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27 Best Miscarriage Gifts for Mom and Dad: Sympathetic and Thoughtful

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A miscarriage leaves a woman emotionally prepared for a kid she will never have. Grief is a natural process with no set duration; it torments her in many ways.

Miscarriage gifts for mom and dad do not alleviate the agony of a miscarriage. But, having loved ones give presents for miscarriage is a great spiritual consolation.

Finding a miscarriage gift might be difficult, but we’ve got you covered. The essential thing to remember is that every gesture counts; the most powerful may sit and listen while delivering the gift.

Pregnancy Loss Gifts for Parents and Couples

Whether you print some lovely miscarriage quotes to place inside a letter or buy a present for the grieving parents you care about, your actions will mean a lot.

The capacity to work through sorrow and a feeling of community are the two things that most help individuals recover.

1. Custom Family Portrait

personalized family portrait for mom and dad after miscarriage

Ask the salesperson to draw a picture of the lost child in the portrait. Let them hold their unlucky siblings in their arms if you currently have children.

The portrait will probably make you cry like a little child. Now your dream has come true because you’ve already had all your kids together.

2. Forget Me Not Seed

Memorial Wallet Coin for pregnancy loss

It is a beautiful present. Let’s get it for your couple after they have suffered a loss, as it will aid in their recovery.

It’s tiny enough to slip into your wallet or pocket, and it gives you the feeling that your loved one is still with you in some manner.

3. Personalized Memorial Stone

personalized miscarriage memorial stone

You may be at a loss for words when it comes to describing how lovely they are. Because of the attention to detail and affection that this store puts into crafting them, they will make your heart grin. What a cute idea and a thoughtful memorial gift!

4. Custom Memorial Blocks

personalized pregnancy loss blocks

In every sense, the present is simply fantastic. It is exquisitely crafted, gift-wrapped, and sent to your best friends who have sadly lost their newborn.

While nothing can take away the grief, these memorial bricks will undoubtedly help them recover mentally.

5. Ultrasound Photo Frame

personalized miscarriage sonogram photo frame

Suppose you know a miscarried lady with some physical mementos on hand, such as an ultrasound picture frame or a piece of baby gear she had previously bought.

In that case, this lovely bespoke, customized baby box may be a kind present. Whether it winds up on a nightstand or hidden in a closet and only brought out when she wants to view it.

6. Baby Loss Memorial Candle

Baby Loss Memorial Candle

Parents may light a candle to memorialize their lost kid or feel like they’re sending a message up to them. Candles aren’t only great presents; they also make beautiful memorials.

A candle that symbolizes loss or hope is a particularly excellent addition. It may be the most acceptable way to find tranquility.

7. Stillborn Baby Memorial Light Plaque

Stillborn Baby Memorial Plaque

A night light might assist you in sleeping well. Aside from that, a variety of color choices, including disco light, will provide a little bit of entertainment.

You may jot down your child’s name and the day he passed on to the other side. The lamp will symbolize your kid, providing comfort when sad and warm when cold.

8. Miscarry Keepsake Box

Miscarry Keepsake Box for someone who miscarried

This empathetic gift is a thoughtful way to remember and commemorate the life of a lost little one. You may pack this baby memento box with toys, clothing, and other sentimental objects that will perhaps provide some comfort to the parents throughout their grieving period.

It’s challenging to find the perfect words to soothe your friends or family during such difficult moments. This memory box may help lessen the pain of a loss, and it’s the ideal baby memorial gift that will last a lifetime and communicate your love and compassion.

9. Resin Heart

baby loss Memorial Resin Heart

Are you searching for a unique way to remember your beloved child? These one-of-a-kind polymer clay sculptures are for families who have lost a baby during pregnancy or stillbirth.

Each encapsulating sculpture is handcrafted from polymer mix clay before being cast in resin, making each piece one-of-a-kind and unique, just like your kid.

This sculpture is anatomically correct and proportional to that of an embryo at this stage of development. As you surely know, each fetus grows at its own pace.

