Can Pregnant Women Drink Boba or Milk Tea?

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Pregnancy is the happiest event in a woman’s life, but it also causes the impending mommy to face a lot of agony and stress. Notably, diet and random cravings can be something stressful to a mom-to-be. Girls love milk tea, which doesn’t change when you’re pregnant.

There will be a point when you hopelessly miss the milk’s sweetness and the tapioca pearls’ chewiness. But can you drink boba while pregnant?

Yes, you can drink boba tea while pregnant in moderation. All the ingredients in a cup of boba, including bubbles, syrup, milk, and tea, are high in sugar.

If you consume boba in glut, excessive sugar may lead to uncontrollable gestational diabetes and weight gain, which do your baby no good.

This article will help you find out how this drink affects pregnancy and how to make it healthier for pregnant women.

Is Boba Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

To know if milk tea or bubble tea is safe to consume during pregnancy or not, first, we need to look at what’s inside the drink and the possible effects it has on pregnant women’s health.

What’s Inside Bubble Tea?

Milk, tea, topical pearls, and syrup are the main ingredients.

In the 1980s, a Taiwanese tea shop invented a tea-based beverage called Tapioca milk or bubble tea.

People mix that tea base with milk or fruit flavor, as the name hints.

Nowadays, there are also ice-blended variations, where a shop mixes the base with plenty of ice to deliver a frozen slushy consistency.

What makes it special and fun is the sweet, chewy tapioca pearls, also called “the chew balls,” “Zhen zhu,” or “tapioca balls.”

A shop can create various recipes with various ingredients and preparation steps.

Some popular elements include cream, milk, ice cream, green jasmine tea, black tea, soy milk, flavored powders, syrup, fresh fruit, and shaved ice.

Those signatures are how they make their brands stand out and attract customers.

Is It Good for Pregnant Women?

Boba poses little to no harm to health as drunk in moderation.

Whether drinking milk tea during pregnancy is safe or not is controversial.

The ACOG suggests that a reasonable amount of caffeine (no more than 200mg/day) does not result in a higher risk of preterm birth or miscarriage.

An average cup of boba (16 oz) contains caffeine of 130mg. So, if you drink in moderation and don’t consume other caffeine beverages, it’s fine to satisfy your craving.

However, don’t rush to jump to a conclusion. Now, we’ll consider syrup and tapioca pearls. Generally, pudding or bubble balls are safe for moms-to-be.

Nevertheless, sellers often add extra sugar in bubble pearls to yield a sweeter, more pleasing flavor.

Syrup and sugar contain many calories and little to no nutrients. And thus, an actual cup of boba, consisting of tapioca pearls, milk, and tea, has around 340 calories.

Regularly keeping weight and calorie intake in check is crucial for the sake of your baby’s health.

AJPM’s study has stated that consuming too much sugar during pregnancy could destroy your baby’s cognitive development, particularly in learning and memory.

Indeed, most moms-to-be say that a hot morning cup of boba can help them ward off sickness and tiredness.

Tea contains healthy nutrients like antioxidants, which help improve your immune system. That’s why moms-to-be usually have it as in pregnancy.

However, many women have to deal with serious issues during this period, like acid reflux, acidity, or bloating. Excessive consumption of this beverage might aggravate these problems.

On the bright side, this beverage is refreshing and healthy – a beverage containing essential antioxidants, nutrients, and disease-fighting compounds.

Regularly drinking tea, particularly the green one, will help minimize the risks of heart conditions, cancer, and other disorders.

The natural chemicals also help reduce inflammation and prevent cell damage.

The point is that not all types of teas are safe and healthy for moms-to-be. Thus, if you’re craving this drink or are lactose intolerant, you can choose herbal teas instead.

Some herbal teas contain magnesium, calcium, and iron, contributing to keeping your body hydrated. Within certain limits, this drink benefits everyone.

Still, ensure to pick the type wisely since several herbal teas pose side effects, too. The best idea is to seek advice from your doctor before going for something.

Also, if you can’t really resist the appetite for boba, we advise you to pick healthier ingredients.

For instance, ask the shop to add less syrup or sugar and use regular milk as an alternative to sweetened milk.

How to Make Bubble Tea for Pregnant Women?

No matter how big your craving is, only drink it 1-2 times a month.

Here is a common recipe for pregnant women who are a sucker for boba yet still want to stay healthy:

  1. Prepare black or green tea as per your preference (we recommend the green one, though!).
  2. Pour the prepared tea in a glass cup of 350ml and add 200ml milk.
  3. Add a tbsp of honey and mix it by stirring well.
  4. If you wish for extra flavor, you can put in some juice and cut down on honey.

Note: You can add ice as you wish, but it’s advisable to drink it hot.

Please keep in mind that you should only indulge yourself once to twice per month, no matter how strong your craving is.

Also, you can look for other types of teas that are either delicious or healthy for you and your baby.

Our recommendations are spearmint, peppermint, dandelion leaf, rooibos, chamomile, ginger, and nettle teas. Choose those with natural ingredients, depending on your requirement and mood.


A tasty cup of boba is like fresh air for pregnant women who have a sweet tooth and are fond of the fragrance of tea.

During pregnancy, your body tends to require more fluids. That’s when a hot glass of boba comes in place, helping you calm the mood swings in this phase.

In short, pregnant women can have boba tea as long as they consume it in moderation (once to twice per month).

Hopefully, the article has been beneficial for you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next posts about other drinks: hot chocolate, Liquid IV Hydration Multiplier, and alkaline water.

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