20+ Unique Baby Shower Ideas for Twins

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When you are pregnant with twins, that’s when the joy and happiness will double. Having a baby shower also becomes more difficult when you need an exciting idea to show that your family is about to welcome two little stars.

Depending on the gender of your babies or your preferences, there will always be some interesting suggestions. Check out cute baby shower ideas for twins in the article below!

Gender Neutral Twin Baby Shower Ideas

You can start with neutral decorating ideas for your twin baby shower.

These ideas are adorable and versatile, as you can incorporate them into any party. A few interesting styles that you should check out include:

1. Oh Babies!

“Oh babies” decoration idea

With this decoration style, you can thoroughly apply it to both genders of the baby.

The color tone and aesthetic of this style are a bit natural. With warm wood colors, luxurious copper colors, and bright leaves, the party atmosphere exudes elegance and classicism.

You can customize the dress code, but white or cream is the safest choice. This decorating idea is good for outdoor parties to enhance the natural look of the space.

2. Taco ‘Bout Twins

Taco ‘bout twins decoration idea

You can choose this twin baby shower theme for colorful party space and a festive atmosphere.

Colorful tacos, cactus, and wooden horses with rainbow stripes make the whole party shine and shine. Pair it with snacks like cookies and water.

You can especially reveal the baby’s gender with a simple two-tiered cake. It will make the party participants surprised and smile.

3. Thing 1 and Thing 2


Decoration theme

For those who love the movie Dr. Seuss, this would be the best party idea ever.

The decoration style of this theme has consistency when using the three primary colors of white – red – blue. You can vary with many different snacks at the party.

You can add a little energy to the party since “Thing 1 and Thing 2” also contain the connotation of naughty and mischievous twins in the film.

Funny games will be the factor that brings everyone together during the baby shower. You can refer to the video about the party organizing process.

4. Two Peas in A Pod

Decoration theme

Color theme

An old but gold idea, “two peas in a pod,” is one of the most popular party themes for twin baby showers. There is no more complete and meaningful sentence than this one.

When you invite your loved ones to the party, they will know what to expect when two little angels are born.

The main color of this style is fresh green, like the color of peas. You can treat it with various dishes such as cupcakes, M&M candies, or savory dishes.

This decorating idea is suitable for both indoor and outdoor parties. It has a very high degree of flexibility.

5. Little Pumpkin

Orange color theme


For twins who will be born in the fall, the idea of ​​​​”little pumpkins” will be highly suitable. It has a warm deep tone with a combination of brown, earthy orange, and light pink.

You can use these colors to specify the dress code for the participants. It will result in beautiful photos that you can post on Instagram and get rave reviews.

With this in mind, you should organize them outdoors. Autumn weather is also delightful to be outside for long without making you feel tired or uncomfortable.

6. Noah’s Ark

Blue decoration idea

If you are looking for a classic story of two, Noah’s Ark is the most popular choice. This theme is perfect for devout parents. You can customize them with a variety of cute animals.

Their concept will revolve around a wooden rescue boat and lots of animals. Make sure this animal comes in pairs to represent the twins in the tummy.

Twin Boy Baby Shower Themes

If you’re pregnant with boy twins, the ideas are a bit more specific. The traditional color for these baby showers is sky blue with matching embellishments.

The decorations for boys are also more substantial and more inclined towards games or popular movie series. Check out some ideas here.

1. Mario And Luigi

Snacks and cookies

Mario has been a classic game for many generations, and it is also a great inspiration for this baby shower for twin boys.

Mario and Luigi are brothers, and they have significant interactions in the game’s plot. With just this image, you can already inform everyone about the sex of your baby.

This game also has charming images for you to apply to the party. Yellow stars, mushrooms, and colorful carnivorous flowers will make the atmosphere more joyful.

What’s more, the idea of ​​the game often goes beyond the traditional decor. You won’t just be limited to blue; get the most out of your imagination.

2. Male Superheroes

Superhero cupcakes

Most boys love superheroes. It is also an excellent idea to have a party for your twin boys.

You can consider many superheroes like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman. They have familiar icons and are easy to decorate. Cupcake is the most suitable dish.

You can choose two superheroes to combine into a pair with two boys. This idea is especially suitable for indoor spaces. It will get everyone excited.

The superhero’s appeal remains intact, whether a baby or an adult.

3. Monkey See, Monkey Do

Inspiration board

Note for advice

The mischievous boys will make your day busy. And when you have two boys, the work and the fun will be doubled.

Little boys are like naughty and happy monkeys. Use this theme to create a fun party for your guests.

Monkey images will appear on many decorations, cakes, and towels. You can also hand out notes for advice to people to get helpful tips on how to raise a baby.