10. Angel Feather Bauble

Angel Feather Bauble

The angel baby is sleeping on a toweling cushion with marabou feathers, encircled by a 10cm bauble with white satin ribbon and a Tibetan silver Guardian angel pendant above. It would be a beautiful souvenir.

11. Personalized Wind Chime

Personalized Wind Chime for miscarriage

This lovely wind chime is a beautiful alternative to flowers. It’s a long-lasting present that honors the life of a departed loved one for many years to come. The chimes’ gentle and delicate notes provide a feeling of calm and tranquility.

12. Books

book to give someone who had a miscarriage

When you aren’t sure what to say or do, or maybe even what miscarriage gift to offer, you may give this miscarriage book. Abbey Wedgeworth wrote a book called “Held.”

She had three miscarriages, and her son died as a newborn. She discusses her own experiences and her unfathomable pain and guides other mothers through the process of mourning and finding out how to go on.

This selection of miscarriage books offers a variety of options based on your loved one’s beliefs and grief style, all of which can help her deal with.

I’ve listed a few books that might assist mothers in coping with miscarriage. I’m sure there are more, but these are some of the most valuable books for mothers who have had a miscarriage.

Other recommended books:

  • Good Grief — by Granger E. Westburg
  • Stuck For Words — by Doris Zagdanski
  • How can I help?: Suggestions for People Who
  • Coping with Grief — by Mal McKissock
  • Care About Someone Whose Baby Died Before Birth — by Martha Wegner-Hay

13. Gift Cards for Meals or Trips

Meals or Trips for couples who had a miscarriage

Finally, a dining gift card never goes out of style. You may give gift cards to DoorDash, Uber Eats, or Waitr. When you’re mourning, having dinner delivered means you don’t have to worry about cooking or feeding the rest of the family.

Visiting and spending the day with your buddy may be the most effective approach to providing her with all of the love and attention she needs.

Sympathy Gifts for Miscarriage Moms

If you want to make the mother feel better after the loss of a baby, then these are the best gift ideas you should consider.

1. Miscarriage Remembrance Necklace

Miscarriage Remembrance Necklace

Jewelry is one of the miscarriage gifts since it can represent so many different elements of pregnancy and grief. If you’re shopping for a miscarriage gift for a mom, consider something small, simple, and thoughtful.

This charming memory necklace is perfect for any mom. It can make you remember infants who died too young. The necklace is exquisite, with an eternity ring and a heart, expressing the familiar feelings of mom’s feelings for her baby.

The words “blooming in heaven” remind their parents that their child lives well next to God. The writing “blooming in heaven” reminds their parents that their child lives well next to Go.

Parents with certain spiritual beliefs feel that their infants look over them, possibly their fertility and future offspring.

You may customize this lovely pregnancy loss memorial necklace to your liking. You have the option of choosing between a wing and a cross char. The date of choosing, whether it’s the due date or the day of loss, as well as a name and birthstone color, may all be fully customized.

2. Personalized Name Date Memorial Ring

Personalized Name Date Memorial Ring for pregnancy loss

These handcrafted silver pewter rings are stunning! This offering is for one ring with customized winged baby feet.

Engrave the ring with numbers that describe the day the child left you. So many years later, you can still tell your other children about their dead siblings.

You need to know that a human only truly dies when forgotten. If you hold the image of the child in your heart, he will keep going to alive.

3. Custom Stuffed Animal

custom stuffed animal for miscarriage moms

This elephant might be a great way to remember your kid. Poignant inscriptions on the wings transform this into a memorial display piece.

This idea is perfect! Hopefully that this beautiful memento of their tiny kid will provide them all some peace at such a difficult time in their lives.

4. Sweatshirt with Meaningful Quote

Sweatshirt with Meaningful Quote for miscarriage moms

The sweater arrived with the cutest letter, “An Angel Calls Me Mama,” which had me in tears. It’s ideal for all of the mamas out there!

This hoodie tee honors pregnancy and baby loss on National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day! Wear it with pride while you mourn the death of your child.

Furthermore, you may assist other mothers who have lost kids in the same way you have by staying together and showing love to one another! Let’s show our support for one another by wearing this lovely shirt in October!

