the party’s atmosphere.

Arrows, tepees, feathers, dream catchers, flowers, deer skulls, and other natural components are among the objects and symbols connected with bohemianism. Aztec patterns and flower crowns are also frequently associated with this culture. There are a plethora of charming ways to combine such elements.

A bohemian-style shower may be over-the-top if the mom-to-be wants it to be. There are, however, more minimalist treatments to the topic, such as employing miniature succulents and greenery as decoration.

Welcome Sign

boho baby shower welcome sign

We adore the delicate simplicity of this welcome sign, which fits the Boho concept yet uses a pink and white color scheme. This lovely Boho shower decorations set is ideal for any mother who prefers a minimalistic aesthetic but still wants a Boho theme.

Wall Decor

What is the first thing that greets guests with a baby shower? Of course, it’s wall decor. They grab the attention of guests when they enter the venue.

That’s why you need to make your banner so eye-catching, creative, and beautiful that your guests will hurl praise right at the entrance!

So, how to make catchy wall decor? Here is a list of shower wall decor ideas for girls and boys that you can try.

Rustic Banner


A shower is not complete without a banner. So, make sure you have an eye-catching and colorful banner.

If you’re short on time, choose templates to print. It’s easy to make a colorful and eye-catching banner with these printable designs.

Once you’ve decided on a banner, check out what wording you want to put on it. Find banners that say “baby!” or “oh baby!” to add Boho style to the wall.

Of course, many different alternatives are available to add that special touch. You can create a banner for a specific theme and add custom elements such as superheroes or boys’ cars.

Boho Baby Shower Backdrop


Making a DIY backdrop is a creative way to put up a celebration. The environment creates a unique setting for capturing a precious moment with the mother-to-be!

In addition, the shower backdrop serves as a beautiful backdrop for a cake or gift table while also complementing the party’s theme. It is a fantastic shower idea for any “first-time mom” or “already mom” celebration!

We’ve developed an eye-catching backdrop print concept to get your creative juices flowing. These picture backgrounds are all the rage right now, and this one is perfect for mom to pose with her town.

Macrame Tapestry

Macrame Tapestry

You can buy a tapestry for a baby shower. This Puninoto macrame wall hanging may give extraordinary originality to the interior.

Add some unique things when your textiles are in place to make your boho shower wonderful. Beautiful wall art gives your area a feeling of balance and relaxation.


Dream catcher

The white dream catchers make the teal wall a standout. This dream catcher is unique in that you can bead each strand with a guest’s name and a small letter from them to the baby. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard!


Balloons are an invariable bright attribute of any party or holiday. But have you ever wondered what other possibilities this simple object holds?

The balloon can remain a balloon but become unusual and one of a kind. With a bit of confetti, colored paper, and paints, the ball is ready to claim the title of a unique holiday decoration or a fun addition to a gift.

Olive Sage Balloon Arch Garland

Olive Sage Balloon Arch Garland

Balloon arches are famous right now at baby showers, and this one combines the rainbow motif without being too bright and vivid. With this fantastic balloon arch, you can create a grand doorway or an astounding picture background.

Peachy Beige Balloon Garland

Peachy Beige Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands need a little more effort than paper tassel or rainbow felt ball garlands. But they stand out! Balloon garlands are lovely, and they’re a terrific area for the new parents to take photographs with their guests.

Guest Book

Guest book

When friends and family get together to celebrate a baby shower, you can write down their wishes and feelings in a book. A guest book is something that you can go back and remember for your child.

A guest book does not have to look traditional constantly; there are many more exciting ideas you can try. Turn a shower guest book into a baby’s first book.

Hand out some crayons, sketches, and markers to the guests, and ask each of them to create one page for the book. They may also include best wishes for the child on the page.



Tents are standard in boho baby showers, and you may use them to store gifts, sit in, or serve as décor. This white canvas teepee has pink and white blooms. The teepee gives the entire boho shower theme an earthy vibe!

String Lights

string lights

The boho style philosophy requires warm and enveloping lighting. A prerequisite is that there should be a lot of light, but it should not be annoying or excessively bright.

It is essential to highlight the interior details and not turn the creative space into a gloomy and overloaded room with accessories. If you want to make the backlight brighter or, conversely, more intimate, use several independent light sources for lighting design.

A distinctive feature of boho-style lamps is decorating the interior using models from other styles. You and your guest can enjoy a wonderful ambiance with fairy lights hung between trees or in a jar as a centerpiece.

3. Food

The cake is one of the most positive aspects of every baby shower. Whether you opt for a standard cake or cupcakes, everyone will enjoy this one aspect of the shower. Here are beautiful ways to personalize your Boho cake or cupcakes:

Cake and Cupcake

A cake with a bohemian theme might be simple to make. A simple sponge with some fruit and cream will do just fine! To keep the floral motif going, add some edible flowers to the top of the cake.

cupcake topper

Cupcake Toppers

A simple cake topper with the baby’s name and a piece of greenery will complete this minimalist boho cake. The green background and table design help tie everything together while keeping things simple.

This personalized rainbow cake topper is ideal for any Boho baby shower. It has a lovely pastel rainbow to match various shower themes and styles.

Sugar Cookies

These bohemian sugar cookies are ideal for a baby girl’s shower. You can take advantage of them to give out party treats as a thank-you to your guests at your baby shower. They go perfectly with the boho motif and make for incredibly charming decor items, whether natural or artificial.


It would help serve drinks in mason jar glasses and colored punches with the Boho motif. This recipe for Sparkling Fruit Punch is one of my favorites.

Alternatively, go with a traditional and everyone’s favorite champagne with a non-alcoholic alternative for the Mama-to-be.

4. Games

boho baby shower games

Boho shower games will bring your vision of the perfect shower to life and will be a great addition to whatever event you’re organizing. They enable you to develop several games for your visitors fast and effortlessly.

The most efficient method is using simple printable games to plan entertainment for your big day. This game set was designed with the highest quality and DPI to guarantee that you could reproduce it professionally or at home.

A range of Boho-themed baby shower games, such as How big is mommy’s bell and Who Knows Mommy Best, can keep the night lively and exciting.

5. Outfit

Femininity, layering, an abundance of decor, complex patterns and accessories, whimsical eclecticism – all these can represent boho dresses. But we have figured out the main fashion trends that will help you choose the perfect outfit!

Bohemian Maternity Dresses

Maternity Dress

It is an effortless party to dress for! Consider flowers, airy fabrics, and dresses. It’s a good idea to offer guests a loose dress code when you send them the invitations.

For example, you may advise attendees to dress in flowing materials and flower motifs to embody bohemian fairy ideas. Summer dresses with flower designs, lace, and lovely hues come to mind.

Flower Crown

Flower Crown

Flower headbands can bring a touch of hippie to any outfit. You may put on a plain flowy dress with some flowers in your hair.

A floral crown made at home is simple to produce and only takes a few supplies. Flowers and foliage, as well as floral tape, scissors, craft wire, wire or bendable twine, and floral tape

Flower crowns are another fun element to include in a boho baby shower. They might be something that just the expecting mother wears, or they can be something that everyone at the gathering wears.


A baby shower is a beautiful aspect of being pregnant, and you should embrace it as such! After you’ve found the ideal location for your baby shower, start organizing with our top suggestions! These Boho baby shower ideas are the perfect way to honor the soon-to-be mother and her child!

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