How to Announce Baby Registry without Baby Shower

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According to many parents, the best time to submit a baby registry is before their kid’s birth. If you don’t want to have a baby shower or, for some reason – say COVID happens – but still want gifts, here are cute ways to announce your baby registry list.

We’ll also share with you how to seek the help of family and friends to get everything you’ll need for your newborn in this post.

Is It Rude to Announce a Registry Without a Baby Shower?

Sharing a baby registry without a shower is not disrespectful, especially during the COVID pandemic. It may also be because you are having financial difficulties or friends and relatives who are far away cannot attend. Whatever the reason, sharing your baby registry won’t become tacky if you do it cleverly and honestly. Any newborn baby needs a lot of essentials, and everyone understands that, right? You may feel assured that your beloved ones want to help you.

Cute Ways to Share Your Baby Registry Without a Shower

Asking for baby gifts without a shower will not be a problem with the ways below. Let’s make your family and friends enthusiastic, involved, and eager to welcome your new child!

1. Virtual Baby Shower

Virtual reality has transformed the way most individuals function in today’s society. It is no exception when it comes to planning a shower.

If you enjoy arranging parties but lack the time, money, or resources to do so, you may host a virtual event. It is excellent for moms-to-be who live far away from their network of friends and relatives.

Invite your family and friends to a Zoom or FaceTime call with you. You may talk, listen to music, and even participate in virtual party games.

You may also use a website to link to your registry link in a discreet and guilt-free manner. In addition to your baby registry list, your guests will like viewing your pregnancy updates, gender reveals, ultrasound images, and shower games.

The advantage of a virtual meeting is that no one needs to leave their home. It’s beneficial if you have relatives that live far away. It’s also ideal for putting up a COVID-19-related event.

You may be sure that you’re protecting everyone’s health and safety needs to the most significant degree possible, and do not break any limitations.

Lastly, you can keep costs to a minimum because there are no food needs or expensive location rental expenses.

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2. Send a Small Gift

Anyone who appreciates arts and crafts would understand the following suggestion. You can prepare small personalized gifts for family and friends, such as a snow globe, a tote bag, or a cup.

You may then pin a handwritten note to them, perhaps pleading for their aid, discussing your pregnancy with them, and asking for their assistance.

3. Cash Is Better Than A Gift

When you give a virtual shower, it’s a lot easier to ask for money. You may add your request in your virtual shower invitation since it will blend in with the excitement and pleasure.

You can begin with these words: “We appreciate your joining us in welcoming our smallest member! If you’re looking for a present for your child, a donation to a fund may be ideal.” Furthermore, your family may be interested in how you intend to use the funds.

4. Make a Donation Button for Your Website

Thanks to modern technology, almost anybody can establish an essential website and use it creatively.

By announcing their pregnancy on a website, parents are opting to share their pregnancy journey from beginning to conclusion.

It is an excellent and enjoyable way to involve your friends, family, and even the workplace in your pregnancy.

Another benefit of creating a pregnancy journey website is the possibility of incorporating a donation button in a non-intrusive manner.

Anyone who wants to donate money to clothing, feeding equipment, or a nursery may do so. You may make a contribution button more personal by describing what you will use the money for when you input it.

5. Sip-And-See Event

A sip-and-see event is a unique way to celebrate your child’s arrival. It is an excellent alternative for parents who have a few close friends and relatives and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a big party.

A few weeks after your child is born, you merely need to invite your family and friends. Explain that there will be a small gathering with snacks and refreshments in the invitation. If they haven’t already sent you a gift, your guests will almost surely bring one to the celebration.

6. Gather Your Family and Friends for a Simple Dinner

Hosting a little dinner with only your closest family and friends is a beautiful way to commemorate your kid’s approaching arrival without having to spend a fortune on a lavish shower.

The advantage of this style of get-together is that you can keep it casual while still inviting your closest family and friends to share your happiness.

A modest meal might be a backyard barbecue or a small quiet restaurant. There’s no need to worry about party themes or providing an abundance of food and beverages. It’s critical to keep things easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

7. Organize an Open House

An open house is a flexible option that allows your potential guests to view your home at a given time and on a certain day.

Invite friends over for a casual visit on a Saturday between 12 and 5 p.m. to catch up, share stories, and have refreshments or dessert.

Consider this option when determining to announce the registry without a shower if no one can host a party and you want to get a friendly, modest, and in-person event.

8. Have a Sprinkle

A sprinkle is a less formal and smaller event. With this, you may have a low-key get-together for a small group that brings your beloved ones together without the stress of a formal storm.

You may combine a modest in-person meeting with a virtual equivalent for folks who want to participate but cannot attend events due to COVID.

9. Create and Share an Amazon Wish List

One of the simplest methods for your baby registry announcement is to create an Amazon Baby Registry. It is a shopping list that you may share with your family and friends over the internet.

The list includes all of your chosen gift suggestions, making it simple for everyone to get exactly what you want. Once they have purchased a present, they will remove it from the list.

It’s possible to share your Amazon Wish List on Facebook without making your baby registry irritating. When you announce your list, no one will feel compelled to ask you or your mother whether you have a registry.


When announcing a baby registry, even if you don’t have a shower, it’s crucial to be discreet, use online platforms, and use the perfect language.

You may rest assured that your family and friends will know what to give your kid without feeling obligated or unhappy in this manner.

You don’t need a shower to enlist the help of your family and friends. If they are capable, they can always give you things when the occasion arises. After all, raising a single child takes a community.

Finally, keep in mind that your love and excitement for your child will come through. Your relatives and friends will empathize with your desire to care for your child.

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