73+ Powerful Baby Names that Mean Strength

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Babies need a lot of love and attention, but that doesn’t imply they’re weak. In some ways, they are, but they’re also tough, and each baby develops at their rate. Parenthood is a true test of emotional and physical fortitude, and newborns, no matter how tough this article claims they are, still require a great deal of attention from you.

You may be hoping that your child has the inner power to face any challenges that life throws at them and as the meaning of their name. Following are powerful names that will help your baby grow into a strong individual.

Boy Names Meaning Strength and Perseverance

Angus: Angus is a boy name that means “special strength.” It has Celtic and Gaelic roots, with the basic translations being “one” and “strong.”

Alexander: This powerful boy name, meaning “defender of mankind,” has been a popular choice for ages and has a variety of nicknames, including Alex and Xander.

Andrew: The name (which means “manly”) is quite popular and with good reason.

Arnold: This name comes from the Germanic name Arnwald, which combines the words Arn (eagle) and Wald (wood).

Ajax: It’s of Grecian roots that mean “eagle.”

Aldric: is a German masculine boy name meaning “strong, mighty king” and has Old French roots.

Abelardo: is a Spanish boy name that means “strong” and “noble.” It’s also known by the charming nickname Abe.

Armstrong: Armstrong is a more common surname that has recently gained popularity as a masculine first name. Armstrong means “strong arms.”

Barrett: Barrett is another surname that has been turned into a popular boy’s name. It is an Old German name meaning “bear strength.”

Barlas:  In Turkey, Barlas means “brave hero” and “chivalrous.”

Chasin: is an old Hebrew word that means “strong” or “powerful.” Chase is a frequent abbreviation for this name.

Charles: The name Charles (which also means “manly”) is derived from the Germanic Karl (full-grown, a man), and it has a long history of royal connections.

Conrad: is a tough German boy’s name that translates to “brave, bold ruler.”

Chidike: is a common Nigerian name meaning “God is powerful” in Igbo.

Denzel: is a Cornish Old English name meaning “stronghold.”

Duron: is a fascinating name with French roots that means “strong.”

Ethan: is a popular name that means “enduring” and “strong” in ancient Hebrew.

Eric: A powerful Norse name meaning “ever mighty,” Eric is one of the more well-known baby boy names that mean “strong.”

Everett: Everett is a long way from Evered, derived from the Old English Eoforheard and means “brave as a wild boar.”

Farrell: is an Irish name meaning “courage” or “courageous man.”

Farris: is an Old English name that means “iron-like strength.” Alternatively, Farris, which means “knight” in Arabic, is a slightly different spelling.

Fergus or Ferguson: is a strong Scottish name meaning “supreme man” and is perfect for the baby boy you adore.

Gabriel: is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my strength.” In the Bible, the angel Gabriel informs Mary that she will be the mother of a child.

Garrett: is an Irish name that means “spear power.”

Gibor or Gibbor: is a brave Hebrew name that means “strong one.”

Hunter: was a name for persons who hunted in the days when English surnames were related to a person’s occupation.

Haile: is an Ethiopian Amharic name that means “power” or “might.”

Idris: is a beautiful and powerful Welsh name meaning “fiery leader” or “prophet.”

Jarek: is a rough Slavic boy name that means “strong” or “fierce.”

Kendrick: is an Old English name that translates to “royal might” or “fiery.”

Liam: This strong Irish name means “unwavering protector” and is ideal for families with a Celtic or Gaelic origin.

Makin: is a Muslim and Arabic name meaning “solid” or “strong.”

Maynard or Mainard: is an English, French, and German name that means “strength” and “bravery.”

Njord: Njord was the Norse deity of the sea and named the Norse word for”strong.”

Owen: is a Welsh name meaning “young warrior.” It’s a regal name that’s ideal for a young gentleman.

Oswald: Oswald is an Old English name that means “divine strength.” It can be reduced to Oz.

Pruitt: The name Pruitt is derived from the Old French word “proux,” which means “brave” and “valiant.”

Quinlan: is an Irish name that means “strong” and “fit.” It is an abbreviated form of Quin.

