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24 Special Memorial Gifts for a Newly Widowed Mom

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It’s never easy to lose a family member. When it’s is a life partner, it’s extra painful. A few days or weeks after mourning might be the most difficult. Only one thing making these challenging times easier is having the encouragement and sharing of family members and friends.

If you have a newly widowed or suffering widow, a thoughtful sympathy gift can ease their soul. Of course, a present won’t miraculously heal everything, but it may go a long way toward providing consolation during a difficult time.

If you’re stumped about what to get your cherished one throughout this tough time, the list of meaningful gifts for newly widowed moms or for someone who lost their husband will come in handy. Let’s scroll down!

Thoughtful Gifts for Newly Widowed Moms and Wives

Wait any longer! Below are the best gifts for your loved ones whose husband has gone gently into the night. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Memorial Portrait

Memorial Portrait

What is the most meaningful and memorable gift for someone who lost her husband? You can go wrong with a memorial portrait of the family.

Having some images to recall newly widowed moms of their husbands is quite comforting, especially during these difficult moments.

With a framework, they could see their partner every day and pay tribute to their spouse’s memories.

2. Memory Bear

Memory Bear

Losing a husband means a wife will lose someone who will cuddle her to sleep every night. So she may stay up all night mourning her defunct husband.

Memory bears are a great way to remind the one she has loved. Having a bear allows a widowed mother to embrace and reminisce about the wonderful times she shared with that someone.

These bears are also a great and unique method to keep memories alive by wearing a treasured piece of apparel as they are made with garments provided by that mom.

3. Memory Pillow

Memory pillow

You may have a photograph printed on fabric and turned into the pillow. Your freshly widowed mother will significantly appreciate these gifts. She’ll like sleeping with it every night.

Another option is to make a cushion out of one of her husband’s shirts. It’s also pleasant to embroider a thoughtful message.

There is something soothing about clutching one among their possessions, particularly when they’re no longer present to hold. This present will leave an indelible impression on the receiver.

4. T-Shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

The most thoughtful memorial presents, such as this T-shirt quilt, can give encouragement and relief to your widowed mother. The blanket will be quilted from her husband’s old t-shirts.

This is the blanket she will cover every night because it carries the soul and warmth of her husband even though he’s gone forever.

This present is perfect for any special occasion like Christmas or Mother’s Day. She will surely treasure your gift forever and bring it anywhere with her as a companion!

5. Personalized Throw Blanket

Personalized Memorial Throw Blanket

Gifts prepared by you are always the things that make the recipient more emotional than ever. With this idea, you can create meaningful handmade gifts for a grieving widow who has just lost her husband.

First, ask the widow if she has any clothes from her deceased husband to sew a blanket.

Her eyes would be well up with tears of happiness when receiving your meaningful present. Otherwise, you can consider this personalized blanked in this list.

6. Husband Memorial Journal

Husband Memorial Journal

Journals aren’t for everyone, so you’ll have to figure out what your widow wants. Some individuals find it therapeutic to write things down, so keeping a journal is a good idea.

You might offer a widow a customized diary with a message to her, such as essential quotations from her husband. It may be a statement that recalls her about him and his bravery in fighting the disease.

It’s a unique way to personalize a journal while also providing a space for her to express her feelings and thoughts.

7. Personalized Memorial Necklace

Memorial Necklace for recent widow

A personalized necklace is a thoughtful and unique gift for a recent widow as a memorial present or remembrance.

She can wear this unique necklace with the picture of the happiest moment between her and her husband all the time, right next to her heart.

The heart pendant has see-through lenses, allowing her to view the photo inside the necklace or project the picture onto the wall when illuminated.

It’s also a wonderful present for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.

8. Custom Photo Bracelet

Personalized bracelet for widowed wife

You can express your sympathy for her grief by giving her a lovely pendant bracelet. Although there are no words, there is plenty of love.

It includes a miniature photo of her and her beloved spouse, as well as an angel wing. As a result, she must be moved when she receives your present.

It is a subtle and straightforward way for her to hold the remembrance of that departed soul alive in her mind.

9. Custom Photo Memory Canvas

In Loving Memory Canvas Art for grieving widow

A customized canvas is a perfect idea among a thousand gifts for the loss of her husband.

The widow can hang it in her room so that whenever she remembers her spouse, she can take a look at it and remind herself: her husband still stands by her every day.

She will probably burst into tears when receiving this present because of the familiar picture. After that, she will be lachrymose because of your care and sympathy from the bottom of your heart via heartfelt messages.

10. Personalized Wind Chime

Personalized Wind Chime for recent widow

Losing a loved one is extremely difficult to cope with. For a mourning heart, words can often seem pallid and nerveless.

