160+ Cool & Unique 4 Letter Boy Names with Meanings

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Choosing the right name for your baby boys feels like a hard job as there are so many different names to choose from. Four-letter names are usually rare, but they’re much easier to spell, sound usually cute, and have a nice ring to them. In addition, the best names are usually four-letter names.

There’s no need for a nickname or short form as the name itself would be short enough to easily call out. Following is a list of all the best four-letter names for boys with beautiful meanings and origins.

Best Four Letter Boy Names and Their Meanings

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Abel is a four letter Biblical male name meaning “breath,” “vapor,” or “son” in Hebrew.

Aben – the meaning of this rare four letter name is unknown; however it might imply “gift of God.”

Acie is a short English male name that means “first” or “excellent.”

Ajax is a Greek name that can mean either “mourner” or “earth, land.” In Greek mythology, there are numerous prominent Ajax characters.

Adam is a four-letter historical boy name with Hebrew roots that means “Man of the Earth.”

Aldo is an Italian name that means “older” or “ancient.” This name is said to have Old German origins and a similar meaning.

Aron – Another famous Hebrew name from the Bible, meaning “strong mountain.” Aron can also be spelt as Aaron.

Alec is a powerful manly name for boys that means “defender of mankind” in Greek. This name is another way to abbreviate the name Alexander. If you wanted to name your baby Alexander but something short instead, Alec is your best bet.

Amos is a Hebrew name that means “burdened,” “brave,” or “laden” in English.

Aden is an Irish name that means “little fire” in English. The term “aohd” means “small fire.”

Alan is a Breton name meaning “handsome” or ‘”small rock.” It is a name from Brittany.

Adri is a four letter Indian boy’s name that means “mountain”.

Aero is a unique Greek word that means “of the sky.”

Adil is an Arabic male name meaning “honesty” or “fairness.”

Ajay – “Unconquered” is the meaning of the four letter Indian boy name Ajay.

Alex is an English and Greek male name that means “defender of man.”

Andy – This unisex name is frequently used as a nickname for both the masculine and feminine names, Andrew and Andrea.  Andy is a Greek given name that signifies “brave” or “manly.”

Amal is an Arabic name meaning “hope.”

Amos is a Jewish male name that means “to bear” or “to be carried by God.”

Arik is a charming German male name meaning “noble leader.”

Arty is an English boy name meaning “noble” and “courageous.” It’s sometimes used as a nickname for Arthur Avin and is a four-letter Hindu boy name meaning “to win.” It comes from Sanskrit.

Axel – Absalom is a Hebrew name that means “my father is peace.” Axel is the Danish variant of Absalom. Absalom is King David’s son in the Bible.


Bane is a rare Slavic male name meaning “great defender.” Bane is the name of a well-known Batman villain too.

Bach is a German word that means “stream.”

Brad – of English origins. This 4 letter boy name may imply “wide wood,” but it also happens to be the first name of a number of well-known male actors. Consider Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper, to name a few.

Beau is a French word that means “beautiful.” This moniker is also commonly used to describe someone’s significant other.

Bart – A nickname for Bartholomew, a New Testament apostle.

Bran is a Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish name having Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish roots. It literally means “crow” or “raven.”

Bary is a traditional Irish boy name that means “fair-headed.”

Buck is an English name that may be used as both a first and a nickname. This uncommon male name, which means “ancient deer,” is ideal for a hunting family.

Burt is an English surname. This 4 letter boy name, which means “glorious,” is a lot of fun to utter. It also has a connection to the well-known actor Burt Reynolds. It’s the name of the famous character Burt Simpson.

Buzz is a popular nickname, but it’s also a masculine given name from the United States that means “a settlement in the woods.” Buzz is widely famous for the movie “Toy Story” with the character Buzz Lightyear.

Blue is a modern American name that refers to both a hue and a feeling of sadness or depression.

Bass is an English boy’s name that means “short” or “low.”

