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Free Printable Baby Shower Word Scramble With Answers

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Baby showers are very important to parents. They want it to be one of their most memorable and fun experiences. Parents want the experience to be fun for their guests as well.

If you’ve been to a baby shower before or have had one or thinking of having one, then you probably know how much it is important to join all types of fun activities. Among them, games are easy to play and require little effort to prepare. Most baby shower games are word or guessing-related because these types of games don’t require much effort, and anyone can play them.

Scroll down to see the links to download free printables. In addition, we will continue to update new designs in the future, so bookmark this post to download when needed.

Baby Shower Word Scramble

Just like baby word search games where you search from a list of letters in a box. Baby shower word scramble has several twisted and scrambled words where the guests will have to sort them out to form a complete pronounceable word.

These games are very simple as everyone in their lives has always played a game like this already. These games are a quick little time pass for the guests while either the daddy to be or a mommy to be is busy sorting out presents and preparing food for the dinner table. The unique thing about these baby shower scramble games is that these will only have baby or pregnancy-related words in them.

Blue Bear Baby Word Scramble Game
Blue Bear Baby Word Scramble
Green Woodland Word Scramble
Green Woodland Word Scramble
Pink Princess Word Scramble
Pink Princess Word Scramble

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What to Prepare

Every guest will have one printed card with them and a pen or marker to answer. On one side of the cards, several piles of letters will be mashed together to form gibberish words. On the other side of the cards, there will be spaces for the guests to write their answers on.

You’ll have to set a timer. The guests will then have to guess all the words at this given time. There’s not many things to prepare for this game, and that’s what makes it the most fun. The timer is not important, but it keeps the game more engaging, quick, and fun as your guests will try their best to figure out most words in the given time.

How to Play

  • Give the printed baby word scramble card and something to write answers with to each of the guests.
  • Set a timer of however you want. It could be three minutes or six minutes. The less the time is, the more quick and engaging the game will be, but it shouldn’t be too short, or the game could be too hard to play.
  • To win the game, the guest will have to unscramble as many words as possible in the provided time. The guest who unscrambled all the words first can also be a possible winner.
  • To figure out who the winner is in a much easier way, ask how many words each guest has unscrambled. For example, first ask who has gotten 5, and then go for 10.
  • The winner will get a prize.

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