Giving this sympathy wind chimes as a gift is a beautiful way to show how much you care.

This present may be preferable to flowers. Flowers will fall into oblivion, but the wind chime with heart-touching sentiment words will be there to accompany her for a long time.

11. Personalized Sympathy Soy Candle

Personalized Sympathy Soy Candle

A new widow will feel broken-hearted, gloomy, and grief-stricken as the loss of a beloved is never easy to overcome.

If you’re looking for the ideal present or want to let her know you’re thinking and sympathizing with her, you can’t go wrong with these candles.

Your present will help her calm down every time she uses it. Also, she will feel the care and love you spend for her via the message, “Sending you a little hug to comfort you during this tough time. We are so sorry for your loss.”

12. Personalized Remembrance Decor Plaque

Personalized Remembrance Decor Plaque

The sudden loss of sight of the significant one can come as a shock to your friend.

Therefore, a decor plaque with a thoughtful quote, “God has you in his arms, we have you in our heart,” will gradually ease her sadness.

Although this present has little material value, it expresses a great deal of sympathy for the widow. It will also ensure that her spouse does not fade into oblivion.

13. Comfort Bowl

Comfort Bowl

With the etched pebbles, explanatory letter, and crystals, this Comfort Bowl is a one-of-a-kind sympathy present that the widow will treasure for months and years to come.

The bowls are chosen with thoughtful care to convey your message. Hopefully, the receiver could get peace and healing and overcome the grieving cycle!

14. Jar With Sympathy Messages

Jar with Sympathy Messages

It’s sometimes difficult to convey your condolences to the person who has suffered a loss.

A jar with sympathy messages is a meaningful way to offer encouragement and support by sharing your feelings.

Words have a great deal of influence. Sending a present that she can read repeatedly acts as a reminder that she is thinking of her deceased loved one.

15. Coffee Mug

Loss of Husband memorial mug

If your friend is a new widow, a mug with a heartwarming message will be a great choice.

In this way, you can honor the strong relationship between her and her cherished companion.

This present is a comforting reminder that he is still looking down from heaven.

16. Personalized Memorial Garden Stone

Personalized Memorial Garden Stone

You can help a widow ease the grief with all your effort by making her beloved existential. Give her this garden stone, and she will feel your deep care for her.

This stone creates a one-of-a-kind monument by sitting flat in her garden, flower bed, or sidewalk. Every time she looks at it, she will think about her departed husband.

Also, the message on this stone, “On angels wings, you were taken away, but in my heart, you will always stay,” can help her express her feelings and thoughts.

17. Custom Memorial Ring

Memorial Ring for new widows

This exquisite solid silver ring is an excellent way for a widow to keep her loved one close to her soul at all times.

The ring is inscribed with a particular date between her and her beloved, as well as a heart encircled by angel wings, representing her husband’s presence.

18. Custom Photo Lantern

Personalized Photo Lantern for widowed wife

You are well aware that a widow wishes to preserve her husband’s memories and always wants to keep them all.

That’s why this personalized photo lantern is always at the top of the list of grief presents.

This little present with a thoughtful message and the picture capturing the happy moment will make her treasured partner live for eternity.

19. Picture Frame

Personalized Picture Frame for widowed wife

Although death is irreversible, the memories of the widow and her beloved spouse live on.

As a result, it’s best to give her a customized picture frame of her companion so that his shadow remains present in her life at all times.

This is a one-of-a-kind memorial gift because it encapsulates the happiest moment of her life.

When seeing this heartwarming quote, “Til death do us part wasn’t long enough. Forever My Husband, Forever My Love” and her husband’s name, she will be touched.

20. Custom Planter

Personalized Condolence Planter

Sometimes, you will find it difficult to express your feelings, care, or sympathy towards your loved one. Then give them a small gift that means more than a thousand words.

Cactus is a symbol of courage and resilience, which is very suitable to be a gift for grieving. Also, you can add your message on the pots to show your deep care for that person.

21. Wood Piggy Bank

Pennies from Heaven Wood Piggy Bank for a grieving widow

This pennies from heaven wood piggy bank is lovely and evoked many feelings in her.

When she discovers a penny from heaven, she will be delighted and appreciative.

This is the ideal way for her to keep track of those priceless gifts from her passed-away husband.

22. Personalized Care Package

Personalized sympathy care package for new widows

Are you looking for gifts for a widow whose lover just went to heaven? You can consider sending her a sympathy gift box. It’s perfect rather than sending her flowers.

She opened your present after a stressful day of handling funeral arrangements and was immediately calmed by the soothing aroma of lemon verbena.

23. Crystal Heart

Husband Condolence glass heart for widowed wife

How do you support a person you care about who has lost a loved one? Anxiety is typical during life-changing moments, and finding the appropriate words can be difficult.