Bill is a traditional four-letter male name that is commonly used by fathers and grandfathers nowadays. It comes from the English language and means “great protector.” This name is sometimes used as a short form of William.

Beck is an Old Norse name that means “stream” in English. In Old English, this name might also mean “axe.”

Bear is a German name that means “bright warrior” or “bear cub.”

Baer is a diminutive of the Limburgish name Albaer, which means “bright.”

Boyd was originally a Scottish surname, possibly derived from the name of the Scottish island of Bute.

Bret is a Middle English word that means “a Breton” or “a Brittany resident.”

Bert is a shortened version of Albert, which means “noble” and “brilliant.”


Case: (English) The meaning of this name is “a maker of boxes,” and it is a name that may be used for both men and women.

Clay is an English-based one-syllable baby name that means “mortal” or “clay maker.”

Chip is a nickname for Charles or Christopher that can be used as a first name. It comes from the English language and means “a guy.”

Cade was formerly a surname that meant “round” in Old English.

Chaz is a German appellation that means “free man” and is often used as a nickname for Charles.

Cory is an Irish-sounding baby boy name. It means “empty” in English. It may be used as a girl’s name, although Cora is the most common form.

Cody is an English word that means “pillow” or “helping.” Of English origin, this name may be unisex, depending on how you spell it. This spelling, on the other hand, is for guys and implies “helpful.”

Cole: of English origin, this name, which means “charcoal,” has the same pronunciation as its meaning but is spelled differently.

Czar is a fascinating Russian name derived from the word Caesar, which means “emperor.”

Cleo is a unisex first name that denotes a confident individual who is deserving of all the praise. Cleo is a short version of the names Cleophus and Cleopatra and is of Greek origin.

Cash is a surname that was made famous by musician Johnny Cash.

Chaz – Charles’ nickname is Chaz, which comes from the German word meaning “man.”

Chet – The name Chester is abbreviated as Chet. Chester was once a British surname.

Coby – Jacob is widely used as a nickname to Coby, which is derived from his Hebrew name, which means either “keeper of the heel” or “supplanter.”

Colt – The name Colt is frequently given in honor of Samuel Colt, the founder of the same-named gun manufacturer. The English term colt refers to a juvenile male horse.

Conn is a name of an Irish origin. In Gaelic, it means “chief.”

Curt – A diminutive of Curtis, an English surname derived from the term “courteous.”


Dale is a unisex name that means “lives by the valley” and is suitable for both boys and girls. Although boys are given the name Dale at a far higher rate than girls.

Dean – This biblical four-letter boy’s name is of Greek origin and means “monk or dignitary of 10 others.” There’s also a Superman tie-in if you’re a Superman enthusiast.

Dash – of English ancestry, this name just commands attention. Its meaning is “from the ash,” but it’s also the name of a kid who can run really fast from the film The Incredibles, which makes it cooler.

Dane was an English surname that was a variation of Dean and meant “from Denmark.”

Dana was a surname that originally referred to a person from Denmark. In Persian, it also means “wise.”

Deon is a one-of-a-kind African name that means “God.” It’s also a nickname for Dion, a Greek name (Dionysius, god of wine and revelry).

Davy – Davy is David’s nickname, which means “beloved.”

Dirk is a short version of Diederik, a Scandinavian name that means “ruler of the people.”

Duke – in English nobility, the title of Duke is a noble title. It is derived from the Latin word ‘dux,’ which means ‘leader.’

Dair is a four-letter Irish boy name that means “oak.”

Dare – this one-of-a-kind baby name comes from Greek origins and means “gift.”

Darl is a rare name meaning ‘darling.’ Another spelling for the name is Daryl, which is also the name of a character in the popular television show The Walking Dead.

Dell translates to “small valley” or “glen” in English.

Demi is a sweet French male name that means “half” or “little.”

Deny is an English word that denotes “church official.”

