Can You Drink Alkaline Water While Pregnant?

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Water is necessary for life, especially while pregnant. Pregnant women need from 3 to 5 liters of water daily to keep their infants healthy.

Being pregnant is a beautiful experience, but there are many things to consider, one of which is whether you are properly nourishing your growing kid.

Safe nourishment is at the top of every mother’s priority list, but they sometimes overlook clean water. So, can pregnant women drink alkaline water?

Yes, it is a safe and healthful choice. It has a high pH level, which aids in the battle against acid buildup and improves general health.

We’ll go through some benefits that you can reap from this water source.

What Is Alkaline Water?

Mothers want everything that is good for their babies

Alkaline water is safer and purer to drink than conventional tap water since it’s less acidic and purified. Let’s take a look at the science underlying it all.

The pH values appear to determine whether a material is alkaline or acidic. They range from 0 to 14. It means having lower pH indicating more acidic or higher pH indicating more alkaline, with 7 being neutral.

Pure water is liquid with a pH level of 7. The pH content of tap water is between 4.3 and 5.3 on average, based on where you reside. To have a healthier life, we need a large amount of water.

It is much more important for pregnant women, who need a minimum of 5 liters every day for their baby’s development and growth.

Although our tap water is clean before it enters our homes, this is insufficient to eliminate pollutants and substances such as silt, chlorine, and germs.

All of these chemicals are unfit for long-term ingestion. It can influence people during pregnancy and their family and friends. Alkaline water is also filtered, making it purer and safer.

It isn’t only free of germs and harmful minerals but also aids in the relief of unpleasant pregnant symptoms. The natural antioxidant in Alkaline water lessens the impact of these symptoms.

Is Alkaline Water Good for Pregnancy?

Some people drink water from the tap

Alkaline water is good for pregnancy. There’s no scientific proof that this water poses a risk to pregnant women or anybody else for that matter.

In reality, drinking this water during, before, and after pregnancy may be highly beneficial to pregnant women due to these reasons:

1. Restore PH Balance

The mother’s body transfers the majority of her placenta or alkaline minerals during the first months of pregnancy to support her growing kid. Therefore, the fetus produces acidic discharge, causing the mother’s blood to become acidic.

A pregnant female’s blood has a low pH level during her pregnancy. So, drinking alkaline water maintains normal pH levels by balancing the blood’s acidity.

It also aids in the removal of acids that have accumulated elsewhere in their body. It helps the pregnant mother cope with acid accumulation in her body.

The infant excretes acidic waste into the mother’s bloodstream via the placenta.

So, drinking alkaline water during pregnancy can assist the blood in eliminating acidic waste by joining and neutralizing it.

2. Fight Free Radicals

It is high in antioxidants, which can assist the body in combating free radical damage.

A mother’s body becomes more fragile during pregnancy as she supports two growing systems. Thus, alkaline water to combat free radicals can help prevent premature aging and weakening.

3. Help With Indigestion and Heartburn

Heartburn is a common symptom in the second and third trimesters

Pregnant women, especially those in the second and third trimesters, are prone to heartburn. It is because continually shifting hormone levels might alter the digestive system’s muscles.

Another reason for heartburn is a growing fetus accidentally pushing up the stomach, forcing acid from the esophagus into the stomach.

By neutralizing the corrosive acid in the stomach, alkaline water helps to relieve indigestion and heartburn.

4. Ease Constipation

Constipation is a frequent complaint among pregnant women. It is due to the iron supplements, higher hormone levels, and more significant pressure on the rectum from a developing uterus.

When constipation strikes during pregnancy, laxatives are frequently the first line of defense. However, it may be best to seek out other natural solutions.

It is always better to increase fiber intake by consuming more vegetables and fruits and keeping hydrated during the day.

Moreover, alkaline water works by breaking down H2O molecules into smaller ones, making it more straightforward for the body to digest.

5. Boost Energy

The body needs to make various adaptations during pregnancy to support the developing kid. New moms experience weariness and exhaustion due to these hormonal changes.

The increased minerals in this water provide extra sustenance to the mother. It also aids the mother in maintaining normal water levels, which helps her maintain her energy levels.

6. Help With Morning Sickness

Unfortunately, pregnancy may produce nausea at any moment of the day, attributed to those pesky hormones that fluctuate throughout the pregnancy.

Morning sickness is characterized by vomiting several times per day. Morning sickness is frequently gone by twelve weeks into pregnancy.

Although it might persist up to nine months, pregnant women benefit from alkaline water because it keeps them hydrated and relieves morning sickness feelings.