This touching souvenir is dedicated to offering comfort to a grieving friend while honoring her cherished partner.

With this exquisite memento gift set, you may provide a meaningful healing experience in periods of sorrow.

24. Christmas Ornament

Christmas Ornament gift for widowed woman

Christmas is coming, but your loved one has just lost a companion. This Christmas, she will indeed feel lonely and empty.

It’s the best idea to give her a Christmas ornament with the quote “Husband, forever in my heart” to remind her about her spouse.

What the heart remembers the most is what it has loved the most. May her memories bring her comfort and peace.

What Can You Do to Help a Recent Widow?

It’s always tricky to help a person with overwhelming grief. If you’re not sure how to support a newly widowed relative, these are some of the most helpful suggestions.

1. Help Her Do Household Chores

It’s common for someone in sorrow to have difficulty with even the most basic chores. Cleaning her house or mowing her garden will help your relative or friend.

Otherwise, if these tasks are out of your ability, you can hire a mechanic to go in and repair everything that was previously on her to-do list.

2. Send Her A Card

We are helpless in the face of death, and all we say seems pathetically inadequate. So, send a card to your buddy if you don’t know how to express your thoughts in person.

Following her husband’s death, every card a widow receives is a source of solace. They remind her that others care about her and have never really overlooked her.

3. Send Her A Care Package

After their husband passes away, most women can become overwhelmed and not pay much attention to self-care.

Sweet care gifts sent at odd times during the year are a terrific way to make a family member or friend feel special and appreciated.

To help her calm and relax, put self-care goods like lotions, bath salts, and face masks in your present. Along with gifting her favorite foods or drinks, you might include diaries or tiny inspiring literature.

Most importantly, send these presents at random intervals to give her the impression that everybody cares about her.

4. Talk About Her Spouse

Never make your relative’s dead husband a taboo issue, either. Too many individuals appear to wish to bury all references to the departed.

This is because others are afraid of hurting a widow or are unsure if she begins to cry.

It’s much worse to believe everybody has forgotten about her men and has started their new lives.

Don’t be scared when mentioning his name or describing things he would enjoy or pleasant recollections you have ever had of him.

If your acquaintance begins to cry, honestly say that “I’m sorry” and tell her that you miss her spouse as well. Don’t feel obligated to fill the area with anything else.

5. Make An Offer To Accompany Her Children On An Outing

If you have a friend who has children, find a way to take kids out for a day. It provided an excellent distraction for her children while also giving her that much private time at home.

Don’t make your invitation a compulsion. She may be reluctant to accept help if she feels she is a burden to others.

Instead of asking directly, make an indirect invitation. It will make her comfortable leaving the kids with you, and you won’t get into awkward situations either.

6. Invite Her Out for A Day

The experience of being a widow might be isolating. When people are stumped for words, they often say nothing either. Try to engage your friend in gatherings as you have before, rather than ignoring her.

Keep asking, even if she may decline several times; later, she might appreciate that you have never really forgotten her. She will indeed say yes once she is well ready.

What to Write In A Sympathy Card to A Widow?

You can share your condolences in a variety of ways, but nothing compares to the comfort of a personalized sympathy card after a time of extreme sadness.

What to write in a sympathy card to a widow? Below are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Use the First Person
  • Express messages your way
  • Accept death’s existence
  • Include the name and role of the deceased
  • Share your reflection or appreciation
  • Add in a picture

Is Money An Appropriate Sympathy Gift?

Sending a sympathy gift to colleagues, friends, neighbors, customers, and others is a traditional and polite way of expressing compassion.

Traditional things include baked foods and pastries like assorted chocolates, fruit, nuts, or dried fruit, depending on the individual’s customs and traditions.

Some people assume it’s not appropriate to give money as a condolence gift, but the reality proves the opposite side.

That’s because, besides funeral expenses, the widow needs money to pay for many things. It is more meaningful when she is raising children alone.

However, always remember that be respectful and discreet if you decide to offer money.

Is It Appropriate To Send A Gift Card With A Sympathy Card?

It is very dependent on her culture’s and family’s customs. In general, it’s ok to send a gift card with a sympathy card as long as you know how to prepare this present.

One helpful tip is putting the gift card along with your hand-written letter inside the envelope.

It will make the recipient feel more appreciated and understood and help you avoid embarrassing situations.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully, with this list of the most meaningful and heartwarming gifts for newly widowed moms or for grieving widows, you’ll find one that’s just right for you.

It’s fantastic because you’re so thoughtful and respectful of individuals who have suffered from the loss of their loved ones!

The truth is that whatever you give them, they always appreciate and cherish forever as it’s your love and care for them!

Thank you for reading!

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