52 Unique Baby Names from Movies for Boys and Girls

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When you’re first blessed with a baby, the enjoyment and enthusiasm for giving the little guy or girl the best possible name is ever so exciting. However, it is also a little bit hard as there will be only one name from a list of gazillion interesting names that you will choose.

If you’re a moviegoer and TV shows enthusiast, then you’d definitely, the first thought that comes to your mind will be naming your baby something from a TV show or movie you liked. Your baby is named as your favorite character from a TV show you binged watched several times or an all-time favorite movie of yours. The possibilities are endless. This article will help you find the perfect name from movies for your baby.

Cool Baby Boy Names Inspired By Movies

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Andrew “Andy” Davis appears in the Disney Pixar Toy Story film series as a supporting character. In the movie, he was a kid who loved playing with toys. Then he gradually stopped playing with them as he grew up. His favorite toy was Woody and Buzz lightyear. Andy, often spelled Andi, Andie, or Andee is a shortened version of the masculine given name Andrew, as well as variants such as Andreas and Andrei. The variation’s form is based on the Scottish diminutive ending “-i.e.,” Andrew comes from the Greek name Andreas, which means “manly” or “brave.” Andy is a cute and short name for your baby boy.


Alfred is an Old English name for a boy that means “elf” and “counsel.” Alfred is the name of Bruce Wayne’s aka Batman’s famous butler. He is Bruce’s devoted servant who not only assists him in all of his endeavors but was also a soldier when he was younger. In one comic, he even fought Superman. In every batman movie, TV show, cartoon, comic, you’ll always see Alfred by Bruce’s side. Alfred is a fantastic name for your baby boy because it expresses both his strength and your love for Batman.


Aang is the name of the main character from the animated series and live-action movie “Avatar,” not to be confused with the other movie named Avatar, which was about blue aliens called Na’avi.

He is an air bender, someone who has the power to manipulate air and control it as he wishes, he was the last of his kind in the series, and that was pretty much what the series and movie of his were about. The name means “peaceful soaring’. It’s a pretty unique name to give to your baby boy.


The name Anakin is from the famous movie franchise “Star Wars.” Anakin Skywalker, who is actually Darth Vader which was the main big bad in these movies. The name means “warrior.” Anakin Skywalker was a ruthless skilled, and very powerful enemy to the heroes in the movies. He had the power of the force and used a red lightsaber.


August, which means “great, magnificent,” is the ideal name for the “Mission: Impossible” villain (Henry Cavill), who believes he can defeat Tom Cruise’s, Ethan Hunt. Augustus is a Latin name with many literary and artistic links, including sculptor Auguste Rodin and Swedish writer August Strindberg. Augustus was the first emperor of the Roman Empire. In the movie, he at first pretends to be an ally to Ethan, then later betrays him.

The name has consistently grown in popularity in the United States since the mid-1980s, and in 2018, it was placed No. 170 on the newborn boy name chart.


This quirky pet detective was one of the funniest characters of the 1990s, and he was the subject of not one but two films.

This Latin name, which means “one, oneness,” is ideal for a first-born child. Despite its increasing popularity, it only came in at No. 255 on the 2018 SSA list.


The name of one of the most famous superheroes of DC comics and in the superhero world in general. Bruce Wayne is a billionaire who is a common businessman as day and a superhero dressed as a bat by night. Bruce’s parents were murdered in an alleyway when they went to watch a movie, so Bruce took it upon himself to rid Gotham, his home city, of criminals and those who do evil.

When Bruce was a child, he was afraid of bats, so he overcame his fear and became a bat that hunts criminals at night. The character has been portrayed by several actors throughout the years. Actors like Michael Keaton, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and now Robert Pattinson.

The origins of the name are when the Normans brought the English language name Bruce to Scotland, which comes from the geographical name Brix, Manche in Normandy, France, which means “willowlands.”


Barry Allen, aka the Flash from the movie “Justice League” and “Zack Snyder’s Justice League,” is another superhero name that has been portrayed in countless comics, TV shows, his own TV show, and cartoons and animated series.

He’s the fastest man alive and is so fast, he can change time and alter timelines just by running really fast. Portrayed by actor “Grant Gustin” in the TV shows and “Ezra Miller” in the movies. Barry is pronounced BARE-ee as a boy’s name (it can also be a girl’s name). The name Barry has origins of being Gaelic and Irish, and it means fair-haired.


Bartleby is an English surname that means “son of the furrow.” It’s also the name of a famous Herman Melville character and Ben Affleck’s character (a fallen angel) in “Dogma.”
The short story “Bartleby the Scrivener: A Story of Wall Street” by Herman Melville has been adapted three times for the big screen.


