How to Hide a Pregnancy Bump for 9 Months (12 Clever Ways)

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Pregnancy is a personal matter, and the decision to make them public or not is entirely up to you. There are many reasons for a woman to hide the state of her health. It could be for privacy, or you want to maintain a personal image.

Are you wondering how to hide a baby bump as long as possible? Let’s read this article for the simplest and most feasible solutions!

How Long Can You Realistically Hide Your Pregnancy Bump?

Although pregnancy is a sacred process, many women do not want to show it to those around them. If you are also one of these women and want to hide the baby bump from everyone, you will wonder about its limits.

The goal of concealment is to try to last until the ninth month. However, hiding a pregnant belly is accessible only in the first part and most of the second trimester.

However, each person’s pregnancy development situation is different. Some women only have a tiny belly that can be easily covered. Others have a well-developed and attention-grabbing waistline.

Many expectant mothers will likely have to wear looser clothing before the 12th week of pregnancy. At the same time, many women can keep their clothes the same size as before pregnancy.

Concealing your pregnancy isn’t entirely impossible, but it will take some effort. Put on baggy clothes in advance and prepare a reason to fool everyone.

Clever Ways to Hide a Pregnancy for Nine Months

To hide the pregnancy the entire time, a mother will have to work very hard. This game might even challenge your creativity and patience. Let’s continue to get effective methods.

1. Do Not Wear Tight Clothes

This method is in the first place because it is the easiest to understand and follow. Wearing clothes that fit your body will flatter your curves and show off your status.

A good tip for you is to look for loose clothes but not too baggy. When you put it on, you’ll still look great without revealing your body contours.

Great choices are a button-down blouse or a flowing skirt. It will make the whole look sloppy, but the result is perfect.

2. Avoid Wearing Maternity Clothes

Maternity clothes will definitely not appear in your wardrobe at this time. Its most significant purpose is to tell the world about your pregnancy, and you don’t want that. Just by wearing casual clothes with the right fit, you can effectively hide your baby bump.

The side effect is that people will think you gain weight. You should avoid items with thin materials and lots of cuts when shopping. Instead, opt for clothing one to two sizes larger than usual.

You should choose the right clothes for special occasions such as presentations, interviews or work.

3. Using Accessories

Use accessories to distract people. It also makes you look more stylish and stylish even during pregnancy.

Large or sparkly bracelets are an excellent place to start. It will also be the center of attention and get everyone talking.

In addition, you should also play with unusual accessories such as brooches or flower clips. Summer is the best time to wear unique accessories.

Pregnant women also often experience hair loss. You can hide this with oversized sunglasses or colorful fabric headbands.

Let everyone around admire your flowing and modern hair.

Large handbags and purses are also great accessories. It will cover the pregnant belly growing day by day while you sit. In addition, you can also take advantage of them to store functional foods.

You should not use a bra because it will draw attention to the abdomen, the area that you want to hide the most.

4. Dress in Layers

Wearing layers is one of the best ways to hide a baby bump and still look stylish.

This method is handy during the fall and winter when chilly weather. You’ll have more reasons to dress up and put on more layers than usual.

The most effortless outfits to wear are cardigans, sweaters, and outerwear. It would be best if you also got used to plaid shirts.

To be on the safe side, you should still wear clothing one to two sizes larger daily. It will make it easier to move around. Wear a long cardigan or cardigan to make your body look slimmer in warmer weather.

5. Wear Colorful Pattern

Pay attention to the patterns and colors of the clothes you wear every day. Clothes with colorful patterns will play an influential role in distracting people.

Materials that you should avoid are satin in bright colors. In addition, you should not wear large prints or stripes. It will make your belly stand out.

To look slimmer, opt for simple or dark colors. A black dress and a light jacket with a pattern are the perfect matches.

It may be a new style for you when wearing it for a long time. Try it out today.

6. Fake Drinking

If you are a party girl and regularly drink alcohol, it will be very suspicious when you suddenly stop. To prevent questions, try fake alcohol.

You can replace alcohol with ginger juice to drink at the party. Another option is to get to the party early and report your situation to the bartenders. They will be flexible and serve you non-alcoholic drinks without letting others know.

If you don’t want to take the risk, say you’re in detox or for another health reason. However, do not lie too much because it will expose you.

Do not touch your belly in public

7. Body Language

Pregnant women often have a habit of touching their belly because they want to soothe irritated skin.

When you’re alone, you’re free to do whatever you like. But if you want to hide your pregnancy from everyone, give up this habit.

You can keep yourself so busy that you forget the urge to touch and stroke your belly. One of the most viable options is to focus on using the phone.

You’ll also need to tweak some of your body language to hide your condition. Always pull your shoulder blades back and lift your chest while standing or sitting. Pregnant women tend to lower themselves and lean forward as their belly expands.

Walking posture will also be affected. Usually, it will be toddling and stiff. The way to practice is to move the pelvis to the neutral position, adjust the shoulders back, and slightly raise the chin.

8. Scarfs and Stoles

Scarves, shawls, stoles, and wraps are fashion accessories that can easily hide your obesity.

Bright wool scarves with large seams will help keep your family members from wondering about secrets. You can also wrap it around your shoulder or arm to cover up any swelling.

This style can be applied in any situation. You can also add a bit of adventure to your fashion and accessories style.

Cashmere scarves are very small and easy to put together. Meanwhile, travel scarves have a certain charm. Don’t forget the weird designs of square shawls.

9. Cover Up The Morning Sickness

The bouts of morning sickness will make your 9-month pregnancy concealment fail. If people see you nauseated, they will quickly see the problem.

Lie by blaming the meal you just ate. However, this method only works with strangers or colleagues. Family and loved ones know you better and can uncover lies.

Acupuncture bracelets are suitable tools to prevent morning sickness. You can cover them under long sleeves.

Another tip is to carry crackers in your pocket to munch on in times of discomfort. Ginger is also an excellent choice to ease nausea.

10. Say You Are At The Dentist

If you visit your gynecologist regularly, your family and loved ones may be suspicious. Things will be more exposed if you constantly take time off work for doctor’s appointments.

Tell everyone you have a dental problem and need a dentist’s help. Another way is to talk about treatments that require multiple follow-up visits.

If you want to hide ultrasound images and appointments, fire up your imagination.

11. Conceal The Mood Swings

Accompanied by the compression pregnancy journey, you will feel like you are sitting on an emotional roller coaster. Many pregnant women cry easily even when they have no problem at all.

If people catch you with a teary face, say that you have some personal stress and pressure. People will encourage and comfort you during this time. Suffering alone is not welcome, and you need to let loose for emotional support.

12. Prepare For The Excuses

As your pregnancy progresses, you will have to urinate more often. You’d better be prepared with lies to cover this up. Consider reasons such as a bladder infection or food poisoning.

These little lies will help you keep the state of your body a secret.


We hope this article helped you know how to hide a pregnancy bump for 9 months. This process will take a lot of your energy, perseverance, and determination. Don’t forget to share this article if you find it useful.

Thank you for reading!

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