10 Guaranteed Ways to Deal with Feeling Unattractive During Pregnancy

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Are you feeling unattractive during pregnancy? Do not worry! We even believe that most women feel low about their self-image when they become pregnant.

Pregnancy is one of the miracles for a woman because that’s when she creates a new person. However, women also feel anxious when thinking that becoming pregnant will make them lose shape and be less sexy.

So, whether you are already pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant in the future, this article will be helpful to you. Read from top to bottom for helpful tips on successfully and safely navigating your body image during pregnancy.

Why Do You Feel So Unattractive During Pregnancy?

Many women feel ugly during pregnancy.

As a woman, there is a truckload of pressure on you to look beautiful and perfect at all times. Unfortunately, it does not happen during pregnancy.

In women’s or family magazines, the pregnancy pictures will give you the impression that pregnancy will involve:

  • A small and cute bump
  • A perfect glowing skin

Maybe you’re feeling unattractive when comparing your bodies to the pictures of pregnant women in magazines.

It seems that all the pregnant women you see in magazines or Instagram have not gained weight beyond that perfect little bump that you won’t even notice unless they are standing sideways.

Unfortunately, that was a “deception.” So don’t expect that you will always be wonderful during pregnancy. So, they look perfect while pregnant because they’re not really pregnant.

Models are often given a fake bump to look like they’re pregnant to make the photos look amazing.

The fact is that when you’re pregnant, you’ll either lose muscle tone or gain weight around your face. Besides, you will also have to deal with pregnancy acne and giant dark nipples.

You need to accept that your body will store fat in different parts when you are a pregnant woman, depending on the body.

Don’t forget that a woman’s body is designed to store fat during pregnancy. Therefore, it is almost evident that your body is less attractive.

Besides, many women put pressure on themselves to achieve the “perfect” weight when pregnant. It’s a big challenge because you won’t have the energy you need to exercise when you’re pregnant.

How to Feel Prettier While Pregnant?

While you can’t change your body, you can change your emotions by challenging your assumptions and changing your thoughts. Here’s a quick run-down to make you feel more attractive while pregnant.

1. Do Not Compare Your Body to Other “Pregnant” People

Don’t compare yourself with others

It wouldn’t make any sense to compare you with another pregnant picture in a magazine or Instagram because there’s a high chance they’re not pregnant.

The fact is that they only model pregnancy clothes. Therefore, it is an unfair comparison.

Also, always remember that they are models. It means that even if they’re pregnant, they’re not like you or any pregnant “average,” anyway.

2. Accept That You Will Never Get the Body Back

Learn to accept your pregnant body

Sometimes, acceptance will bring peace to your soul. It sounds sad, but the truth is that you will not get the pre-body back as now you have a new body.

Acceptance is healthy, but don’t let yourself wallow in those feelings for long.

On the positive side, you have created a new angel, which grows up and will see you soon. In addition, the body that’s making you “feeling ugly” will feed your little angel weekly, monthly, and yearly.

So, what is needed is to be satisfied with the new body, which is much stronger. Furthermore, it would be best to respect it because it has given you a godsend – the privilege of being a mother.

3. Stay Away From Things That Make You Feel More Depressed

Do you get your daily pregnancy fit or follow a pregnancy Instagram account that makes you feel self-conscious every time you see perfectly airbrushed pregnant women?

It is essential to unfollow such social media accounts and unsubscribe from magazines, at least until your baby is born. Also, it is best to stop looking at your whole body mirror.

You also need to get rid of negative thoughts that make you feel unattractive, such as “Houzz, I am so ugly and fat.”

4. Stay Active

Whenever you feel uncomfortable, try walking for five to ten minutes or taking some time each day to practice yoga. As a result, your body will be filled with energy, making you feel the same as before pregnancy.

In addition, your body will improve in muscle strength, tone, and endurance through exercise. As a result, you can easily control the extra weight and make it easier for you to recover from birth.

5. Do Not Drastic Hairstyle Changes

One of the rare advantages of pregnancy for the body is that it produces pregnancy hormones, which help you lose less hair than usual (your hair doesn’t grow, it just loses less).

Many people have a lot of trouble with their thick hair as it becomes unmanageable. Therefore, they choose to cut shorter as an effective solution. If you don’t want to cut your hair, you can also utilize a headband or clip.

Don’t forget that this hair volume and texture change is not permanent. So, it would be best if you did not make drastic changes to your hair.

We also recommend that you get help from a trusted hairstylist to find the right hairstyle for you.

6. Take Advantage of Makeup’s Power

Don’t forget to make up

Experts believe that makeup is one of the ways that can do wonders to pregnant women who are feeling ugly about their bodies.

So, don’t hesitate to try a new lipstick color or follow a makeup style that you accidentally found on youtube.

7. Care About Your Skin

Pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc on your skin or make your skin look like a teenager. For example, your complexion may look very good, or it may look rough and become drier.

If you feel uncomfortable about skin problems, the best thing is to see a dermatologist for advice on medication or safe treatments.

Your dermatologist will recommend over-the-counter products or a home treatment suitable for pregnant women.

You can also apply a good moisturizer to areas where your skin feels dry. For example, it could be your belly area that is getting bigger over time.

Try belly creams that work to prevent stretch marks, even though experts say they don’t work. Yet, many pregnant women trust them. So, give them a try!

8. Don’t Ignore the Fashion Aspect

There are so many great options for maternity wear, and your budget should be your only barrier. Indulge your style by building a wardrobe that includes things that suit you best while still expressing your style.

Whatever clothes you choose, go for black as they tend to make you look “thinner.” It is also the perfect choice for pregnant women to hide their bumps.

If you don’t mind accentuating the growing swelling, you can also wear form-fitting outfits.

9. Find Support

Even if you’re feeling unattractive to your husband during pregnancy, look to other pregnant women who understand what you’re going through. They can be friends, sisters, co-workers who are pregnant or have been. They can certainly make a difference.

It is also feasible to search for support groups on social networks like Facebook. You can also join the Babycenter forum, where you can share your self-doubts about your pregnant body.

10. Body Pregnancy Doesn’t Last Eternally

Don’t forget that pregnancy doesn’t last for the rest of your life. Your body will face many of its challenges after giving birth, and it will not even be the same again. But it will be yours again.

Until that time, don’t forget that you are a strong woman. Your worth is not judged by how beautiful you are today.

Stop looking in the mirror if you can. Instead, go for a walk, get a massage, and enjoy the gift your body has.

The Bottom Line

Through the above article, we hope you find a way to deal with feeling unattractive during pregnancy.

Always take some time each day to take care of your skin and hair, and find stylish maternity clothes. Additionally, it’s a good idea to set aside a few sessions per week for a spa treatment, which can help you feel better as your body changes during pregnancy.

Always remember that you don’t exist just to be beautiful or to feel beautiful. Your existence is much more meaningful than that. Think about having an excellent new family member, and it will change your perception of your temporary physical state.

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