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26 Cool Gifts for Expecting Dads or New Dads

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Nothing affects a man’s life more significantly than being a father. It’s the beginning of a new journey, filled with incredible moments.

From the day they see and hug their new child in their arms, their lives change. They now have a new mission that is the most rewarding in the world.

To honor the milestone, we’ve come up with a list of the best gifts for expecting dads.  These gifts are suitable for all occasions from Baby Shower, Valentine’s day, Father’s day to Christmas. Scroll down to read the details!

Cool and Funny Gifts for Expectant Dads

Soon-to-be dads must worry about what is coming. Some funny gifts may make their event less stressful.

1. T-shirt


T-shirts are always great gifts for expecting dads because they can fit all. You can also easily send your message to the dads by its slogan.

You can check the size for the best fit, including length and width. Color selection is also diverse to match specific complexion tones and personal preferences.

If possible, choose the models that allow customization. Then, you will feel free to add slogans or patterns to them.

Some sellers do not charge extra fees if the designs are simple. Even if they do, the cost doesn’t matter a lot.

2. Hat


Men like caps because these items make them look cool. You can choose this gift if the expecting dad likes outdoor activities. He will wear it often when he takes his child out.

Hats also allow you to customize depending on the manufacturers and sellers. Of course, it’s always best to choose ones that help you with the customization.

When shopping for a hat, one thing to bear in mind is its material. It must be breathable and durable so that the wearer feels comfortable with it.

3. Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug

Aside from shirts, mugs are also excellent choices as expectant father gifts. They are easy to use and practical.

You can choose some funny slogans for new dads to make things different, such as “The World’s Best Dad” or “If you’re reading this, the new dad needs coffee.”

The key is to mention who a man is going to be. He knows what he has to do as a father and will be proud of his mission.

4. Whiskey Glass

Whiskey Glass

If the soon-to-be dad loves wine, give him this glass. It would be best to choose a gift that the recipient can use.

Since it’s a glass of wine, keep the design as simple as possible. If you want to add some slogans, go for the short one.

There are many ideas to consider, such as “Best Dad Ever” or “Drinking For Two.” Sometimes, only “D.A.D” can even work.

5. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Kit

Daddy's Diaper Duty Doody Tool Belt

A man is going to be a father. He needs to prepare things. Why don’t you help him out? Then, the diaper duty kit comes into play.

The kit includes almost everything a new father needs to take care of a newborn child, such as:

  • Safety gloves
  • Face mask
  • Diaper
  • Diaper trash bag
  • Tong (for the dirty diapers)
  • Clothespins
  • Pacifier

All of these things come in a neatly packed bag. The expectant father should practice using them beforehand so as not to mess up.

6. New Daddy Kit

New Daddy Kit

This set is a funny gift for an expecting dad. It covers everything they’ll need to get started as parents, including:

  • Earplugs to help enhance their sleep quality after hours of taking care of the child;
  • Matchsticks to keep their eyes open;
  • A peg to save the nose from the stinky nappies;
  • A card to note all the crucial information that your family will constantly ask for but won’t recall.

This hilarious kit will make new dads giggle. It’s also a fantastic token item to mark the anniversary of a new baby or the first Father’s Day.

Dads need a kit to accomplish their duties

7. Candle


Becoming parents is an arduous task. New dads will spend their day caring, worrying, and thinking about their little angel. Hence, they need something to help them stay calm and relaxed.

A well-balanced, fragrant candle may lift their spirits by bringing back happy memories or establishing a sense of calmness in the head. With an accompanying good quote, like “Ain’t no hood like fatherhood,” it is clearly a meaningful Father’s day gift for expecting dads.

The candle is also a great idea when it comes to interior decoration. There are many models to choose from for designs, colors, sizes, and fragrances.

8. New Dad-To-Be Gift Box

New Dad to be gift box

If you have many gift ideas and don’t know what to go for, try all of them. You can pack them in a gift box.

A box of beautiful gifts which are all necessary for new dads is an excellent idea. It also shows how much you care for him and how eager you are for the new baby.

