Taste the Discounts: Baby Food Maker Black Friday 2023 Deals

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Are you a new parent looking to save time and money preparing homemade baby food? Or maybe you want to gift a baby food maker to an expecting friend. Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get these handy kitchen gadgets at steep discounts.

A baby food maker is a game-changing appliance for parents. It conveniently steams and purees fruits, vegetables, and meat into healthy homemade baby food your little one will love.

No more spending time cooking food separately and transferring between pots and bowls. Black Friday baby food maker deals give you an all-in-one food prep system to make baby’s meals fast and easy!

So, let’s explore the best Black Friday deals for feeding babies affordably and conveniently!

Top Black Friday Deals on Baby Food Makers

I will update this post with the best deals on baby food makers as they become available. Bookmark this and check back regularly to find the latest deals.

Based on last year’s deals and current prices, here are the approximate discounts you can expect to see this Black Friday:

  • Baby Brezza One Step: 20-30% off
  • BEABA Babycook Neo: 20-30% off
  • Nutribullet Baby Food Maker: 15-25% off
  • Cuisinart Baby Food Maker: 15-20% off

What to Look for When Buying a Baby Food Maker

Purchasing a baby food maker is an investment for many parents. While Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals make these appliances more affordable, you still want to choose a model that fits your needs. Here are the key factors to consider when selecting a baby food maker:

1. Type of Food Prep

What type of food prep functions do you need your baby food maker to perform?

  • All-in-one steamer and blender models are the ultimate for convenience. They cook ingredients and then puree them without needing to transfer food between appliances. However, they come at a higher price point.
  • Blenders and food processors are perfect for pureeing fruits or pre-cooked vegetables. They don’t cook raw ingredients, so you’d need a separate steamer. But they provide versatility for making other foods beyond baby meals.
  • Hand blenders quickly puree small batches but don’t offer hands-free blending. Great for on-the-go purees.

Consider which food prep abilities would be most useful for your family.

BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Functions
BEABA Babycook Solo 4 in 1 Functions

2. Capacity

The capacity of the baby food maker determines how much food you can make at once. There are two main factors to think about:

Batch cooking needs

Parents who want to prepare larger quantities of food in advance for storage and freezing should look for baby food maker models with higher capacities.

Appliances that can hold 4-6 cups of ingredients allow you to efficiently prep multiple meals or servings at once.

This saves you time by letting you make a week’s worth of food in a single session rather than cooking a fresh small batch every day.

Counter space

For families who prefer to make fresh baby food as needed, compact baby food makers with 1-2 cup capacities take up minimal counter real estate.

The smaller bowl size is perfect for producing just what you need for the day’s feedings. The appliance won’t monopolize your counters if you only use it occasionally.

In general, opt for a larger capacity model if you plan to batch prep and freeze sizable quantities of baby food for later use. If you’ll primarily be making single servings as needed, a small capacity option saves space.

Consider your meal planning habits to decide which bowl capacity makes the most sense for your family’s routine.

3. Built-in Steamer

When researching baby food makers, consider whether an appliance with a built-in steamer is right for your needs.

Built-in steamers provide even, safe cooking directly within the machine. They take the guesswork out of properly cooking ingredients for homemade baby food. Look for these useful steamer features:

Adjustable steam timer

Models that allow you to control steam times give you the flexibility to cook each type of ingredient properly.

You can steam vegetables and fruits for quick 13-15 minutes or meat and grains that need upwards of 30 minutes to reach the desired tenderness.

Steam baskets

Baskets that separate foods within the steamer ensure flavors don’t mix together. You can steam chicken in one basket while simmering carrots in another to optimize individual cooking.

Auto shut-off capability

Safety features that automatically turn off the steamer if the water tank runs low prevent burning or fires. This provides peace of mind when steam cooking.

5 in 1 Chefhandy Food Processor Smart Control Panel
Chefhandy 5-in-1 Food Processor Smart Control Panel

4. Blending Ability

A quality baby food maker should blend ingredients to the perfect consistency for each stage of your child’s development. Here’s what to look for in blending functionality:

Adjustable texture settings

Models with options for smooth purees or chunkier blends allow you to match textures to your child’s progress with solids. Beginners need fully liquefied and smooth purees.

As babies grow, you can introduce mashes and soft finger foods. Appliances with texture controls provide flexibility.

Powerful blades

Durable stainless steel blades easily handle hard foods like cooked meats in addition to fruits and vegetables.

  • Weaker plastic blades can struggle with tougher ingredients.
  • High-quality blades create smooth purees in seconds.

Hard food handling

Beyond fruits and veggies, the appliance should grind, chop, or steam meats, grains, and other ingredients to the right consistency for babies. This expands the variety of healthy foods you can make.

Optimal blending ability ensures you can easily adjust textures and handle all types of foods to make the healthiest purees, mashes, and finger foods.

Carefully controlled blending settings and blades that pulverize tough ingredients provide versatility as your baby grows.

5. Useful Accessories

Look for baby food makers that come with handy accessories that enhance convenience and organization:

  • Reusable food pouches – Allow you to store purees and take freshly made food on-the-go for mess-free feeding away from home. Washable pouches eliminate waste from throwaway plastic pouches.
  • Freezer trays – Enable you to freeze single portion sizes of food to preserve freshness. Trays typically have lids and are microwave-safe for quick thawing and heating.
  • Storage containers – Keep homemade food fresh in the refrigerator. Airtight lids maintain safety and allow stacking in the fridge.
  • Built-in spatula holders – Provide a convenient resting place for the spatula inside the appliance so it’s always handy when you need to scrape food. This avoids spatula messes on your countertops.
Duo Meal Station Food Maker
Duo Meal Station Food Maker

6. Easy, Thorough Cleaning

Since you’ll use your baby food maker frequently, opt for models designed for easy, comprehensive cleaning:

  • Dishwasher-safe components – Bowls, lids, baskets, and other removable parts that are dishwasher-safe make cleanup a breeze.
  • Self-cleaning – Higher-end models include self-cleaning functions that simplify washing tremendously. Just add water and soap, and the appliance does the scrubbing for you.
  • Accessible design – Seek appliances with removable, individual parts that avoid hidden crevices where food can get trapped. This enables you to hand wash all areas thoroughly.
  • BPA-free materials – Ensure plastic components that contact with food are made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials.

Extra Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Shopping

While Black Friday officially kicks off on the day after Thanksgiving, retailers actually roll out deals much earlier now. Here are some tips for shopping this Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  • Sign up for newsletters and emails from major retailers for early access to promotions and coupons.
  • Follow social media accounts for sneak peeks at upcoming deals. Look for Target Cartwheel offers and Amazon’s Lightning Deals.
  • Price match guarantees at stores like Walmart, Target, and Amazon ensure you get items at the lowest price.
  • Check for manufacturer discounts – brands like Baby Brezza offer savings for first responders, military, teachers, and more.
  • Browse deals online from the comfort of your home to compare prices across retailers.
  • Head to the store bright and early on Thanksgiving or Black Friday morning for limited doorbuster deals.
  • Cyber Monday is another big day for online specials. Retailers extend some Black Friday deals into the new week.

When purchasing a baby food maker, prioritize quality over attractive sale tags. With the right research, you can find a feature-packed model that fits your family’s needs and budget.

Monitor Black Friday ads early to snag the lowest price on the perfect baby food maker!

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