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Guess Mommy’s Belly Size Game for Baby Shower with Free Printables

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Babies are a blessing to parents, and when they’re about to be born, it is a big day. Parents celebrate when the baby turns seven months inside the womb. They celebrate through a wonderful gathering of friends, family, and loved ones. They all join in the baby shower.

If you’ve been to a baby shower before or have already had one, you know there are all sorts of fun and simple baby and pregnancy-related games to pass the time as well as make the event memorable for all the attendees.

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Measure Mommy’s Belly Game Instructions

Guess Mom’s Belly Size is one such game, it’s not as popular as the other baby shower games, but it’s still very fun, goofy, and simple to play. Do make sure that the soon-to-be mommy is perfectly fine with playing this game. As moms usually are anxious about their baby, about everything they’ll have to do and all when the baby arrives. A lot of things are piling up on their minds, and most times, they play baby shower games to distract themselves from everything. If mom-to-be is fine with playing this game, then it’s okay to play the game.

What to Prepare

To play Guess Mommy’s Belly Size, you’ll need some yarn, a big enough spool of thread, and several rolls of streamers. You’ll also need something for the guests to help with their guesses, the yarn will be used in this way. A pen or marker and scissors. If a string or yarn is used by the guests for their guesses, then masking tape can be used or any alternative for the guests to write names on it and attach it to their guesses, so it’s easier to distinguish every guest’s guesses. Each guest can label their name and put it with the pile.

How to Play

  • First, the mom-to-be stands in front of all the guests so everyone can see how big the belly is. She needs to be somewhere where every guest can see clearly the belly size and start with their guesses.
  • Give a pair of scissors and a piece of yarn to all the guests. Each guest will cut the yarn according to their guesses as to the size of mommy’s belly. It’s a fun game as some of the yarn would be cut too short and some of the yarn would be too long.
  • After the guests have finished with their guesses, use a different yarn of a separate color and wrap around the mom-to-be, this way, you’ll take her actual belly size, cut that piece of yarn which is of the actual belly size of mom to be and compare with each of the guest’s guesses.
  • The guest who will have the closest length of yarn most similar to the actual size of the mom’s belly will win the game and will get a prize.

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