The box should be big enough to carry different items. Also, when you pack many things in the same place, try to keep them tidy.

Put everything expecting fathers need in the box

9. Docking Station

Docking Station

This station is a great solution to keep all daily essentials organized. It aims to hold the smartphone, tablet, keys, glasses, watch, and wallet.

Thanks to its design, the expecting dad can organize everything at hand. Even if he has to deal with his child all day, finding things is not a hassle anymore.

The best model for this idea is the wooden docking that is compatible with mobile phones. It will also be great if you have some carvings on the stand, like “Dad’s stuff.

10. Wooden Wallet

Wooden Wallet

Wooden objects are always durable, resilient, and luxurious. Wood and wallet make a perfect couple that can complement the new father’s appearance.

These wallets are excellent for holding business cards, bills, or credits. Men love to keep their things in an easily accessible place.

To celebrate the occasion, choose the models with carvings. Don’t make things complicated. Instead, you should go for the minimalist, such as “Dad – 2022.”

Wooden stuff does not need any sophisticated decoration because it’s already elegant.

First Father’s Day Gifts from Unborn Baby

Although you may already know what to get the expectant dad, you might need some help coming up with a surprise for him from the baby.

We’ve handled the shopping for the unborn baby because they can’t yet decide anything for themselves.

Right here, you’ll find some of the cutest and most unique gifts for expectant dads from their unborn babies.

1. Sonogram Keychain

Sonogram Keychain

The best thing about the keychain is that you can print your favorite photo and a slogan there.

You can help the baby talk to his father by printing some sayings in the pendant, like “I can’t wait to meet you, Daddy.”

Otherwise, print the photo of the fetal ultrasound. New dads love to see their unborn babies all the time. If you use these images in your gift, the dads will appreciate it.

Choose the keychain that you can customize

2. Bottle Tag

Bottle Tag

You need something perfect for writing messages on, which is why you want the bottle tag.

There are tons of ideas regarding messages from unborn babies to their fathers. Search some, choose your favorite, and print it on the tag.

It would be best to go for the wooden tag since the carvings look cool. Things must be even more fantastic if it has a heart shape. It’s already meaningful, thanks to the design.

3. Beer Holder

Beer Holder

If the expectant father likes beer, give the beer holder instead of the bottle tag. It works in the same way.

Feel free to choose the shape, material, and color for this idea based on the recipient’s preference. Otherwise, select it on your own since the most crucial characteristic of this gift is its message.

Think of some funny slogans and google them. You can also customize your gift by asking to carve a specific date or name on it.

4. Socks


When you give socks as a gift, you offer the recipient comfort, both figuratively and literally, making them ideal Father’s day gifts and even Christmas gifts.

Shop for the models with the most comfortable fabric and dark colors. Dads are too busy to clean white socks.

Since you pretend to be the baby, print some funny quotes at the bottom. A phrase like “The last chance to put your feet up” is a great way to try.

5. Engraved Watch

Engraved Watch

Men wear watches to demonstrate themselves and their social status. Now, they need a watch to represent their new role: a father.

There are some “To My Daddy” watches on the market now. You can easily find models with interesting quotes printed on the back.

Otherwise, you can request your own ideas. Try to customize your present by carving the father’s name on it.

Printing some little feet is also an excellent idea. These images will surely warm a new father’s heart.

You can engrave loving words on the backside of the watch

6. Necklace


We give jewelry to someone we truly love, showing that the recipient is also as precious as the jewelry.

A necklace is the best Valentine’s day gift for the expecting dad because the pendant will stay close to his heart.

On behalf of the unborn child, you can pick a large pendant so that you can have some quotes on it.

Another simple approach is to add the message in the gift box. The box doesn’t work as a place to hold the necklace. It’s also where you put your loving words in.

7. Wallet Card

Wallet Card

A wallet is an indispensable item for every gentleman. They can keep all of their essentials there. Then, here comes the idea of a wallet card as a soon-to-be dad gift.

