What is a Diaper Raffle? Step By Step Instructions

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Most parents get stuck in caring about their first newborn babies. Having babies requires many ongoing expenses, not just the feeding or growing techniques. A case in point: Diaper! So, what is a diaper raffle? How does it work?

Luckily, Diaper Raffle can somewhat handle this issue. It’s not also a fun baby shower game but helps new parents reduce diaper expenses somewhat – one of the biggest concerns among new parents.

Eager to learn more about this baby shower game, slide down! The article will reveal the game rules and how to do a successful raffle step by step.

What is a Diaper Raffle at a Baby Shower?

Diaper Raffle is a traditional activity at a baby sprinkle or baby shower. Guests bring diapers (cloth or disposable materials) and join the prize drawing during the party.

Participants will buy diapers to enter the party

Two main parts of the game: prizes and tickets.

For explanation, having a baby is not simple, with many ongoing expenses. One of them is the diaper purchase. The game’s point is to get the parents many diapers for their children while giving the guests a little fun.

Moreover, new parents could save money upfront and later by storing more of these items. Chances are parents can try out many brands, types, and sizes simultaneously. Thus, they’ll know what’s best for the babies.

You want an occasion to break the ice if the people aren’t mingling, a Diaper raffle can make it. The baby shower game helps you engage the guests and family members better.

Diaper Raffle Rules

To participate in the game, guests need to bring diaper packs, baby wipes, or other diapering items that can count. Each package is equal to one Raffle drawing ticket.

The more packs you have, the more entries you gain. As such, chances to win will be higher accordingly.

Some highlights need noticing to hold the game:

  1. The instructions inside the invites: guests depend on them to buy the appropriate products before attending the event.
  2. The tickets and prizes are a must.
  3. There is at least one prize, but larger parties should have 2-3 ones.
  4. Ensure the guests won’t win the prize twice if multiple prizes are available.
  5. The prizes’ value should be equal to or greater than the guests’ packs.

How to Do a Diaper Raffle?

This baby shower activity is so fantastic, vivid, and dynamic, helping your families and friends get along well and create awe-inspiring moments together. Some core steps below will be what parents should refer to:

What to Prepare

Typically, invites and tickets are the cornerstones of each party. Contemplate how you write in the invites first. A rhyme, adorable, and straight-to-the-point invite is always preferable.

Of note, make sure the content inside is clear to avoid confusion among guests. For instance, give them some hints: items’ types you like (disposable diapers, cloth ones, or a blend of both), a handful of brands your love, specific size for diapers, other caddy essentials like wipes or creams, etc.

For illustration: “Please bring a pack of Luvs/Huggies/Pampers of any size, for a chance to win a prize!

Towards pre-printed tickets, hints like “Pamper preferred” or “Huggies preferred are enough!

Next, get one thing clear: what the prizes will be, how to play and win, how to get in the drawing section.

Above all, prepare some extra for the diaper table, like ticket bowl, poster, extra tickets for those who forgot their tickets at home or have additional gifts, pens to fill in the guests’ info, and decoration items. An interesting party can not lack catchy decorations.

Send Invitation

To inform the guests of the party, try out these two options:

  • Attach a bit note on your invites: guests can prepare the proper packs after getting your ideas entirely and know how the game works.
  • A more creative option comes with a separate diaper raffle card, including a cute poem or step-by-step instructions for guests. Get it to match the party theme!

Then, take a peek at a diaper raffle wording example here:

We’re having a diaper raffle! Each diaper pack or diapering item you bring is equal to one ticket. You all use these tickets to join the raffle drawing part. The more diapers you have, the more chances to win!

What is a Good Prize for Diaper Raffle?

Imagine forgetting a prize when all guests are willing to have something fun together; that doesn’t sound very pleasant!

The prize is a core part of the game, no doubt! Hence, make sure you prepare the award cautiously ahead of time.

Budget-friendly and specific items are enough, yet they need to be helpful for all. For example, a gift voucher to a local spa might not be acceptable for some men.

If many families attend the party, you might as well pick a night of bowling or tickets to a local attraction.

The items should be at least $50 or more based on the party’s size. Each diaper pack runs from $10-$40 bucks. Hence, make sure all your guests feel glad about their winning prizes (more than what they spent is better).

There are some great ideas for prizes:

  • Beverages
  • A trendy necklace
  • Notecards or a notepad and pen
  • Gift basket
  • Coupon books
  • Vouchers & Gift Cards
  • Coffee mugs/wine glasses
  • Movie tickets
  • Electronic items
  • Household items
  • Themed box: a movie night theme with candy, popcorn, cakes, code for a free movie – a good fit for couples, and so on.

Doing a tier of prizes may work wonders in a large-size party (doing more than one prize). The most significant gift is in the top place, the medium for the second place, and the smallest in the final position.

An enticing grand prize always captures the guest’s attention for a blend of diaper fund raffle and hybrid diaper raffle. In such cases, the participants feel more encouraged to join and buy more tickets.

Of note, a party full of entertainment is the goal everyone heads to. So, you can freely add any ideas you like. Be smart and be creative!

How to Set Up The Table

Make up the table and party space!

The table setup may be the center of discussion to celebrate this exhilarating and epic game. Many ideas may pop up in your mind, yet it is worth going for these recommendations:

  • A jar or bowl containing the tickets: You’d better make it easy to either put the hand in or pull the tickets out.
  • A pen and raffle tickets for comers to fill in their information for the entry step. The tickets then go in the jar or bowl.
  • A sign with instructions lets anyone know how to play. Be straightforward and sweet with some hints like “Raffle Station Here!” No one wants to get confused while joining the game.
  • Some decorations and centerpieces are good to go!
  • The see-it-up prize for guests can encourage them much, making them feel cheerful at large.
  • Preparing food and drinks for everyone is a must. Based on the guest’s amount, you can prepare food adequately.

Diaper Fund vs. Diaper Raffle?

These two have their distinct pros and cons. Many parents adore a diaper fund’s flexibility. Guests give tickets with money to parents for diapers.

They then engage in a drawing to win a prize as well. The money from all tickets goes to the parents’ diaper fund for later use.

Hence, guests are free as they don’t need to know the size of babies’ diapers, whether they react negatively to a particular brand, etc.

Also, a diaper fund is a perfect fit for parents with little space to store diapers. No bunch of diapers from the raffle needs keeping.

On the flip hand, a diaper raffle gets more fun and engaging. Guests buy the diapers packs for the parents to win a prize via a raffle drawing. The interaction is higher than holding a diaper fund.

All in all, which activity parents pick is up to their preference altogether.

In A Nutshell

Now that you’ve got the precise answers to all the questions around having a Diaper Raffle — such an incredible baby shower game for expectant parents and friends to enjoy.

Most importantly, the expectant parents save a lot of money yet still have bliss with friends, relatives, and colleagues.

Hopefully, participants will have an epic, heart-touching, and warm party together. Be more creative and wise in decorating the party. Thanks for reading!

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