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29 Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Mom To Be (Not Baby)

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You are on your way to congratulate your best friend on the impending birth of her child. While shopping for onesies, diapers, bottles, baby outfits, and other baby supplies, it is best to think of meaningful and unique baby shower gifts for mom-to-be but not for the upcoming baby.

Of course, you would like to assist an expectant mother in preparing for her newborn. A new mother is distracted with ideas of preparing for her child and envisioning how her life will change once she becomes a mother.

When it comes to preparing for the arrival of that tiny bundle of happiness, the support of family members and friends is invaluable. Yet, a soon-to-be mother isn’t always expecting to be swamped with presents for herself.

The mom-to-be deserves to be treated with baby shower gifts that will assist her in becoming the most fabulous new mother to her precious new newborn!

If you’ve found out recently that your relative or friend is expecting her first child, this article will give you some suggestions for lovely gifts to give her.

Let’s read on together!

Cool and Funny Gifts for Mom at Baby Shower

New mothers must be worried about what is going to happen. They might feel less stressed if they receive the following funny and exciting gifts.

1. Candle

First-time mothers may feel unfamiliar with the smell of a baby. Even some might feel quite uncomfortable with this strange smell.

Moreover, it’s a complex undertaking to become a new mom. Mothers will be caring for, thinking about, and worrying about their baby all day. As a result, they may need something to stay relaxed.

A cute fragrant candle will help them remove unpleasant smells and infuse their home with a scent they adore.

In terms of interior decor, the candle is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. Perfumes, designs, sizes, colors are all available in various models.

2. Funny Greeting Card

You often use cards to express your message or love words to anyone on any special occasion. Even if you’ve found the perfect gift, adding a greeting card inside the gift box is never too much.

You can design the card yourself and personalize it to meet all your requirements. If you don’t have much time to customize, don’t worry, as there are thousands of cards for mom to be available.

With the funny message on the outside, “Sorry, you can’t drink or fit into pants. Also, here’s a present that’s not for you”, she will laugh the moment she receives the gift box.

You can also send meaningful and heartwarming messages on the inside of this card. And then she will burst into tears because she’s been touched!

3. Socks

Socks provide warmth to the receiver in both a symbolic and natural sense, making them perfect gifts for expectant mothers.

Moms may not consider getting themselves a pair of these adorable socks. Your gift can assist reduce some of the pregnant swellings by encouraging circulation.

Of course, these socks are good quality, way better than the hospital socks due to their non-slip properties.

This gift can keep expectant moms’ feet nice warm and give the doctors something fun to look at them thanks to the funny phrase, “If you can read this, the baby is on the way.”

4. Slippers

Keeping mothers healthy is essential not only during pregnancy but also after pregnancy. A pair of soft slippers will put her feet at ease.

These pairs of slippers include sumptuous and bouncy cushions and elastic uppers that fit every foot form and help alleviate a variety of foot diseases.

You should check the size of the items first to make sure they are perfectly fit with the new mother.

5. Sweatshirt

The sweatshirt is one of the best gifts since they are universally practical. You could also quickly send thoughtful messages to the soon-to-be mother using the slogan.

You should check the size before ordering to ensure it is best suited for that mom. Colors are also available in various shades to complement different skin tones and individual interests.

It would be among the most favorite items in her wardrobe. It is suitable for daily wear in cool weather, which comforts the pregnant mother, even when she is in the last month of pregnancy.

6. Mug

Besides the above recommendations, a mug will be a great option. That’s because the mom might drink more water, coffee, or tea in her motherhood.

You can choose the design or customize the quote you want, like “the one where meg becomes a mom.”

The important thing is to state who she will be and her name on the mug. She’ll be aware of her responsibilities as a new mother and proud of her accomplishments.

Apart from using this mug for drinking, she can use your gift to decorate her living space.

7. Wine Glass

Without a doubt, the pregnant mother is looking forward to the day when she will have another glass of wine to celebrate the arrival of her baby.

This gift would be much more meaningful, like a keepsake to remind the day when her little angel comes to this world thanks to the quote, “I’ve waited 9 months for this.”

With this very adorable mom wine glass, she can toast her first drink. She will love you more if you bring along some of her favorite wine with this present.