7. Strengthen Immune System

A mother’s healthier immune system will lead to a better one for her baby

Although taking this water alone isn’t a cure-all, it can assist a lot when combined with a balanced diet.

The healthier the immune system is throughout pregnancy, and the better the developing immune response of the baby, the more healthy and balanced the body is.

8. Reduce Risk Of Dehydration

A pregnant lady needs more drink than she did before she became pregnant. She needs more water to keep the body’s hydration levels in the amniotic cavity.

What is the function of the amniotic sac? The fetus is in this sac, which is a pair of solid and thin membranes filled with fluid to safeguard the infant.

Pregnant ladies risk losing much water each day due to morning sickness and the well-known desire to urinate more frequently throughout the day.

Alkaline water is good for pregnant women since it goes through an ionization that makes it easier to absorb and has a soothing impact on a sensitive stomach.

Reduce Risk Of Pre-Eclampsia

According to studies, patients with pre-eclampsia treated with alkalized water fully recovered. It lowers water retention in the feet, hands, and ankles while lowering blood pressure.

High blood pressure, and a high quantity of protein in the urine of pregnant women, may cause this syndrome to emerge 20 weeks into a pregnancy.

It puts these women at risk for liver and kidney damage, blood clotting, and reduced blood supply to the placenta, which results in smaller newborns.

For the benefit of their child, moms must think more extensively throughout pregnancy. Because the amount of food and water consumed changes throughout pregnancy, pregnant women must ensure well-nourished.

Is It OK To Drink Alkaline Water All The Time?

Mineral liquid

A bottle of this water each day will have little effect on the human body.

If you consume a gallon of alkaline water every day, your body will have to work harder to maintain the pH, which means it will create more gastric acid and digestive juices over time.

Minerals in this alkaline water may begin to build in the bodies of persons who have a renal problem or are taking meds that affect kidney function.

Can You Put Alkaline Water In The Fridge?

Yes, it’s ideal for keeping alkaline water in a sealed glass or steel container. It would be best to store it in a refrigerator or a cold environment. But remember to avoid aluminum containers.

  • It will last for 1 to 2 weeks, although it is best when fresh (first three days).
  • After 18 to 24 hours, the antioxidant capabilities start to fade.

Can You Make Tea With Alkaline Water?

Many people use tea for health reasons throughout the world, and many medical authorities suggest it for its heart-protective antioxidant properties.

Tea tastes better when made with alkaline water; it is smoother, more fragrant, and less bitter. According to new research, this water boosts tea’s antioxidant potential!

Effects Of It On Tea

Tea made with alkaline water is higher in antioxidants and tastes better.

A previous study on the effects of this water on tea has found that brewing it with tea enhances the number of catechins. They are antioxidant chemicals found in tea derived from the leaves.

Tea cream, layers that form on the bottom of the cup of tea when it cools, has been demonstrated to be reduced by alkaline water. Moreover, tea cream deposits diminish the antioxidant capacity of tea.

The capacity to inhibit tea cream development is pH-dependent. As the tea cools, the higher the pH, the less cream will develop. Therefore, alkaline water helps to keep its antioxidant potential.

Significantly Increase Levels Of Antioxidant Gallic Acid

A balanced diet and drinking enough H2O will boost body health

Tea brewed with alkaline water has twice the quantity of antioxidant gallic acid. It is significant since gallic acid contains antiviral activities besides its antioxidant capabilities.

Gallic acid safeguards human cells from oxidative damage by acting as an antioxidant. It also has cytotoxicity, often used to treat albuminuria and diabetes.

Maintains The Antioxidant Potential Of Tea

Another advantage is that the tea’s antioxidant potential lasts a lot longer. Tea cream production is reduced by 10% when using alkaline water. As a result, the tea will last longer than tea produced with ordinary water.

What Happens When You Add Alkaline To Water?

When you add a base or acid to the water, the pH changes, the amount of OH – ions reduces when you add alkaline to water. As an additional liquid, the pH level falls toward 7, making the results less alkaline.


Nothing is more important to you as a pregnant woman than understanding what is safe for the baby and your health, and water is no exception.

Many women drink water directly from the tap; however, others say alkaline water may be safer for expectant mothers and may aid with pregnancy symptoms, including morning sickness, exhaustion, and heartburn.

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, but it may also be nerve-wracking. When you find out you’re pregnant, you become more aware of your decisions.

We hope this article gives you an insight into the question “can you drink alkaline water while pregnant?”

If you still have some related questions, please let us know! Thank you for being so interested in the article!

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