Do Men Go to Baby Showers? (Tradition and Etiquette)

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If you’re hosting a baby shower, you might be thinking, “Do men go to baby showers?”

Baby showers used to be celebrations reserved solely for mothers and the ladies in their life. Most guys didn’t seem to mind since they didn’t want to hear about birthing and postpartum care.

In recent years, pregnancy and child care attitudes have shifted to include more dads. The concept of celebrating baby showers is more likely to appeal to men. So, if you want guys to attend the baby shower, invite them. 

Who Normally Attends a Baby Shower?

Women at a baby shower

Traditionally, only women can come to this event since baby showers consist of gift-giving, games, and feminine chats to prepare for the arrival of a baby.

Because this is a celebration for the expecting mother, the guest list is usually made up of her closest friends and family members. To that aim, the host(s) should ask the expecting mother for a guest list of people she wants to invite.

The host of this party may be a friend or distant relative rather than a close family member. It prevents the idea that the family was solely on a gift-gathering trip.

Do Guys Go to Baby Showers?

A man at a baby shower

This part will help you comprehend why baby showers are female-only parties. In addition, there were some reasons why males were not permitted to attend baby showers, whether they were friends, family, or the child’s father.


The reason that baby showers are only for women is due to tradition. Baby showers were solely for ladies in the early 1900s and only for women close to the pregnant mother. As a result, many people continue to do things the way they’re meant to do during baby showers.

Things are progressively changing as more people hold co-ed baby showers. But some ladies still prefer to have their baby showers attended by just women. You’ll need to consider this to ensure that everyone is at ease and content.

The Gifts That Are Sorely Needed

A kid entails a great deal of equipment and clothing. That is why you should hold baby showers so that people can give the baby everything they require.

It is the primary reason for female-only baby showers. Other women and experienced moms will know precisely what the expectant mother requires, such as a sippy cup or a bottle. Men usually don’t care about this.

It’s for The Expectant Mother

A lady goes through many changes while she is expecting a child. She may have believed she had anticipated these developments. However, she may be feeling overwhelmed, especially if this is her first kid.

Being in the company of other ladies will help her feel more comfortable and at ease. She requires it from other women more than a man who does not entirely comprehend her situation.

It’s Not Just for Children

A baby shower isn’t only for the baby. This gathering is also to commemorate her impending motherhood. The baby shower may provide a woman with the attention she believes she requires throughout her pregnancy.


When inviting women to baby showers, the expecting mother has the opportunity to speak with other moms. It is to ensure that she is as prepared as possible.

Talking things over with all of her female family members and friends might help her feel more secure that she has what she needs for the baby and is mentally prepared. Having a baby may be a frightening experience; therefore, chatting to other women might help them relax by knowing what others have gone through.

She may be shy to approach other women for help in front of you, which is why she may request a female-only baby shower. The presence of the men may encumber that stress-relieving effort in the shuffle, which is terrible because there’s nothing they can meaningfully offer to the debate.

Do Husbands or Fathers Attend Baby Showers?

Baby showers are no longer considered exclusively female celebrations in 2022. You have the freedom to invite or not invite anybody you wish.

Many fathers now take a more active part in their children’s lives than in the past, so why shouldn’t we celebrate them at baby showers as well?

Some guys have even organized their parties to commemorate the birth of their children. We call these male-focused baby showers “diaper parties” or “dadchelor parties.”

Fathers unavoidably attend baby showers. More fathers want in on the big day, which has spurred the growth in popularity of co-ed showers.

Many couples utilize their baby showers to bring their families and communities together. A baby shower is an event for the mother for the father.

Can You Have Men At A Baby Shower?

Men are welcome at baby showers, mainly if the father is present. It’s unusual for a mother to have a co-ed baby shower, dadchelor party, or manshower without inviting any of the father’s male friends and family members.

Co-Ed Baby Shower

Including males on the guestlist—friends are becoming more popular. However, introducing guys to the gathering alters the atmosphere.

Some believe that the father should participate as the first step toward active participation in the child’s upbringing. As a result, the father is more likely to invite his friends, resulting in a co-ed setting.

Others believe that a co-ed baby shower is merely a means for them to invite more friends and relatives without excluding anybody.

Consider the dad-to-person personality; some may like joining every part of the pregnancy, while others may be apprehensive about being a guest of honor at a baby shower.

Inquire about the mother-to-preferences on the subject. Even in an all-girls party, the expectant father frequently shows up after the shower to thank everyone for their presents.

Dadchelor Party or Manshower

A dadchelor Party, also known as a ManShower or a Baby Stag, is a party that is similar to a baby shower, except it honors the father-to-be instead of the mother-to-be.

It’s a gathering of male friends arranged for a guy just before becoming a parent to commemorate his “final days before fatherhood” or spend time with them.

The event is often hosted before or during the third trimester of pregnancy. It is one of the newly developing trends for fathers in the twenty-first century.

Things to Do in The Party With a Guy

Baby shower game for men

What are the men doing now that they’ve arrived? They can’t exactly join in on the regular discussions about pregnancy, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and all the other great things our moms go through.

Let’s see what he can do and what you can do!

Diaper Party

If you want to take things a step further, you may always have a diaper party for the father-to-be at the same time as your baby shower.

A diaper party is an excuse for men to get together for the baby with their favorite food and plenty of alcohol.


You may always include the soon-to-be father in the food preparations if he’s nearby. Consider throwing a backyard barbecue and letting him handle the grill as usual. As a result, he has a more significant role in the shower.


If the soon-to-be father is also there, consider giving him a gift to assist him out as well. There are baby carriers, and even diaper bags created just for guys, which he will undoubtedly enjoy.

Delivery Talk

While men may not relate to how it felt during labor and delivery, some dads were present throughout the process. Perhaps the soon-to-be father is worried about supporting their wife or partner.

Have a conversation with the father about their future role to take some pressure off their shoulders.


You may ultimately get male baby shower visitors to participate by building activities that men are more at ease with. Stroller races, for example, may provide a competitive physical aspect that everyone will enjoy. Partygoers race around an obstacle course while pushing a stroller in this game.

Final Thoughts

When asked: “Do men go to baby showers?” not everyone agrees on whether or not males should attend a baby shower. If you choose, you may still have a typical female-centered baby shower.

Nowadays, men may want to attend baby showers since they are more active in parenting their children than previous generations.

It would help if you made the guys who show up feel included by taking their interests into account while preparing the party. Even if you choose a feminine theme, make sure your male visitors have enough food and entertaining games to do!

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Thank you for paying attention!

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