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Free Printable Who Knows Daddy Best Baby Shower Game

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There’s nothing more precious than the birth of a baby in a parent’s life. Both the mom and father wait so much for the little one that they’re about to see in some time. For the soon-to-be-born baby, parents have one special day known as baby showers.

Suppose you have been to a baby shower before, had one previously, or are about to have one. In that case, you probably know that there are many activities and games that every attendee can join together for fun and relaxation. Baby showers are a wonderful time where all of your friends, extended relatives, family, and neighbors come to celebrate your soon-to-be-born baby.

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Who Knows Daddy Best Game

One such game is who knows daddy best. Basically, just like the counterpart “who knows mommy best.” This game is a very simple and straightforward game, just like its counterpart. If you know what to do in the mommy version, you know that it’s the same thing.

This icebreaker game is easy to play with friends and anyone who’s really close to you. It requires little effort to gather stuff for the play. Perfect for a wholesome baby shower. It’s a quiz game, and in the era of Buzz feed quizzes, everyone loves a good lil quiz game, and it’s a plus as it’ll be about someone you personally know.

What to Prepare

The game “who knows daddy best” is relatively very easy and doesn’t require much effort. You’ll only require some printed cards for the game and some pens or markers for your guests to use.

These cards will be given to each guest and the daddy-to-be, and also the mommy-to-be. In the printed cards, there will be several questions mentioned that will be related to the new dad.

Questions like “which movie is daddy’s favorite?” “What sport does daddy usually like to play?” “What type of dream car daddy always wanted to have?” “Does daddy like cats more or dogs?” …

How to Play

Just like in the mommy version. The guests will have several questions mentioned in the cards. These same questions will be the same on daddy’s card and the guests’ too. Whoever answers the most questions correctly or that are closest to daddy’s answers will win.

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