65+ Baby Names That Mean Mercy or Forgiveness

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You, like every other parent, want your child to have a lovely name. A name that perfectly portrays the personality of the baby. You want your baby to grow up to be a caring, forgiving adult who is willing to help others. Such a wish would require a baby name that radiates mercy and kindness, as well as someone who is naturally forgiving.

In a society where people are busy pursuing retribution and committing acts of hatred, teaching children to be forgiving, compassionate, and merciful is important. Hope you select a name from this list that shines as a light of hope and forgiveness in a world filled with hatred.

Boy Names Meaning Forgiveness and Mercy

Aaric: Graceful Ruler, meaning to rule with Mercy.

Aashish: means “blessing,” “God’s bestowal,” and “God’s mercy.”

Aashka: means “God’s Mercy,” “Blessings,” or “God’s Bestowment.”

Araru: The meaning of Araru is “one who shows kindness.”

Arul: God’s Grace, God’s Blessings, Mercy Showers

Asees: Benediction, Blessing, God’s Grace, Mercy Showers.

Anugtaha: is a Hindu baby boy name that means “grace and favor.”

Aeshan: is a traditional name that isn’t as popular as it once was. Aeshan is pronounced “Ae-shan” and signifies “God’s Grace.”

Altaf: is an Arabic name with a long history in the Muslim and Islamic societies. “Kind and gracious,” says Altaf.

Benigno: means “kind; considerate” in Latin.

Basil: the Herb, Royal Kingly.

Bacilio: Brave, Monarch, Basil the Herb

Badda: Big Heart

Bada: Good

Chanak: is a name of Spanish origin that means “graceful young man.”

Chares: is an uncommon name originating in the lovely country of Greece! Chares is a Greek word that implies “grace and benevolence.” The sculptor of the famous Colossus of Rhodes was also known by this moniker.

Chezian: is an Indian name that translates to “graceful, kind, and elegant.”

Chaniel: is a Hebrew name meaning “grace of God.”

Charandayal: Feet of Mercy Cad Generosity Pattern, War Leader, Unknown Chieftain of Armies

Dashasava: means “merciful” in Sanskrit.

Datrim: God is merciful and loving.

Evan: is a Welsh surname originating from the name “lefan.” Evan is a lovely and short name for a boy that means “young warrior, or gracious.”

Eastman: is a traditional English name that means “grace guardian” or “lover of nature.” Eastman

Eoin: is a Gaelic surname that means “God is gracious.” Owen, Eugene, Ewan, and Eoghan are all prominent variations of the name.”

Esmond: is a traditional English name meaning ‘salvation grace” or “protection.” This baby name comes from the Old English name Estmund.

Ebele: It’s a word that signifies “mercy” or “compassion.”

Elior: God, who is merciful and a source of light for me.

Fadl: is a unique and short masculine name with a classic feel. Fadl is an Arabic name meaning “merciful.”

Fazli: is an uncommon Islamic name that means “good, generous, or praiseworthy.”

Giovanni: Giovanni is an Italian name that translates to “God is generous.” This baby boy name would look great with Gio as a nickname.

Ghafr: is a common Arabic name that signifies “grace and kindness.”

Ghufran: is a traditional Muslim male name that means “forgiveness, mercy or kindness.”

Gracian: is an unusual Italian name meaning “loved or precious.”

Girl Names Meaning Mercy and Forgiveness

Ana: Means “Gracious and merciful in ” Hebrew and English.

Anca: God has blessed me with grace, favor, and mercy.

Annikin: is a variant of Anne, which means grace or kindness.

Anum: A blessing in the form of a sacred stone; Allah’s kindness.

Amara: is a name of African-American roots. Grace, mercy, or kindness are the meanings of the name in Nigeria’s native Igbo language.

Analee: For ladies, this exotic Spanish origin name is unusual and elegant! “Grace or favor” is represented by Analee.

Annamaria: is a straightforward Hebrew name that means “God is generous.”

Baal-gad: Fortune or Felicity Idol

Babette: is a French diminutive of Elizabeth, a Hebrew name that means “My God is Abundant.” It is now commonly used as a stand-alone name.

Clemance: Mercy, forgiveness, pity, and grace are all examples of Clemance.

Carissa: This wonderful name will undoubtedly conjure up images of the delicious Harissa sauce. Carissa is a name with Greek roots that means “grace.”

Charis: is a fashionable Greek name that means “grace, benevolence, and life.” The name Charis

Dayawanti: is a Goddess who is known for her mercy.

Engracia: is a traditional Spanish name that signifies “one who is bestowed with God’s grace.”

Gianni: was an exotic Italian surname that was more regularly used. Gianni is a diminutive of the name Giovanni, which means “God is gracious.”

Grace: Grace is a beautiful and popular baby girl name that is used all over the world. Grace is a word that means “beauty, grace, and subtlety.” For your girl, choose a name that is both simple and classic.

Gracelynn: is a name with a Greek Latin origin that means “favor or blessing.” Lynn is a lovely nickname that goes well with this name.

Gracia: is a traditional Spanish Catalan name meaning “mercy or grace.” Garcia, Gracie, and Grassia are all lovely variations of the name.

Graziella: is an Italian name that means “gentle or gracious.”

Hannah: is a traditional Hebrew name meaning grace and favor. Hanna and Hana

Hananiah: Grace, Mercy, and the Lord’s Gift.

Ivanka: is a slightly uncommon name that means “God is gracious.” The female form of the name Ivan is Ivanka. Ivana is another fascinating name variation.

Jayni: means “I am the recipient of God’s mercy.”

Jeanetta: God is merciful and gracious.

Jamila: is a sweet Arabic name meaning “beauty, elegance, or grace.”

Jane: is a popular English name with the meaning “graceful.”

Jessica: is a well-known Hebrew name that translates to “God’s lovely gift.” Jessica is a name made popular by Shakespeare’s play “the Merchant of Venice.”

Kalasiah: is a name that is both unusual and fashionable. Grace is the Tongan origin of the name Kalasiah.

Kirpa: The word “Kirpa” means “Mercy.”

Keyanna: is a well-known American name that signifies “the lady who lives her life with grace.” This baby name would look great with a fashionable nickname like Keya or Anna.

Lisna: is a sweet feminine Arabic name that means “woman’s grace.”

Marianne: is a traditional French baby name meaning “gentle, gracious, and compassionate.”

Nanna: Kindness or mercy.

Nannette: God has been gracious to me.

Nancy: A simple and sweet baby girl name that conjures up images of the famous and fearless amateur sleuth Nancy Drew! Nancy is a name with a Hebrew origin that means “grace.”

Nidia: is a lovely feminine Greek name that means “the one who has sweetness and grace.”


Such a diverse variety of beautiful names that radiate energy full of mercy and forgiveness will surely shape your baby to grow into a kind person, someone who’s very generous, just what the world needs as there are so many evil people around. Names do not only sound pretty, but they also reflect the meaning they have on the person with that name.

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