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Free Printable Baby Shower Word Search Game (with Answers)

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Games and other activities are what make a baby shower great and fun. Many simple baby shower games require little effort but are incredibly fun and give a great experience for the friends and family members that came for your soon-to-be-born baby. These games are usually quiz-related and about guesses. As a baby shower is a big thing to parents, they want it to be special and the best time for them and whoever came to celebrate their big day.

Scroll down to see the links to download free printables. In addition, we will continue to update new designs in the future, so bookmark this post to download when needed.
Bee Themed Baby Word Search
Bee Themed Baby Word Search
jungle safari baby shower word search small
Jungle Safari Baby Word Search
Blue Boy Baby Shower Word Search small
Blue Boy Baby Word Search
Pink Princess Girl Baby Shower Word Search
Pink Princess Baby Word Search

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Baby Word Search Game

Baby shower word search is just like any word search game. It’s one of the most popular baby shower games, and the reason is obvious. It’s simple, easy, and requires no effort for preparation. It’s like any other word search, but the one different thing is all the words will be related to baby, pregnancy, and love in general. To match the baby shower’s theme, basically.

It’s a fun, quick activity for the guests, so no one gets bored while the mom or dad-to-be is busy with the presents or the dinner arrangement. It’s also great for someone who just loves and spends their free time searching for words or someone who loves to play scrabble.

What to Prepare

The only thing you need to prepare are printed cards for each of your guests. These cards will have a list of words that will be baby and pregnancy-related. Just search them from the letters mentioned above it. It’ll be like any other word search game you’ve played. Give pens or markers to your guests so they have something to mark their words with. This is a pretty simple game, so someone rarely struggles to find words on it. It’s particularly easier for someone who has played games like word scramble a lot.

How to Play

If you’ve played word search games before, you’d probably have an idea to play it, same with your guests. Basically, there will be a set of letters on every guest’s card with several words each guest will have to find. The guest will simply have to correctly mark all the listed words on their card to win the game.
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