Buzz Lightyear, the toy that made woody he wasn’t Andy’s favorite toy anymore in the Toy Story movies. The other well-known Buzz is astronaut Buzz Aldrin, thus this nickname-name fits the bill for both space and history buffs and Disney Pixar aficionados. The movies are enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Buzz is an adorable little name for your baby boy.


James “Bucky” Buchanan Barnes is a reoccurring character in the Marvel movies. First being introduced in Captain America: the first avenger. Bucky was Steve’s (Captain America) best friend who was always with him.

He later supposedly died and returned in the sequel Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a villain. He was brainwashed by Hydra, but at the end of the movie, he got back his memories and became good. He has a TV show, “Falcon and the winter soldier,” and appears in countless Marvel movies.


From the movie, “Dynasty” Blake Carrington made the name Blake famous as it broke the name charts appearing in the top 100 for boys in 1980. Blake is a short, charming English name that means “fair-haired, dark” that works well for both girls and boys and pairs nicely with a lengthy last name.


Clint Barton is the least popular character from the Avengers but the bravest as he’s only human fighting alongside superheroes with unstoppable suits of armor and with powers he can only imagine.

Being featured in movies “Thor, Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Endgame” and his own TV show “Hawkeye” may not have the fanciest suit or cool powers, but he has the skill and courage to fight monsters, aliens, and anything evil that comes across him. He uses a bow and arrow, and he never misses. Portrayed by actor “Jeremy Renner”. Clint is a cute movie character name for your baby, who knows he could start liking Archery when he grows up.


One of the main characters in the classic film “The Thin Man” is named Charles. It’s also Charlie Chaplin’s formal name, making him one of the most famous cinema stars of all time.

This name, which means “free man,’ is the 62nd most popular in the United States.
Charles is also the name of the leader of the Xmen in the Xmen movies. He is one of the most powerful mutants in the movies that can control minds, read minds with ease. He can even freeze everyone just by his telepathic abilities.


Cameron, a Scottish boy’s name with an intriguing meaning (“crooked nose”), is just as alluring for a girl, due to Cameron Diaz, the leading actress. Cameron Boyce, the character Cameron Tucker from “Modern Family,” and director/producer Cameron Crowe are all renowned namesakes.

Since 1987, it’s been in the top 100 names for boys, peaking at No. 31 in 2000. Its most popular year for females was 1999 when it reached No. 176 – interestingly, just after Diaz made her film debut in “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “There’s something about Mary.”


Cletus Kassidy from Venom: Let there be carnage is a supervillain. A villain to mainly Spiderman but in the movie he fights Venom “Eddie Brock”. He is a serial killer that later acquires the symbiote and gets superpowers by bonding with it.

Sure naming your baby as a super villain and that too who’s a serial killer does not sound like a good idea, but you have to agree, the name Cletus does sound really cool. You can even give your baby a nickname as Carnage too.


Cyrus gold is a name of a character who is one of Batman’s villains. He appears in several Dc TV shows, including “Arrow’ and “Gotham.” He drops in an acidic lake, which basically makes him The Hulk but an evil version of him.


Ethan Hunt from the mission impossible movies is an incredibly brave and fearless spy that goes on several dangerous missions. Perfect name for your fearless baby.


Fenris is the name of the giant wolf in the movie “Thor: Ragnarok”. Wolves are amazing and beautiful creatures, and Fenris, even though a Lil scary, he was surely one pretty beast.


Goku is the fan-favorite character of many children and adults. Goku has been in several anime and anime movies as well. It’s a short and cool boy name.


Gary is the name of SpongeBob’s cute snail from his animated TV show and movies.


Harry is the name of the famous wizard “Harry Potter” from the movies of Harry Potter and also the name of Spiderman’s villain “Harry Osborn”. Though very different characters because one is a hero and the other is a villain that later turns good, their names are the same.


Icarus is another character from the Marvel movie “Eternals”. He is basically Marvel’s Superman as he has all the powers of Superman and is an alien-like him too. His name is of ancient mythological origins.


Jack from Jack the giant slayer is a famous name. The character in the movie like in the fairy tale finds beans and leads himself to the clouds where not only one but several giants live.


Kylo Ren, from Star Wars, is an antagonist that features in some movies. He also wields a red lightsaber like Darth Vader.


Luke is also a name used in star wars which is Luke Skywalker. Luke is also the name of one of Marvel’s superheroes “Luke Cage’ who appears in the TV show “Luke Cage”.


Michael is the name of the famous horror movie antagonist “Michael Myers” who appears in the Halloween movies. He’s basically immortal, and he wants to reunite with his long-lost sister, he does that by killing everyone in his path. Again you must be thinking, “Why would I ever name my baby after a serial killer”. The answer is, if you’re a horror movie fan, you’re definitely gonna love this name.

Unique Girl Names from Movies


Alice from Alice in wonderland is an all-time favorite character of everyone of all ages. She has been in stories, movies, and cartoons. Your baby daughter will absolutely be adored with a name like Alice, everyone will love it.