Dino is an adorable Italian male name meaning “little sword.”

Dewy is a sweet Welsh name that means “beloved.”

Donn is an adorable Irish name that can mean “brown,” “leader,” or “noble.”

Dian is a sweet 4 letter baby boy French name that means “divine.”


Earl is of English ancestry. If you like the sound of this name, you’ll like the fact that it also means “nobleman.”

Edie – Originally a traditional girl’s name, Edie has grown in popularity as a male first name. “Rich in the conflict” is how it’s translated.

Evan is an Irish name that means “God is generous” and is a Welsh variant of the name John. It also means “young warrior” in English.

Eric – As his name signifies “everlasting leader” in Old Norse, a little child named Eric might one day become a president or CEO.

Eban is a Hebrew baby name that means “stone.”

Ezra is a sweet name with Hebrew roots that means “help, assistance.”

Elio is a unique 4 letter boy name with a Spanish origin that means “Sun.”

Egor is a fantastic Scandinavian name that means “warrior” or “archer” in English.

Eero is a handsome Scandinavian name meaning “ruler.”

Egan is an Irish name that means “little brilliant eyed one.”

Elia – “God has responded” is the meaning of Elia, a Spanish unisex name.

Elon is a Hebrew name that means “oak tree.” Famous because of the billionaire named Elon Musk.

Emet is a Hebrew baby boy name meaning “truth.”

Emry is a Turkish name that means “labor” and “ruler.”

Erni is an English name that means “to govern.”


Fred is of English ancestry. The name is commonly abbreviated to Frederick, which signifies “calm ruler.”

Ford is an old English name that means “river crossing” and is the surname of Henry Ford, the creator of the Ford automobile business.

Finn is an Irish baby boy name that means “white, fair” in English.

Fitz is an abbreviated version of any name that starts with the letter Fitz. It is derived from the Norman French and means “son of”.

Flynn is an adorable Irish name that means “red” or “ruddy” (usually referring to complexion)

Foxx is a Gaelic baby boy name meaning “fox.”


Gage is of French ancestry. You might really like this name option, which means “one who is rebellious.”

Glen is a name with Scottish origins that means “narrow valley.” It may be used for both boys and females.

Gene is of English descent. This name, which means “well-born,” can also be used as a unisex choice. Although, in most cases, the girl’s name is spelled, Jean.

Geri is a feminine name that has recently gained popularity as a baby boy name.

Gord – Gordon is a Scottish surname, and Gord is a nickname for it. It was derived from a geographical name in Berwickshire and meaning “spacious fort.”

Greg is a shortened version of Gregory, which means “vigilant.”

Garv is a four-letter Indian boy name meaning “proud.”

Gert is a German male name that means “powerful spear” in English.

Gian is an Italian male name meaning “God is generous.” It is commonly a nickname for Giannini.

Gill is a Hebrew baby name meaning “joy or gladness” in English.

Greg is a Greek name that means “vigilant” or “alert.”

Gino is an Italian baby name that means “always alive.”

Guru is a Sanskrit word meaning “teacher” or “master.”

Guss is a lovely name with Latin and Scandinavian roots that means “excellent or splendid.”

Gray is an English boy’s name that means “grey-haired one.”


Hank is a nickname for Henry that was popularized by baseball star Hank Aaron and singer Hank Williams.

Hugh is of German ancestry. This name, which means “heart,” is perfect for a sweet little boy.

Hans is of German ancestry. This name means “little Hans,” and if you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll recognize it immediately.

Hugo is the Latinized version of Hugh, which in Germanic languages means “heart, spirit, intellect.”

Hart is a unique 4 letter baby boy name with English roots that means “brave and sturdy.” It means “a hero” in Gaelic.

Hale is a sweet Old English male meaning “hero of the hall.”

Hoyt is a surname derived from the Middle English word meaning “stick.”

Herb is an English word that signifies “army brilliant.”

