19 Surprise Pregnancy Announcement to Husband Ideas

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You’ve found out you’re expecting a baby. Now you’re thinking about how to let your partner know.

Rather than simply informing your spouse of the good news, consider surprise pregnancy announcement to husband ideas and expect interesting reactions that you’ll remember for years.

Below are some clever ways for this purpose. Keep scrolling down and determine which works best for your partner.

Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant

You will find the following pregnancy announcement ideas interesting and effective. Try to be creative and keep it a secret until the moment for revealing comes.

1. Give Your Husband Something The Size of The Newborn

You can be straightforward yet clever with this method. Simply give your partner something small, such as a lemon, a nut, or poppy seed. Then, inform him that: This is the size of our child right now.

He will burst with happiness and surprise for sure, feeling like he is holding his little angel.

Your baby is as little as a nut when you are announcing

2. Show Him Baby Onesies

The iconic onesie baby surprise is a safe yet always an effective idea. Wrap up a beautiful baby gift that includes a onesie with a hilarious daddy quote.

It’s a wonderful present that your baby may use as well! You may even buy matching clothing for the infant and the father (or a family-style set for you as well).

Set the onesies aside and wait for your baby to wear them

3. Make Him a Coffee

A colorful birth surprise mug is another unique idea to inform your husband that you’re pregnant.

Imagine your hubby is enjoying a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning, then reaches the bottom of the mug and finds a surprise that will positively change his entire life.

4. Give Him Food

Food is another easy reveal that your husband will enjoy since you can eat it afterward.

Pizza should be your first option. It has slices that you can place letters on. Make your own or order pizza for supper and use toppings to spell “I’m pregnant.

If this method seems like too much effort to you, you can write the message in the box instead.

Your partner will be surprised when he opens the package. He will never forget this moment for sure.

You may also want to consider the cookies. They allow for customization in terms of shapes, colors, and toppings.

Write some letters one the pizza

5. Tell Him Through a Game

If you and your husband like playing games together, plan a wonderful surprise to reveal your pregnancy through a game. There are some fantastic options that you might utilize to prepare for the big reveal.


Scrabble is an excellent choice because it only needs two players. However, you’d have to be creative and cheat a little.

Make sure you have set the letters in advance to spell “I’m pregnant” easily.


Pictionary would also be a brilliant game. You have the option of drawing or acting out your baby.

Bring out that positive test after your partner has made the correct guess. It’ll be a surprise he won’t ever forget.

Speak Out

Another delightful and fun way to surprise your husband with pregnancy is to play the Speak Out.

You will put an odd mouthpiece in your mouth to make it nearly hard to guess what you’re saying.

There are flashcards with simple words that you will say to your companion, and they must guess.

Imagine having the mouthpiece in and attempting to persuade your partner to say, “We’re getting pregnant!” It’ll be fantastic.

This game would also be great to record. That reaction is one you’d like to watch over and over.

Your partner does not expect the surprise while playing games

6. Give Him a Pregnancy T-shirt

You may also choose a T-shirt with a funny dad slogan to announce pregnancy to your husband, in addition to a baby onesie.

If you want one for yourself as well, there are many options. They’re perfect for posting on Facebook or Instagram to celebrate your pregnancy.

There are several stores where you may get one-of-a-kind personalized T-shirts for your celebration.

7. Let Him See The Pregnancy Test

You can leave the test somewhere your husband often comes by, like on his workstation and in the bathroom. You can also wrap it up in a book he’s been reading.

A test is a powerful tool since it informs directly and quickly what you want to tell your husband.

Another approach is to play the “Treasure game.” You can give him a map leading to where you hide the test.

The test can say everything

8. Let Your Other Kids Tell

If it isn’t your first time, you can simply use previous methods and add “twice” to the announcement. Otherwise, you might prepare a special surprise for your child.

There are a plethora of cute T-shirts or onesies with slogans like “promoted to a big sister or brother” which would be fantastic. You may dress up your young one in their beautiful big sister or brother clothing.

Your family is welcoming a new member, which appears to be good news for your other kids as well. Let them know that they are mature now.

Dressing your kid with the “big sister/brother” is also a cute way to tell your hubby you’re pregnant with a second baby.

Your older kid is promoted to a brother/ sister.

9. Let Your Pet Announce

If you and your husband were pet owners, you might definitely include your adorable fur kids in your pregnancy reveal.

If you really want to use dogs or cats to inform your spouse, you’re expecting. Some adorable bandanas are excellent.

Allow your pet to calmly come in wearing one of the items and unforgettably surprise your husband.

