34+ Unique Mountain Baby Names for Boys and Girls

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Having a child is a meaningful experience for any mother. The journey of raising a child is similar to the feeling of conquering a challenging mountain.

Why not give your kid a name that symbolizes “mountain” to honor that journey?

We’ve looked high and low for mountain-inspired names that you’ll like. Let’s check to find your favorite mountain baby names!

Cool Mountain Boy Names

Mountains represent strength and power. They also bring out a sense of nature and freshness. You should name your little sons after one of the options below since it can fit his vigor.


This is a classic and elegant name that means “mountain or enlightened.” Aaron also happened to be the name of Israel’s foremost high priest.

Aaron is yet another name that has both power and gentleness. Hence, it’s suitable for both a brawny man and a passionate kid.


Agastya might be an excellent choice if you want a name that is both stylish and practical. Sanskrit for “mountain thrower,” this grand regal name signifies “mountain thrower.” It’s also a favorite among celebs.


This elegant name for boys is of Old French descent and signifies a “beautiful mountain.” It was more popular in the nineteenth century than it is now.

This mountain boy name has an attractive gentleness due to the delicacy of the double vowel, making it pleasant to hear and say.


Berg is a German surname that also means ‘mountain.’ You can add a suffix to form another name while keeping the same meaning, such as:

  • Goldberg = gold mountain;
  • Kleinberg = small mountain;
  • Hochberg = high Mountain.


Before Nick Nolte got it to his kid, no one had heard of this boisterous name. Brawley refers to a “meadow on the hill’s slope.”

Another suggested Scottish derivation for the name is that it comes from the Scots term, which means beautiful.


The name comes from Cornish and Old French. It means “borderland” and “hill.” “Brae” is a different spelling of this name.

Cornish is “hill” inspired by this English surname. The word also implies “cry out” in English, like in “donkey bray.”


This name refers to “farmed terrain” and has Hebrew and Spanish origin. Mount Carmel, the birthplace of Prophet Elijah, is well known by this name.

This baby name is really famous in Spain. It has another meaning which is garden or vineyard.


This name has been popular since the late 1800s. It originates from a Norman – French term, meaning “mountain cranberry.”

Some places in the world also use the meaning of “beloved.” It’s also a spelling variation of Darrell.


Delmont is the Old French nickname that is mainly popular in English. The name derives from the word “mountain.” Since its introduction in the 18th century, it has gone in and out of popularity.


One of the unique boy names is Dumont, pronounced “DuwMaant.” It literally means “mountain guy.” These days, cool parents are calling their children by this name.


The essence of this name is “one who comes from the mountains,” and it has a Celtic root. This option is quite rare so it makes your son stand out easily.


“From the mountains” is the origin of this name. It originates from Indian languages and is a popular but lovely name for boys.

This name is prevalent in India and always remains among the top options for naming baby boys in this country.


Gabal is a unique name with the meaning of “mountains.” It has a relaxing, rural vibe to it. In some regions of the world, parents also name their daughter “Gabal.”

This chic name is a gender-neutral option. Go for it if you want to combine the outstanding traits of both genders in your kid.

The names come from different regions


This moniker has a Scottish root. You can also see it in Old English, where it refers to a “crooked hill.”

The name can signify “pretty hill” in some countries. No matter the variation, it establishes a vibe of nature and strength.


Knox means “round hilltop.” It comes from an Old English word and is best for people who live in the round hill regions.


Montel is a word that means “mountain.” In the early 1990s, several parents got the nickname of a famous talk show presenter.

The name appeared to be losing popularity, but we’re optimistic that it will regain recognition soon.


This option comes from the French and refers to “green mountains.” The term ‘Verd Mont’ may have gained popularity after explorer Samuel de Champlain dubbed Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Pretty Mountain Girl Names

Parents often like to give names related to flowers to their daughters. However, mountains can introduce a unique, engaging, and beautiful meaning. Let’s check the following mountain girl names to see if they fit your little princess or not.


If you’re unfamiliar with Amaya, it’s because the moniker has only been on the baby-name lists since the beginning of the century.

It’s a beautiful choice with a shady past: It might mean “mountains” or “beautiful location” in Spanish, or “heavenly land” in Japanese.


This term comes from the Greek language. In Greek mythology, it’s the name of a mountainous goat that nursed Zeus as a baby. Her horns formed the foundation for the cornucopia, being spilled over with vegetables and fruits.


This option may appeal to you if you seek a peaceful and simple highland name. Adrija is a wonderful Sanskrit name that means “born among the mountains.”

Adrija is a word that brings to mind rationality. Your daughter could be smart, insightful, elegant, and even psychic.


Mount Carmel is the northern Israeli coastal hill. According to the Old Testament, it was one of Mary’s and the infant Jesus’ favorite places.

This name is more prevalent in Ireland and Israel than in the United States. However, it’s becoming more and more common across the states.


“Dolphin” is the meaning of this baby name. It also alludes to a Mount Parnassus-based Oracle.

Delfina is an Italian female given name. This fantasy name connects to the baby’s ancestors and perhaps their parents’ admiration of intelligent sea creatures.


The enormous glaciated peaks have drawn the interest of India’s mountaineers since the old days. They gave the vast mountain chain the Sanskrit title Himalayas, which comes from the Sanskrit words Hima (“snow”) with Alaya (“abode”).

The “Himalayas” is a massif in south Asia that might be an interesting name for a newborn girl.


The meaning of this name is “hardworking,” and it comes from the Greek language. Mount Ida was the place where Baby Zeus grew up in Greek mythology.

Ida is a famous baby girl name among Christians, and its major root is Germanic. It has another meaning, which is “Prosperous.”


Monserrat is a name that is present primarily in Catalan and English and Catalan. It refers to “serrated mountains” in Catalan and “mountains with the saw shape” in Spanish.


This term comes from the Greek oros, which means “mountains.” It first appeared in Greek mythology. The feminine equivalent of the Italian Oreste is Orestina.


Olympia is of Greek origin and means “Of Mount Olympus,” which is an abode to the gods and goddesses.


Peri is a Hebrew name that means “outcome.” It was a sprite of the mountains and caverns in Greek mythology. Peri is also a fallen angel in Persian legend.


Shyla is a female given name similar to Sheila in Irish and English. It signifies goddess Parvathi in Hindu and white dove in English.

It’s a great girl’s name that’s simple to remember while still sounding significant.


Skaoi is one of the most popular baby girl names. It’s a lovely name with easy pronunciation. According to folklore, this word originates from Old Norse. It’s the identifier of a Goddess of the Sky and a mountainous giantess.


Samara comes from Hebrew and Arabic and means “guardian” or “safeguarded by God.”

According to some sources, this word also refers to “night chatting” in Arabic. Samara is a Russian regional subject and the Russian River and a fruit species.


The word Sierra comes from the same-named mountain range in Spain.

Sierra’s cowboy appeal and Latin rhythm inspired many spin-offs, including Cyra, Cierra. After the debut of Ciara fragrances in 1973, its reputation skyrocketed.


Another excellent idea for naming your little girl is Tara. It has a variety of cultural meanings. In Australia and Ireland, this option is quite popular.

Tara is also among the preferable names for girls even when we are not talking about mountains because it sounds nice and girly.


Zaltana is a Native American name that means “big hill.” It has an expressive sense about it that is unfamiliar to the Western ear yet not associated with any culture.


There are many options for naming your kids, especially when looking for something related to the mountains.

It all comes down to your preferences and your child’s personality to come up with the final decision.

Hopefully, you will find these mountain baby names helpful. If you need any further information, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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