5. Hugs from Heaven Throw Blanket

Hugs from Heaven Throw Blanket for mom after miscarriage

These mink touch blankets are soft! You may personalize this blanket by writing a name at the bottom of the poem.

For example, this gorgeous lightweight polyester blanket portrays a mother cuddling her kid with a verse that reads: “Before I left for Heaven, I used to hug you tight. When you need another hug, hold this blanket tight.

This poem provides consolation to you or a loved one at a time when you or they most need it. Hopefully, when you wrap yourself in the warmth of this blanket, you or someone you know finds comfort!

6. Pregnancy Loss Crystal Collection

Pregnancy Loss Crystal Collection

This collection may aid in healing and comforting your bewilderment, sadness, worry, and physical, mental, and emotional damage. Lepidolite and Pink Calcite calmed your mind and relieved your panic and anxiety when taken together.

When you move on with your life and raise your other children, Apache Tears are a protecting and great stone to wear while mourning. It makes you feel soothed. When you’ve had your fill of weeping and are ready for healing and joy, turn to Jade.

7. Care Package

custom care package for miscarriage mom

While trying to get through each day, a grieving mother may put self-care on the back burner. So a self-care package is an excellent present for almost any woman, no matter how close you are.

Lemons and Confetti create this one expressly for women who have had a miscarriage. It includes various pampering goods and lovely sentiments to urge her to take some time for herself whenever she can.

A one-of-a-kind present that will make everyone pleased and grateful! You need to include the following items in spa boxes:

  • 6 oz. scented soy candle
  • A bath bomb with a natural smell
  • Lip balm with natural moisturizers
  • Soap made by hand
  • Colorful matches (randomly selected)
  • Beautiful greeting card with your customized message

8. Personalized Watch Band Charm

Personalized Watch Band Charm for someone who had a miscarriage

A stylish footprint leather cuff is a beautiful present for a lost mother. It’s a thoughtful way for a father to commemorate her kid who passed away. You may choose whether or not there is a photo on the bracelet, as well as the name.

This watch band is ideal for kids, teenagers, and adults alike. Also, heartfelt condolences or memorial presents for bereaved relatives or friends.

Thoughtful Miscarriage Gifts for Dad

Did you ever think that you have to get gifts for a father who had a miscarriage? Well, there are many things that you can do to make him feel better. If you are still in the process of planning a gift, then don’t worry; here are some thoughtful miscarriage gifts for the father. They are suitable for consolation purposes and celebrating Father’s Day.

1. Custom Miscarriage Bracelet

Personalized Miscarriage bracelet for dad

This magnificent high-quality bracelet is a great miscarriage gift for dads. It is resistant to that specific issue while still sending a lovely message to a dad about his adorable kid.

This handmade bracelet comes in two sizes: small and large, and its simple form is ideal for those who prefer not to wear a lot of jewelry. It is a sign of strength and endurance, offering great solace to mourning parents.

You may personalize it to your liking. The date of choosing, whether it’s the due date or the day of loss, as well as a name and birthstone color, may all be fully customized.

2. Daddy of an Angel Pocket Knife

Daddy of an Angel Pocket Knife

A father may not wear jewels but always be prepared with his knife. It’s the ideal present to commemorate the lost kid, with the words “Daddy of an Angel” on it.

These are fantastic groomsmen presents and maybe given on birthdays, Father’s Day, Christmas, and anniversaries. Please mail the sellers if you have a customization suggestion, and they will work on it for you!

3. Custom Keychain

Memorial Keychain for dad

This stainless steel keychain is essential and lets someone know you’re thinking about them and their miscarriage or loss.

This collection of stainless steel keychains is a thoughtful gift for any mother or father who has lost a child due to miscarriage. Each parent can get a keychain to keep as a reminder of their kid.

4. Wallet Insert

Custom Wallet Insert for miscarriage dad

This metal card is the same size as a conventional credit card and will fit into any wallet. These are fantastic presents for anybody who has lost an angel baby.

Each character is hand-stamped, ensuring that each design is one-of-a-kind. The graphics are for illustration purposes only; this offering is for a bespoke card on which you may hand stamp treasured memories or remarks.