10. “Bottom at The Bowl”

Bottom of the bowl” is an excellent alternative to giving him food simply. The preparation is also more straightforward.

You can paint or write your baby announcement at the bottom of a bowl. Then, fill it with ice cream or any beverage. Make sure that he can’t see the bottom.

Just let him enjoy his meal as usual. When he sees the message he wrote, he knows it’s time to celebrate.

Prepare a clear message at the bottom of the bowl 

11. Use Scratch Cards

These are some customized scratch cards that you may use to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

Moreover, this game set comes with extras. You can utilize them as a fun method to tell your family about your pregnancy.

They’re a good fit and shape, but scratching them reveals the greatest gift ever: Guess what- we’re having a kid!

You should absolutely record their reactions. You may view the video again at any stage in your child’s life to recall the memories.

12. Give Him a Dad Survival Kit

A dad survival kit is another nice and exciting way to let your husband know he’ll be a father.

It’s a clever yet practical method to reveal the news that the new father will remember for years.

You may either make one yourself or buy one already made. Don’t forget to include your pregnancy test, as well as all of the other essentials.

If a holiday or his birthday is near, your partner will be completely unaware of the surprise.

13. Give Him Pregnancy Books

A book is another clever pregnancy announcement to your husband. It’s a thoughtful and practical present that he’ll appreciate.

You might choose from baby books and infant care books for new fathers. This gift is beneficial if you are welcoming your first kid. Let your husband prepare and equip himself with skills and knowledge to become a father

14. Use Balloons

This option is for you if you would like a lovely and straightforward pregnancy announcement. It does not need much planning or setup.

Tie a flying helium balloon to the pregnancy test. You can also add baby shoes or a hilarious card.

Simply inform your partner that you have a wonderful plan for him in the bedroom (or anywhere you want) and wait for the surprise, delight, and happiness.

If you want to capture this moment, make sure your smartphone is ready to record his reaction.

Feel free to be creative with the balloons.

15. Letter Board

Letter boards are becoming more and more famous among expectant mothers. Not just for revealing pregnancies but also for usage during the pregnancy.

This idea is terrific since you can use it for your weekly belly photos as well as after the baby arrives.

Write a nice pregnancy announcement statement or message for your partner to see on the letter board.

16. Surprise Photoshoot

You will have somebody take photos of you and your husband. Then, while he is busy thinking how to pose, you take out a board or anything saying: “You are going to be a dad.

Another idea is to take a photo when the two of you are standing face to face. Then, you take out the pregnancy test.

The best part of this method is that cameras can capture this valuable moment.

17. Use Fishing Lures

You can definitely come up with a unique method to announce pregnancy to your husband if you consider his interests and passions.

For example, if he likes fishing, why not try lovely personalized fishing lures? Customizable lures with customized engraving are available.

Pack my nappies and go fishing with daddy” is an excellent example of this surprise pregnancy announcement idea. It would be the ideal present for a fishing-obsessed dad!

18. Jumbo Blocks

If you’re a “go home” kind of mother, these massive baby blocks could be perfect for your positive pregnancy test.

Imagine putting these large blocks out with some colorful helium balloons and a garland, along with baby shoes and your test result.

Then, blindfold your spouse and bring him to the surprise, or you could create a fun hunting game around it!

What’s the best part? You may even reuse the blocks for photographs or a newborn shower.

19. Send Him a Card

All you need is the appropriate card at times. After that, you may frame it or put it in your child’s album.

There are several amusing pregnancy surprise cards available to make people laugh. It’s a straightforward and entertaining way of announcing your news yet unique.

You can use store-bought or DIY cards.

You cannot go wrong with the card

The key to this baby announcement idea is the message you send. Here are some of the funniest and most interesting that you may like. You can also use them for previous ideas.

  • A baby is coming soon.
  • Pink or Blue, we don’t have a clue! Either way, there’s a beach baby due!
  • Labor Day just took on a whole new meaning!
  • We will receive one of the most precious presents in our life.
  • An adorable gift is on the way.
  • We are so excited to become three.
  • Congratulations to you. Soon you will be a dad.


A pregnancy announcement is undoubtedly worth your effort and time. It’s a life-altering event that you and your husband will both remember affectionately.

Expectant mothers should be the happiest people in the world because they will create a tiny human. Let’s share this happy news with those who overcome hardness in life with you. Remember to film that moment so it can last forever.

Hopefully, you will find the pregnancy announcement ideas in this article helpful. For any further information, please feel free to ask. Thank you for being interested in the post!

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