8. Coaster

If the expectant mother is a tea lover or coffee lover, it is a good idea to give her a cute coaster besides a mug. Your present will be extremely helpful to save any sweating cup such as cold water or cold brew on the table.

When she opens the box, she will be impressed by lovely and funny illustrations of baby instructions. She might be love this present at first sight!

9. Sleep Mask

Taking care of a child is a difficult task for a new mother. She may have to stay up all night to take care of the baby and not get a good night’s sleep.

For this reason, a sleep mask will soothe her sleep and improve her sleep quality. Let her take a break and relax after long hours of taking care of her little angel.

This present is even more meaningful and heartwarming because of the message “Mama needs her beauty sleep.”

If you want something fun and exciting, you can easily customize it into a unique quote like “If you love me, let me sleep.”

10. Door Sign

This adorable and amusing wooden announcement door sign is a thoughtful and practical baby shower gift for the expectant mom.

She can use it as an announcement board when her child is sleeping in the room or as a decoration for a monotonous door.

11. Belly Casting Kit

Does the expectant mother want to keep moments when she is pregnant?

In addition to capturing commemorative photos and videos, creating a keepsake to preserve this valuable journey is one of the most exciting and fun projects.

It’s time to give her a fun belly casting kit! She may create her belly mold as a keepsake and nursery decor for her newborn, either baby boy or girl.

You can do this DIY project with her to strengthen your bond. This kit is entirely safe for a mom and an unborn baby, so you can feel free to help her decorate this keepsake.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts for Mom to Be

If you are searching for baby shower gifts for the mom who has everything, here are the top picks to consider:

1. Spa Gift Box

Taking care of skin during and post-pregnancy is vital for an expectant mother. Pregnancy can leave her dry skin, chapped lips, and stretch marks.

However, she will not have time to spend all day in the spa for skin care. That’s why giving her a spa gift box is a great idea. She can take care of her skin at home on her own.

The presents come up with almost essential like facial steam, lip balm, rose soap, candle, or bath soak. All of them are 100% safe for expectant mothers.

2. Necklace

Women can’t say no or neglect jewelry without a doubt. Thus, a first mom will never refuse your necklace as a present.

Do you wish to present a sensitive and meaningful present to the expecting mother? Then the “mum-to-be” necklace with the sign of baby feet is ideal.

This lovely little present for the pregnant mother will help her recall such a particular time in her life. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to send her a gift she’ll remember forever.

3. Bracelet

Apart from the necklace, a customized bracelet will be the best gift for mothers who are really into jewels.

This bracelet is not similar to any others as you can design the name of the future mom and her baby name.

4. Bag

A new mother may not know how important a bag is until you give her this present.

Traditional baby bags are big and hefty, but newborns have excessive belongings. So, carrying that item solely on a single shoulder isn’t practical with a baby in tow.

A bag is much easier to handle and transport. That’s because it’s also highly well-organized, with all of the sections that moms require.

5. Towel

It is a perfect surprise for expectant mothers that is entertaining and practical while still taking up little room!

It is a simple and adorable pattern that will serve as an excellent go-to as the infant develops. This towel displays your unique hand-drawn and digitally colored vegetable and fruit infant size chart.

To make sure that your towels are practical as possible, the baby should ideally be a similar fruit or vegetable when you order.

6. Countdown Plaque

The birth of an angel is very desirable and worthwhile and deserves to be turned into a commemorative plaque. The countdown plaque “Baby Arrival Countdown Plaque” honors the mother-child link.

This incredible plaque is a lovely addition to any house or other place. It’s a unique baby shower gift for a mother that she will treasure forever.

7. Affirmation Magnet

It is both beautiful and challenging to be a mother. Mothers need to be reminded that they are doing an excellent job from time to time.

The “Affirmation Magnet” acts as positive self-talk and compassion on the remarkable journey of parenthood, making it a meaningful and uplifting present for a mother you care about.

8. Sign

If she is a home decor addict, this sign would be a perfect present. She can decorate your gift anywhere in her house.

It serves as a certificate to certify the new role of the mother. She must be delighted when talking with her colleagues about this unique sign.