5. Custom Engraved watch

Personalized Wooden Watch for Miscarriage

This one-of-a-kind creation honors the memory of a beautiful kid who left us much too soon. It is a valuable present that they may always have near to them.

The wooden back allows you to engrave your angel’s name on it and any information related to the child. The watch will forever remind you of the time you were pregnant with your baby.

6. Sympathy Journal

Sympathy Journal for dad

Time heals certain wounds, but other times you need much more. This sympathy journal will assist dads who have lost a pregnancy in feeling their feelings and moving on in their sorrow.

What is an Appropriate Gift for A Miscarriage?

It is challenging to recover after a miscarriage, and those who do not get support from family and friends have much more significant challenges. Giving anything after such an event may demonstrate that you are thinking of them and that they may reach out to you at any time.

If you have no idea what to get as a present, here are some pieces of advice from our experts.

1. Relationship with The Parents

Are you a close friend or a coworker? Are you a family member or a neighbor? It will influence the kind of presents you give to your mother and father. Eye pillows, for example, are a present fantastic idea from a friend who knows the mother hasn’t been sleeping well since the tragedy, or a colleague may go for an angel figurine.

2. Focus on Neutral Gifts

Some meaningful miscarriage gifts might help communicate your love and support during this difficult time.

If you’re looking for a gift, a condolence card will suffice. Any cards with a simple message of love and support inscribed inside would be a thoughtful gift for a friend who has just had a miscarriage.

If you don’t want to give an item as a present or can’t locate something you like, provide a book instead. Various books cover miscarriages pregnancy, overcoming the physical and emotional challenges accompanying a miscarriage.

If the couple is spiritual, there are numerous books on healing and coping with the loss of a child in a spiritual manner.

3. Quotations and Symbols

Gifts for a mother vary greatly from gifts for a mother who has just lost her baby. Ensure the wording etched or imprinted on the items you’re presenting is appropriate.

Avoid giving presents with mother and child symbols since they elicit the opposite emotion. People are naturally more sensitive during this time, so you should be especially careful.

What to Put in a Miscarriage Care Package?

Many people want to demonstrate how much they care by creating a comprehensive miscarriage care package. It is a lovely gesture, so please go ahead and make a complete miscarriage gift!

  • Miscarriage support journal: This miscarriage gift will help the mother work through her sorrow with this guided diary.
  • Hand cream, foot cream, or soothing lotion: Add a calming balm, hand cream, or foot cream to your miscarriage care gift to provide comfort when you need it the most.
  • Sleep mask or eye pillow: An eye pillow or a silky sleep mask may help block light and communicate that it’s time to sleep to a friend or family member. Fill the caring gift with one of your favorite styles.
  • Socks: Adore fluffy socks to keep mother warm and snug on the sofa when she grieves.
  • Body butter: Spa goods that make mum feel pampered will make her feel cherished in relaxing aromas such as lavender.
  • Bath salts: Bath products are an excellent way to treat mothers grieving but do not need surgery.
  • Body scrub: Adore body scrubs for giving bereaved parents a spa-like experience at home, significantly better if they incorporate calming aromas or oils.
  • Essential oils: Many individuals use crucial oils to diffuse in water to help them relax. Lavender, jasmine, chamomile, and rose oil are all relaxing smells.

When putting up a miscarriage gift basket, keep in mind that women who undergo a dilation and curettage (D&C) procedure are frequently restricted from bathing for six weeks. You could wish to inquire whether the receiver can use bath goods politely.

Should You Send Flowers for a Miscarriage?

You may purchase the mommy who lost her baby some flowers if you know her favorite flower. You might also get her a flower, plant, or tree that will remind her of her precious baby every time she sees it.

Keep the following tips in mind while selecting flowers:

  • Make a decision depending on the individual. You know who they are and what they enjoy. Purple is their favorite color, so receiving purple flowers was a pleasant surprise, and it seemed like a beautiful, personal touch.
  • Because white flowers are associated with purity, they are an excellent option for miscarriage flowers.
  • Potted plants are also a terrific option if you want to get something your buddy can put in their house. A little tree or rose bush that they could put in their yard would be more durable.

