How to Fake a Pregnancy Test: 6 Simple Ways

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A fake pregnancy test can be the perfect April Fools joke for couples. This trick is super fun and will surprise everyone by revealing the truth. Luckily, you can learn a few exciting ways in this article.

So, how to make a pregnancy test positive? You can try the following ways:

  • Choose a test kit that works with soda.
  • Buy a fake positive pregnancy test.
  • Turn a pregnancy test positive with apple juice.
  • Use the urine of a pregnant woman.
  • Draw on the test.
  • Use an expired kit.
  • Use the evaporation line.

Let’s read on to learn more about the details of each step in these ways. You might also discover a few more ideas below. Read on.

Is a Fake Pregnancy Test a Bad Prank?

You should know when to use this prank

A fraudulent gestation experiment is like a joke. It may be funny to some but sad to others. You need to know when to joke around and when to show respect. If misused, it can ruin some relationships.

The subjects you should not use this prank are infertile couples or women who have had a miscarriage. That feeling is awful and a nightmare for any parent. Posting fake pregnancy pictures or ultrasounds can offend and hurt them.

You should also not use this hack if you have a susceptible loved one. Older people think that using the pregnancy announcement as a joke is indecent.

Jokes related to pregnancy should only appear if you and your partner are comfortable with the issue. Look closely at their attitudes to make the most appropriate choice.

With funny couples, you can make them smile all day long. Sometimes it even takes a step towards creating an actual baby.

How Does Pregnancy Test work?

A positive result

Before doing this nifty trick, you need to understand the gestation test.

Not all experimental devices have the same method of returning results. Some rods show two red lines; others have a pink icon or the words “pregnant”.

It would help if you also understood how these sticks to test work.

They react with HCG, a hormone found in the urine of pregnant women. The female body will start to produce this substance after the fertilized egg has been implanted in the nest after 6-12 days.

The enzymes on the experiment strip will react to the amount of HCG in the urine. Usually, the number ranges from 25-50 units. Because this level is not fixed, each type of test strip will give different results.

How to Fake a Pregnancy Test with Soda?

Using soda in a fraudulent gestation experiment is one of the simplest and fastest methods. If you want to learn more about each step in detail, continue reading below.

1. Planning Ahead

To make the joke go smoothly and people easily believe you, prepare some signals in advance. These signals will make your test more realistic and convincing.

Common symptoms when a person is pregnant include:

  • Complaining about the period coming later than expected.
  • Feeling nauseous and vomiting every morning.
  • Frequently feeling the need to urinate.
  • The chest is swollen.
  • Frequently feeling tired and sleepy.
  • Mood swings are frequent and emotional.
  • Eating weird food combinations.

For those living with your partner, start by announcing that your period is a few days late. Don’t try to take things too seriously too quickly; instead, dismiss them and act normal.

Then do some other common symptoms, such as persistent nausea or drowsiness. Those who are not confident in their ability to act should seek the help of pre-recorded sounds on the phone.

Two other indispensable signs are mood swings and complaints of enlarged breasts. In the long enough, your partner will gradually think you are pregnant and want to have the experiment done. And it’s time to take the next step.

2. Choosing a Test Kit that Works with Soda

As noted above, not all kits will react to soda. It’s a good idea to have a few test strips on hand to make sure the prank works.

Another note is to choose devices that save results for a long time. Some digital experiment strips will fade the effects over time. It is essential because you need to have the test strips ready within a few hours before your lover gets home.

3. Preparing a Can of Carbonated Water

The best soft drinks to fake a pregnancy test are Pepsi or Coke.

Some of the ingredients in these sodas are structurally similar to gestation hormones that can give a positive result. You can hide soda cans in the bathroom before entering or pour them into a clean glass.

Many will also ask for a second pregnancy experiment to be sure. You can prepare another can of soft drink in the bathroom just in case.

Reasonable and discreet hiding areas for soda cans are inside tampons or makeup boxes.

