What to Wear at Your Baby Shower? (12 Beautiful Outfit Ideas)

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A baby shower has to be one of the most paramount events in a woman’s life, which celebrates the impending birth of a new baby.

To prepare for this party, you might end up going in and out of your dressing room wondering what to wear to your baby shower.

Baby showers usually have a less formal dress code than weddings, so there are even more ranges of fun, casual outfits to pick from.

We’ve shown up with the twelve most affordable, timeless, and engrossing dressing ideas that help you party in style.

Thanks to this amazing guide, you can save more time and energy setting up the baby shower and enjoying the happiness of a future mommy. Take a look!

What Should You Wear to Your Baby Shower?

First, you can narrow down the numerous options by considering factors, like time of year, tone, theme, or whether the event occurs outdoors or indoors.

1. Time of Year

While winter is more fitted, summer applies to bright colors, prints, and florals.

Transitional seasons like fall will probably make it trickier to come up with a perfect outfit. Elegant or less colorful attire is a wise choice for this event.

Spring will be the most straightforward season to draw out a plan for a mom-to-be party. Cheerful colors and floral dresses will bring you shine.

2. Baby Shower Theme

A fixed theme for the party and a color scheme for outfits of the host and guests play a vital role in boosting the atmosphere.

The goal is to save the most beautiful, cutest pictures afterward, isn’t it? Because the dress code can vary broadly, it’s wise to consider the formality level when deciding.

The combo of blouse and skirt or a gorgeous item is a can’t-be-wrong bet for a fancy venue. If you’re fond of pants, go for heels and dress pants instead of leggings or jeans.

For a more casual affair (for example, a park or someone’s home), jeans are acceptable with a blazer or dressy top.

3. Tone

If you already know your baby’s gender, it will be exciting to add a touch of blue (if he’s a boy) or pink (if she’s a girl) to your attire’s tone.

If you’re not interested in something too attention-seeking, you can put on timeless accessories and clothes with floral prints.

4. Shoes

Comfortable footwear is a must! We suggest picking a cute, flat pair of comfortable, supportive footwear, like slip-on sneakers or ballerina flats.

If you’re a high heels lover and enjoy wearing them throughout pregnancy, slide sandals, ankle boots, or Mary Janes are our recommendations.

These closed-toe pairs of footwear can somehow minimize foot fatigue.

Baby Shower Outfit Ideas for Mom To Be

Now is the time to walk through 12 fantastic outlook ideas for a mom-to-be, from the unique vibe on a boho item to the prominent jumpsuit of your dream.

1. Maternity Chiffon Dresses

Chiffon is comfortable, breathable fabric

A handmade chiffon item with a closed or open front is a go-to choice if you’re seeking something comfortable yet not too casual.

There are numerous maternity chiffon dresses with lovely patterns and designs to look at, which are extremely comfortable and can please the eye, too.

Our recommendation is to choose pastel colors without lining, particularly if you’re into minimalism. Chiffon is typically breathable, making it suitable for photoshoots and the summertime.

2. Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress will put your gorgeous, feminine aspect into the spotlight. Maternity products usually have breathable fabrics, applying to cooler seasons.

We promise you’ll look great in a maxi design with an off-shoulder or strapless neckline. Any color or print will yield an adorable, elegant touch.

3. Boho Dresses

A boho-style outlook applies best to a countryside-themed event

Boho style is always our favorite style regarding dresses because of their casual yet ultra-feminine vibes.

Notably, the most common tone of boho attire is brown and white, which can further compliment your beautiful outlook. Why not think about holding a boho-themed baby shower?

4. Wrap Mini Dresses

Don’t be shy with your thick legs since they’re carrying an impending little soul. And don’t feel embarrassed to wear a mini dress as you’ll look engrossing no matter how.

You can either dress down or up a lovely wrap mini dress. That’s why it can make this task a breeze, particularly if you don’t know whether to go for flats or heels.

5. Bridesmaid Wedding Dresses

Why not go for the Bridesmaid dress code with your besties?

A bridesmaid and monsoon dress will surprisingly work if you plan it well.  We suggest picking transparent, pastel-colored one and three-quarter sleeves.

6. Turtleneck Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are a perfect deal for events in the wintertime since you can be warm and stunning at the same time.

Designs with turtlenecks will make you appear huggable and cute on freezing days. Choose those featuring rounded hemlines, banded cuffs, and long dropped sleeves.

7. Midi Dresses

Styling casually is no longer a tough task with a midi, flowy item. You can put on any favorite bag combo or shoe and shine with simply minimal patterns and basic colors.

8. T-Shirt

A casual yet elegant T-shirt will conjure up a younger look for you

If it’s going to be hot and sunny, a striped T-shirt dress comes in handy. Why not go for the combo of white and red stripes or white and navy blue? These amazing color schemes shine brighter if you accentuate them with a stylish belt.

9. Fitted Dress and Floral Skirt

Spring and fall events call for floral-printed costumes. Put on a floral skirt for extra cuteness and style and mix it with a fitted item.

The skirt’s A-line flow and dress’s fitting waist can effectively conjure up a stunning, chic look.

10. Leopard Print Dresses

The prominent pattern will tell who this party’s focus is

Leopard-printed attire is always alluring and charming, immediately throwing the owner into the spotlight. The best idea is to choose designs with a deep V-neck, long sleeves, and elasticated cuffs for perfect pictures afterward.

11. Maternity Jumpsuit

Is your party going to take place after working hours in the monsoon? Grab a maternity jumpsuit right away.

Here’s how you’ll wow all the guests: wear a stylish, classic belt, checkered off-shoulder or strapless top, and cropped-length trousers.

12. Utility Pants

Utility casual pants are our suggestion if you intend to create a picnic- or natural-style theme for your party. Combine a minimal top with an adorable pair of sandals and linen pants, and you’re ready to master the basic, casual look.


No mom-to-be doesn’t want to feel and look best in their baby showers while boasting the dazzling baby glow. You can easily be stuck with dozens of outfit ideas when attempting to figure out what to wear at your baby shower.

Though it’s good to be thoughtful, don’t forget about your peace of mind and that the party should be as fun, happy, and comfortable as possible!

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