Arya Stark from the famous show “Game of Thrones” is definitely an amazing and beautiful name, and it also screams that you love the Game of Thrones.


In the film “Ex-Machina,” Ava is the name of a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence. Hugh Jackman and Reese Witherspoon chose this name for their daughters, and it has been increasingly popular in recent years. Ava is a variant of Eve and the fifth most common girl’s name.


Ms. Audrey Hepburn’s Holly Golightly comes to mind while hearing the name. It is, however, the name of a character from Disney’s “Atlantis: The Lost Empire.” This name has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, and it presently ranks in the top 100.


Agatha Harkness is a supervillain in the Marvel TV series “Wandavision”. She’s a powerful witch that has incredible magical powers.


This is the protagonist’s name in the German film of the same name. Barbara, which means “foreign woman,” was a very popular name in the 1950s and 1960s. If you want to make the name sound less old-fashioned, spell it, Barbra.


The film “Atonement” inspired this unique and wonderful name. The majority of your friends would have no idea where this moniker came from. Briony’s meaning is “to sprout.”


The famous Disney princess from “Beauty and the Beast” is a beautiful name, and the character too is beautiful. The original movie was animated and later got a live-action version with “Emma Watson”. The perfect name for your little princess.


Bellatrix is a reoccurring character in the Harry Potter movies. She has powerful magical capabilities.


Cruella is an antagonist from the movie “101 Dalmatians,” and she has her own standalone movie “Cruella”. She is a rich British lady that is just like the name “cruel”.


Coraline from the movie Coraline is a little girl in the movie that finds a gateway to an alternate dimension to a reality of her house where things aren’t the same.


Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel from the movie “Captain Marvel” is Marvel’s first female lead superhero movie. Portrayed by actress “Brie Larson”, Captain Marvel is considered to be the most powerful superhero in Marvel.

She is both incredibly fast and strong and can shoot plasma energy blasts from her hands. She can travel anywhere at incredible speeds. She’s a wonderful icon to every little girl. With a name like Carol, Your little girl will grow up to be super strong just like her.


Darcy is a character in the Thor movies and she also appears in the show “Wandavision”. She’s really smart and very goofy and clumsy.


Daisy duck is a famous Disney character seen in a lot of Disney cartoons and animated movies. She’s a duck and a female variation to Donald duck in a way.


Dakota is a Native American name that means “friendly one.” It has gained popularity in recent years as a result of Hollywood actors Dakota Fanning and Dakota Johnson, but it is also popular among boys.

If you want to name your child after a state, you can do so by checking two options. Despite the fact that both versions are still in the top 400, they are steadily falling out of favor.


Diana from “Wonder Woman” is the name of Wonder woman. An icon to women and little girls. Every girl wants to grow up to be just like her. Strong, beautiful, and fearless, Diana has been two of her own movies as well as the Justice League and Batman vs Superman. Diana is an Amazonian princess who is immensely strong and fast, she has a sword and a shield, she uses a lasso which whoever touches always tells the truth.


Elsa from the all-time favorite movie “Frozen” is one-of-a-kind and beautiful name for your baby daughter. Elsa has ice powers and can freeze everything. She’s so powerful that she even created living ice beings in the movie.


Princess Fiona is a beautiful princess that later becomes an ogre in the Shrek movies. She’s a love interest to Shrek in the movies. Fiona is a beautiful name that is incredibly unique and rarely ever heard.


Hannah from Hannah Montannah is a famous old Disney character who appeared in TV shows and had a movie or two. She’s a music icon that hides her actual identity.


Katniss Everdeen from the hunger games is an exceptionally good archer. She’s another icon for little girls as she comes from a poor family that later becomes a hero and an icon in the movies.


Kim Possible from the old Disney animated show and movie “Kim Possible” is a spy that goes on dangerous missions. Perfect name for your daring little girl.


Kitty is a character in the second and third X-Men movies. Her power is to walk through walls. She has a short appearance in the movies she’s in but her name is really cute.


Lara Croft is a character mentioned in several movies and video games named Tomb Raider. She’s a fearless tomb raider that raids tombs and goes on dangerous adventures mainly in forests.  She’s played by Angelina Jolie and Alicia Vikander.


Mulan is a famous Disney character that has appeared in animated Disney movies and a live-action one too. She’s an Asian warrior that disguises herself as a man to fight but later reveals she’s a girl.


The character of medusa has been in countless fantasy movies. She was cursed to be a monster that whoever stared in her eyes, became stone. Beautiful even as a monster, Medusa is a powerful name.


Naming babies is a very exciting thing to do and naming your baby as your favorite movie character is even more exciting. James is an amazing name if you’re a James Bond fan or even Rambo or Steve Rogers. Names from movies are very recognizable as whenever you’ll call your baby. Someone will look for the movie character of the same name.

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