9. Heartbeat Canvas

It is a one-of-a-kind sound wave painting with a photo! It includes personal remarks or poignant audio, as well as a memorable snapshot moment!

It means that the mother can hear her unborn baby heartbeat whenever she likes. This canvas also functions as a baby room decor that brings an artistic look to the living space.

10. Keychain

It must be the cutest baby ultrasound keychain ever! This customized keychain for a mother-to-be is the perfect way to commemorate the birth of her expectant child.

The most excellent keepsake present you might provide to a future mom for any special occasion, including her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or an anniversary.

11. Journal

The journal is ideal for mothers who wish to jot down and keep track of those special events and memories that they want to remember in all their lives.

Raising a child should not be a straightforward thing. On the other hand, children are frequently unaware of this until their parents tell them.

What a unique keepsake for mom to pass down to the child as they grow older. It’s like a never-ending present.

New Mom Survival Kit Baby Shower Gift Ideas

What about practical mothers? What will be the best baby shower gift for them? Below are some of the most popular suggestions for you to refer to:

1. Book

Is the mother-to-be concerned about the newborn she’ll give birth to? Giving her a maternity or parenting book is the best gift you can offer her.

It can clear up her uncertainties, either big or small, and provide solutions to some of her most urgent problems.

Choose a book authored by reputable professionals, such as “What to Expect,” to ensure safe childbirth and a healthy baby.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

Many women find sleeping difficult during pregnancy, particularly in the third trimester. That’s why many people prefer to give the expectant mother a comfortable pregnant pillow at the bridal shower.

A high-quality, soft pregnant pillow from a trustworthy manufacturer will soothe her ailing body, assist her tired muscles, and allow her to get some relaxation.

3. Nursing Dress

The cost of maternity clothing is high. It isn’t easy to purchase a suitable nursing dress. So, giving a nursing dress might be a meaningful and practical idea.

This nursing dress is a trendy choice for everyday life, parties, dating, the beach, and other outdoor events. It’s perfect for any season like spring, summer, or autumn.

Who claims maternity clothes have to be formless or sac-like, with no emphasis on the mother’s personality?

There are many stylish garments accessible both at maternity wear stores and online stores that may assist you in finding the perfect gowns for her. As a result, she’ll be able to show her pregnant belly in her style.

4. Stretch Mark Cream

Any expectant mother will appreciate maternity survival kits in general and stretch marks cream in particular. Giving her this item demonstrates your concern for her well-being and health.

Furthermore, it is preferable to confirm with her ahead of time to determine the particular type of stretch marks cream she requires so that you may acquire the correct goods.

5. Tea Set

Tea sets are ideal baby shower gifts for the expectant mom, whether she is a tea drinker or not.

Mom can use these teas before and during pregnancy for calming, settling nerves, refreshing, and even assisting with postpartum milk production.

Always consult a professional before giving this item to ensure that it is entirely safe for the mother and her child!

6. Massager Chair Pad

It might be exhausting to take care of a newborn all day. The mother is responsible for changing diapers, cradling the children to sleep, taking them outside to breathe clean air, and feeding them.

A massage session will be a fantastic thing for the mother after a busy day of looking after a baby.

This massager chair pad would make a wonderful present for a future mother.

It provides pain relief by massaging her legs, calves, and ankles. It also aids in the circulation of blood in these locations.

7. Breastfeeding Course

The first mother may lack knowledge and experience in breastfeeding her first newborn. Therefore, it would be fantastic to give her a course related to this field.

She will be aware of common mistakes that other mothers often make when accessing this course. From that, she understands and follows the proper method for breastfeeding.

This course has everything she needs, so she will not be scared of breastfeeding after completing it.

8. Gift Cards

Giving her a gift card is also a great idea. For instance, you can consider offering her a restaurant, massage, hairstylist, or cleaning service gift card.

In A Nutshell

That’s all about the best baby shower gifts for mom-to-be you should jot down in your list. These recommendations are diverse, ranging from funny to useful gifts. Even if the mom has everything, you’ll be able to find something she likes with the ideas above.

Consider and choose one or some of the above gift ideas. The truth is that no matter what you give her, she will surely appreciate and cherish all her life.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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