Girl Names Meaning Strong and Powerful

Aila: is a lovely girl name that means “from the strong place” in Gaelic and “light bringer” in Finnish.

Akeeva or Akiva: is a delicate but powerful Hebrew name meaning “protection” and “shelter.”

Alessia, Alexandria, Alessandra, or Alexandra: The feminine form of Alexander, which means “protector” or “defender of mankind.”

Artemis: is a powerful, gender-neutral name from Greek mythology. Artemis was the goddess of the hunt and the moon in ancient Greece. It also means “butcher”.

Adira: is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Adir, which means “strong, bold, and mighty.”

Briana or Brianna: Briana or Brianna is a strong girls” name meaning “high, noble, and honorable” in Old English.

Bryndis: is a Scandinavian baby name meaning “armored goddess” or “adorned in powerful armor.”

Bridget, Brigid, or Brighid: is an Irish girl name that means “strength, vigor, or exaltation.” Brighid was also the goddess of wisdom, poetry, and fire in Celtic mythology.

Baldey: is an Icelandic name that translates to “powerful, brazen, or dangerous.”

Balsinde: is an Old Saxon meaning “destroyer” or “powerful” and pronounced bal-sin-dee.

Colette: This Old French name means “victorious people,” a tribute to your forefathers.

Carla: is derived from the German word hari, which means “fighter.”

Carole: is the feminine form of Carolus, the Latin counterpart of Charles, which means army fighter in French.

Diana: is a popular and strong girl name that sprang to prominence in the late 1980s as a result of Princess Diana, the People’s Princess. Diana was a goddess of the hunt, the moon, and childbirth, comparable to Artemis, another goddess of the hunt and the moon.

Elaheh: it’s a beautiful Muslim girl name meaning “like a goddess” in Parsi.

Erica: is the Swedish feminine form of the ancient Nordic name Eric, which means “always powerful.”

Erinna: Erinna could be derived from the Greek word hêrôs, which means hero.

Freja: is a name from the Old Norse language that means “woman.” Freja was the goddess of beauty, love, war, and death in Norse mythology.

Gabriella: is an Italian girl’s name that sounds similar to Gabriel and a strong boy name meaning “God is my strength.”

Hera: is a lovely short and strong girl name meaning “queen” in Greek. Hera was also known as the Queen of Heaven and the Goddess of Marriages and was the wife of the ancient Greek god Zeus.

Harlow: is derived from the Germanic word Harlow, which means army. The name was popular as a boy’s name at the turn of the century, but by the 1930s, it had lost favor. Harlow became a popular girl’s name after Nicole Richie selected it for her baby in 2008.

Ina: is a powerful girl name meaning “queen” or “royalty” in a variety of languages and cultures.

Indra: is a Latvian name meaning “home ruler.”

Iraidia: is a Russian name meaning “hero” in English.

Jasira: is a popular Arabic and Muslim girl’s name in Africa that means “bold” or “courageous.”

Jaiyana: In Arabic, Jaiyana means “strength.”

Jara: is a Slavic name that means “fierce,” making it an excellent choice for difficult lady names.

Kainda: is a popular girl’s name in Kenya that means “hunter’s daughter.”

Kana: is a lovely but short and powerful girl’s name with two meanings. Kana is a Maui demigod who united two islands in Hawaiian mythology. It also is a Japanese word that signifies “powerful.”

Kendra: is a lovely Welsh girl’s name meaning “intelligent ruler” or “energetic force.” The prefix “ken” comes from Irish Gaelic and means “fire.”

Leola: or Leona is an Italian and Latin name for a girl that means “faithful as a lion.”

Maajida: is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind Islamic girl name that means “powerful.” Jida is a cute nickname for you.

Neilina: is a feminine form of the Scottish Gaelic name Neil, which means “champion.”

Oma: is a sweet yet strong girl name that means “leader” and “thriving” in Arabic.

Philomena: is a lengthy girl name derived from the Greek word Philomena, which means “lover of strength.”


A powerful baby name can help your tiny peanut discover its inner strength and remind them of its true power. It will shape them into a physically and intellectually strong individual. Hope you find the one truly powerful name for your tough Lil baby from this list.

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