Follow the jungle style with familiar brown and green tones. You can also combine it with blue tones, and it goes well together.

4. Oh, Boys!

Blue color theme


When you’re a mother of twin boys, the frequency of saying “Oh Boys!” will probably double. Take this fun idea to create a chic baby party.

The leading color tone of the program will be the traditional blue, but you should combine many different shades to create depth. It will make the overall look much more eye-catching.

You can put up a banner with the words Boy Oh Boy to make the headline for the party. The cookies and donuts that appear here should also have a blue garnish for consistency.

5. Son of a Gun, There’s More Than One!

Invitation card

Decoration theme

This idea has a wild and robust cowboy vibe. If parents like to shoot guns or are passionate about Texas, then choose this style.

Its idea will be a balanced combination of wood and blue. Opt for materials like wooden backgrounds, wooden crates, and cowboy hats. They have similar colors and will make the overall space feel warm.

Then, complement the party with blue decorations or utensils. They will shine and attract attention.

Twin Girl Baby Shower Ideas

If you expect twin girls, the decoration style will be a little different. The most popular ideas will revolve around lovely and feminine pink tones.

1. Tea for Two

Pinky treats

Pinky theme

A classic tea party is most girls’ dream. You can use this twin baby shower idea to welcome your twin girl.

Pale pink will be the sweetest color and best suited to the party spirit. You should add roses and peonies to make the space more elegant.

Balloons are also necessary decorative items. Let’s combine both white and pink bubbles with letters. The line “Let’s Partea” is a witty headline.

In addition, do not forget to prepare fragrant teapots and cookies to accompany. After all, the guests are attending a tea party.

2. Double The Giggles

Double the giggles

If you are expecting a twin baby, you must have heard of this poem. It is one of the most fabulous ideas for organizing for girls.

Get creative with paper and handmade tools. You won’t need fresh flowers when this idea’s decorations are artificial.

The good news is that you can still reuse them in the long run. Let’s make a party table with many different pink tones to make them more eye-catching. Dessert should be a macaron with lots of flavors and some aromatic tea.

3. Hello Kitty

Icing cookies

Decoration ideas

Just like Mario, Hello Kitty is an icon with little girls. This adorable kitty will be one of the most popular themes for hosting twin girl baby showers.

You will have a lot of ideas to launch this party. In addition to the icing cookies and cupcakes with the image of Hello Kitty, you can also decorate the space with balloons and flowers.

Twin Boy and Girl Baby Shower Themes

If you have a boy and girl twin, things get interesting. Try some of the ideas.

1. Prince & Princess

Pink and blue themes

Invitation card

Pastel blues and pinks are a great combination for parties. You can also add the elegance of a royal crown to the decoration.

Every baby is a prince or princess of its parents. You are so lucky to have two little angels by your side.

2. Cowboy & Cowgirl

Jar of chocolates

Add a bit of Wild West vibe with a cowboy theme. You can use them for both boys or girls.

You can combine vintage wooden backgrounds, cowboy hats, and boots with pretty roses. This idea looks pretty new but surprisingly harmonious.

3. Star Wars

Star Wars

Star Wars is a series suitable for all genders and all ages. It’s also a great style to hold a newborn party.

Prepare images of characters from the movie, such as Master Yoda, RD-D2, or Darth Vader. Besides, you can add pink and blue foods and drinks.

4. Mickey & Minnie

Mickey & Minnie

Another idea that comes from the cartoon is Mickey Mouse. You can combine Mickey and Minnie Mouse images to announce the arrival of two babies.

The twin baby shower will be super cute with the movie’s traditional red and black tones. However, you can also get creative with pink and blue tones.

5. Guess “Whoo’s” Having Twins?

Owl theme

You can use this image to bring a cute and intimate decoration to the party. The pastel blue and pink colors are also highly suitable for this party.

When Should You Have A Baby Shower For Twins?

When you are pregnant with twins, your body will be under more pressure, and as a result, you may feel more tired than usual.

Since the body is easily stressed and tired, the best advice is to organize your baby shower for twins as soon as possible. It will help you avoid becoming too bulky and difficult to move.

The golden time to send invitations is between week 26 and week 28 of pregnancy. The bump on your belly should be just the right size and shouldn’t interfere much with your activities.

The Covid-19 pandemic and the urgency in the organization may make it impossible for guests to gather fully.

If that’s the case, you might consider hosting a virtual baby shower and then having your baby registry. Don’t feel burdened about this as people will always want the best for you.


Hopefully, this article has pointed you to the best baby shower ideas for twins. Depending on the baby’s gender and preference, tailor them to your style. Don’t forget to share other exciting ideas that you find interesting.

Thank you for reading!

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