To make your gift precious, choose a card made of bright material, such as white silver. Of course, you can’t miss the carved message.

Simplicity is the key in this case. Don’t try to add many details to the card. Instead, choose short quotes, such as “Although we haven’t met, I’ll be here soon.

You can also carve some little feet on the card. They make the entire design cuter while remaining simple.

8. Father’s Day Card

Fathers Day Card

We use cards to send our messages to someone on any occasion. Even if you have chosen the right present, including the card in the box is never excessive.

You can design one on your own. Then, you can customize it to any extent. If you don’t have any time, don’t worry! Thousands of Father’s Day cards are out there waiting for you.

Be creative with the quotes. You will also feel free to add your own ideas to the store-bought cards.

Practical Gifts for Expecting Dads

If the expectant dad is a practical person, you can choose gifts he or the coming baby can use. You should take a look at this list. We include the best options that a new dad needs in his adventure to parenthood.

1. Book


If we are new to something, we must first learn about it. Books should be the place to start with.

There are many books for dads-to-be. They provide detailed guides that new fathers need to prepare.

We don’t learn how to become fathers at school. Books are there to help us. Give a guidebook to the expecting father to remind him that he can learn even if he doesn’t know what to do as a father.

Books offer unlimited knowledge

2. Item Finder

Item Finder

Parents may be the busiest people. They have to handle their duties and take care of their kids simultaneously. Losing things is typical and forgivable.

How can you help a father-to-be with this problem? It’s easy. Give him an item finder so that he won’t waste time finding things.

Directly link this gadget to anything he needs to keep track of, such as keys, wallets, and other items. Then, he can use a free Android or iOS app to locate them.

The time for finding lost things is lower. As a result, he will have more time for his little angel.

3. Coffee Subscription Plan

Coffee Subscription Plan

Men going with coffee can make a perfect couple. The caffeine helps him awake and stay energetic all the time.

Since new dads have a lot of stuff to do, some coffee turns out to be their energy booster.

It would be perfect to get them a coffee subscription so that they can receive it periodically. The delivery arrives continuously to become their friendly assistant.

4. Massage Chair Pad

Massage Chair Pad

Fathers have to stand all day to feed their babies. They run to their children whenever they hear a scream or cry. It must be very tiring.

Why don’t you give these exhausted dads a massage chair pad? They must be thankful.

Sitting on the pad gives them time to relax and recover their energy. They will be ready for hours of running, thanks to the comfort the pad provides.

5. Baby Monitor

Baby monitor

Parents want to know where their infants are, what they are doing, and how they are. But what if they go to work?

This baby monitor then becomes a great present that every new father needs. He can watch his baby no matter where he is.

Nothing is more precious during hard office time than looking at his child. He will feel more secure since he knows exactly how the infant is now.

6. Smart Bassinet

Smart Bassinet

This gift is practical because every infant needs a bassinet. Dads have to prepare for it beforehand. If you give it to them, they can spend money on other childcare purposes.

Bassinets now come with advanced technology to maximize the comfort and security of the baby. Some have vibration modes to give your child the best sleep.

If you like this idea, give it more time. The bassinet must be comfortable and safe. If not, the baby will suffer.

The bassinet must be secure and comfortable

7. Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Another practical gift for new dads is the baby carrier. If carrying the infant with their bare hands is so difficult and tiring, this present can save the day.

If you go for this option, check the padding carefully. It will contact the baby’s skin directly. Hence, choose the high-quality material to ensure support and comfort.

8. Bottle Warmer

Bottle warmer

Feeding is an important part that every new parent must learn. How to make this task simpler? You can help by giving them the bottle warmer as a gift.

The warmer heats milk thoroughly to help preserve the essential nutrients for the infant.

It can also fit the most glass or plastic milk pouches, feeding bottles, and food jars.


A meaningful gift may make expectant dads feel more prepared for the life-changing moment. Even better, they’ll put the gifts to great use when they begin on the exciting adventure of fatherhood.

Hopefully, your mind will pop up with great gift ideas for expecting dads for their special event. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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