Flowers for sympathy are a classic present you may deliver to the home or business. Soft blues, pinks, and purples may be a relaxing, more vibrant memory of their loved one, while white flower arrangements indicate innocence and serenity.

While lilies are a traditional sympathy flower, roses and carnations are a lovely alternative. Because each flower kind has its distinct flowery perfume, recipients generally like the pleasant scent of these condolence arrangements.

From the collection above, you can send a variety of sympathy arrangements that will comfort the critical person in your life today.

October Baby Loss Awareness Month
October Baby Loss Awareness Month

When to Send a Miscarriage Gif?

There is no such thing as a wrong moment to give a gift to someone who has suffered a miscarriage. Provide the mother with assistance right after pregnancy loss.

It’s a kind approach to let them know you’re thinking of them at this challenging time. What is essential is that the individual you’re trying to help feels loved and supported at a time when most people are feeling entirely alone.

Some women and men aren’t ready to speak about their loss right away, but they appreciate it when others bring them gifts to show they care.

What to Say When Someone Has a Miscarriage?

Words have a lot of power, and what you say to a friend or family member after a miscarriage may have a long-lasting impact.

Even if you’ve had a miscarriage yourself, knowing what to say when someone you care about experiences a miscarriage may be difficult.

However, finding the perfect words to communicate your sadness and provide solace doesn’t become any easier.

You may learn what to say, what to avoid, and how to allow your loved one room to mourn by following this guideline. Here are some ideas for what you might say.

I’m very sorry.

You must express your sympathies when you learn that a friend or family member has had a miscarriage. “I’m sorry” or “I’m here for you if you want to chat” are usually the most important words you can say to someone who is grieving.

You may also offer open-ended inquiries like “How do you feel?” to encourage your loved ones to share their feelings.

I’m listening to you.

Let your loved ones know you’re listening if they want to chat. Also, strive to have an open mind and heart. Even if they repeat the same things repeatedly, don’t discourage your buddy from expressing their ideas and feelings.

It’s not your fault.

While it’s natural to feel shame, remorse, or even self-blame following a miscarriage, tell your friend or family that the miscarriage is not their fault.

Your emotions are important.

If your loved one shows depression, you might gently recommend discussing her emotions with her doctor.

The Words Avoid Saying

The phrases like “It was just a miscarriage, you’ll get over it,” “You’re young, you can have another one,” and others may be painful. Try not to say the clichés like:

  • That’s alright; the baby was only three months old.
  • It was God’s will” or “You’ve already had one healthy kid.

Things to Do for Someone Who Suffered a Miscarriage

You may take your buddy or loved one to do something if she is in the mood. It is an excellent method for her to devote some time to herself and her recovery.

1. Get Manicures/Pedicures

You may also receive manicures and pedicures at the same time. After a miscarriage, this is a lovely experience since it allows you to speak about mom’s loss if she’s up to it.

2. Watch a Movie

Another activity you might do with someone who has had a miscarriage is to take them to watch a movie. It’s good to have a cause to weep or even laugh without feeling guilty now and again.

3. Clean The House

It might be that she isn’t up to it emotionally, but occasionally a woman isn’t physically up to cleaning her home after having a miscarriage or losing abab. As a gesture of affection, you may volunteer to come to clean her house.

4. Cook a Meal

In my perspective, a home-cooked dinner is a universal statement of love and compassion. Making dinner for a mom who has suffered a miscarriage is a wonderful way to show your support.

5. Assist Her with Her Children

If your friend or loved one has additional children, offering to assist with them may be beneficial. It may be putting them in a carpool, taking them off her hands for a few hours, or even visiting her home and having your children play with hers while she attends to her responsibilities.

Final Thoughts

A miscarriage is one of the worst things that can happen in life. It is one of the most painful experiences that can happen to expectant parents. It is not only physical pain, but it is mental pain as well. Events are difficult to deal with, even though they are persistent.

All you can do is provide emotional support by creating genuine sympathy. Although, there are many thoughtful miscarriage gifts for dad and mom. Gifts are just a means of expressing your care and desire for them to recover quickly.

Thank you for reading!

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