Howi – This 4 letter baby boy name means “turtle dove” in Native American.

Hawk is an ancient English term for a falcon, which is a bird of prey. It’s a powerful name for a bold young man.

Huck is a lovely and simple English name that means “sweet berry.”

Huey means “bright in mind and soul” and is a lovely English male name.

Hyde is an English place name that literally means “one who lives on a hide of land.”

Hays is an old English word meaning “enclosure.”

Holt is a German word meaning “grove of trees.”


Igor is a fascinating name having Russian, Slavic, and Old Norse roots. “A warrior” is the meaning of the name.

Ivan is a Slavic name derived from the Greek name Iohannes.

Yves is a French name derived from the Germanic word “yew.” Ives is the English equivalent of Yves.

Iaan – “God is generous,” is the meaning of Iaan, a four-letter Biblical boy name.

Isai is a Hebrew baby name that means “gift.”

Iker means “visitor” and is one of the most common four-letter boy names in Spain.

Iain is a Scottish version of John with only one syllable.


Juan is a common Spanish name that is derived from the English name John. It literally means “God’s grace.”

John is the most well-known four-letter boy name in the world, ranking third among the top 100 male names of the previous century. It comes from the English language and means “God is gracious.”

Jace is a Greek name that means “healer” in English. In Hebrew, however, it also means “God of deliverance.”

Jake is a one-syllable baby name that means “supplanter” and is a version of Jack or a shortened form of Jacob.

Jeff is a nickname for Jeffery (which means “peace”) or Jozef (which means “God shall multiply” in Dutch).

Jack – The four letter boy name is really rather uncommon. It has the same meaning as the word John.

Joey is a Hebrew name that means “God will multiply” in English. Because one of the major characters on the sitcom “Friends” is named Joey Tribbiani, it was highly popular in the early 2000s.

Jett – This English name is most commonly associated with the color black, although it is also associated with aviation.

Joel– in Hebrew, Joel means “Yahweh is Lord.”

Jazz is an English male name that refers to the musical genre. If you enjoy jazz music, this is the perfect gift for your baby.

Jory is a Cornish name for George that means “farmer.”

Josh is a short version of Joshua, which means “God is salvation.”


Karl is a Germanic variant of Charles, which means “manly, robust man.”

Kale is a Hawaiian vegetable whose name means “free man.” It’s also an extremely nutritious item to eat.

Kyle is an English name that means “channel.” It is a shorter variant of Kyler.


Loup is a French version of the name Lupus, which means “wolf.”

Loyd is a Welsh surname that refers to the color grey.


Milo is an Old Germanic version of Miles that means “gracious.”


Niles is of Scandinavian descent. “Son of Neal” is the meaning of this name.


Otis – Otis is the son of a wealthy man or a guy named Otto, according to the meaning of the name.

Oben is an Old Norse baby name that means “divine bear” in English.

Obie is a sweet Hebrew name that means “servant of God.”


Paul – is a Latin name meaning “humble” or “small.”


Quin is an Irish, Gaelic, and Old French surname that means “wisdom” or “counsel.”

Quill is a Shakespearean Gaelic name that means “from the woods.”


Reed is an English name for males with red hair who are born with it.

Rick is an English name that was once used to indicate a daring and valiant leader.

Ross is a Scottish boy’s name that means “cape.”


Sven is a Norse name meaning “young warrior” or “youth” in English. Shaquille O’Neal has made this name well-known, despite the fact that Shaq is normally used as a nickname. This name has Arabic roots and denotes a well-developed and attractive guy.


4 letter names are unique and short. You can call them easily, and no one has a hard time pronouncing them. So there’s no reason you can’t find a name you like from 4 Letter Boy Names. They usually come with good meanings. Moreover, these four-letter names are usually the famous names of the movie or TV-show characters. Bond and Bane are some examples.

Hopefully, you found some good four-letter boy name ideas from this list!

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