4. Using a Dropper to Drip Liquid

A dropper

Some people will pour soda into a glass and submerge an experiment strip in it to produce a false positive. A few others wanted to drip not to create a suspicious mess.

The method you choose will depend on your preferences and the type of test strips you buy.

Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the dropper before use. Even if you just bought it from your local pharmacy or store, the tiny dust particles in the walls of the tube can ruin your prank.

5. Waiting for The Results

Depending on the manufacturer’s design, results on the experiment kit can appear within minutes to more than ten minutes. To be sure, you need to read the product’s user manual carefully before proceeding to the next steps.

The average display time ranges from three to ten minutes. Some devices even show results earlier than usual.

Do not forget to choose test strips that can store long-term results. You don’t want the results to disappear and ruin the joke before your lover returns.

Other Ways to Make a Pregnancy Test Positive

You can still apply other methods if your kit doesn’t work with soda. Here are a few ideas to make a pregnancy test said positive.

1. Buying Fake Pregnancy Tests

If you’ll still looking for an alternative way on how to fake a pregnancy test with soda, the best and fastest option is to use fraudulent gestation experiment strips. It will always give a positive result to use it without any support.

How to use this product is no different from the authentic product. You need to take it into the bathroom and pee on it as an actual experiment. Wait for a few minutes for a positive result to appear.

These test strips can be found in abundance at local gag stores or online at Amazon. Please read the instructions carefully before use.

Prepare multiple test strips for those of you whose partner is too skeptical or asks you to test a second time. It will make the joke more believable.

2. Using Urine of a Pregnant Woman

This method is complicated, but its success rate is absolute. You will need a pregnant friend to assist with this prank trick.

Ask them to pee and store the solution in an airtight container. Then use a standard gestation test to check the results. You can use different devices to create multiple prototypes.

3. Drawing on The Test

Most gestation tests have separate plastic pads for the back and front. You’ll need to pry open the front of it to perform the trick.

The accompanying tool can be a nail file or thin metal tweezers.

Once you’re done prying, prepare a marker of the same color as the experiment result to draw a straight line to produce a false positive. Light pink markers are the best choice.

To make them look more realistic, add a little water to them. Water will blur the pen strokes and create a natural effect.

You can even draw both lines to make the product look better and neater. It also doesn’t ask you to pee on the device.

4. Using an Expired Kit

An expired test strip may produce a false-positive result. However, you will not easily find it in stores.

Ask your friends to see if they have any old tests past their expiration date. You can also search eBay for used sticks or ask around at a nearby convenience store. Please check the expiration date carefully.

This method is not entirely successful in all situations, but most give false-positive results.

5. Using The Evaporation Line

There are always evaporation lines next to the anode line, and they become darker after drying. It looks like a positive result.

You need to conduct a test and then let it dry for a day or two. It will give you a false positive but be quick as the results will start to fade.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have any questions about making a pregnancy test positive, keep reading below.

Does Dipping a Pregnancy Test in Apple Juice Make It Positive?

If you don’t have soda at home, you can use apple juice to fake a positive pregnancy test. Yet, there will be a few requirements that you need to follow, including:

  • Apple juice must be pure organic apples. Other processed juices often have distortions in their ingredients and may not have the same effect. You should check the labels of juice boxes to see if they are organic juices with no preservatives.
  • The test kit needs to work with the juice. Not all test kits give positive results when dipped in solution. You need to check to get the right option.

If you can meet the above two requirements, making the joke will be easy.

Is It Possible for Your Body to Fake Pregnancy?

Some people who get too excited about having a baby can produce pregnancy-like symptoms. In medical terms, this symptom is also known as pseudocyesis.

This phenomenon is quite rare among couples. A phantom gestation or a false pregnancy usually occurs from a woman with a strong belief that she has a baby. She will have the same symptoms and signs like morning sickness.

There is no specific explanation for this phenomenon so far. However, you can consult your doctor to get the most effective advice.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article has helped you better understand how to fake a pregnancy test at home. The above ways are effortless and quick, so you can do it without spending much time. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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