Baby Name Numerology Calculator – Chaldean Method

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New parents are constantly spinning with the thought of how to pick a suitable baby name. Many people believe that there is a connection between names and numbers. These numbers have deep, enigmatic relationships with lives.

According to numerologists, people’s names impact their personalities, ultimate destiny, and soul. Having your baby’s birth moment and other numerology arranged correctly in a rhythmic pattern can bring them a lot of good fortune. On the contrary, incompatibility will allow bad karma to find its way to your child.

So, how to choose a baby name based on numerology? This article will guide you in calculating the name’s numerology according to the Chaldean method.

It also clearly explains the meaning of the numbers that tell the destiny and later life of the chosen name for your baby. Let’s scroll down right now!

What Is Numerology?

Numerology refers to the profound and academic study related to numbers. It has been used by many cultures as far back as Rome, Greece, Japan, and China, although each will have a different calculation and usage.

For example, Chinese culture has used numerology to determine which numbers may be luckier than others. A number can be lucky depending on how it sounds when spoken aloud. A number is still seen as promising if it has a lucky-sounding sound to it!

According to numerologists, all objects in this universe have a connection to numbers. They believe that each person’s name has a numerical value that significantly affects their relationships and future. Each number possesses specific traits related to it.

These experts stated that giving your baby a name representing the positive traits connected to the name’s numerological value will offer them a fantastic starting point in life.

Each letter of the alphabet is given a number between 1 and 9 according to the Pythagorean method, while it’s given a number between 1 and 8 according to the Chaldean method.

How to Calculate Numerology for Baby Names?

Numerology can help you understand your baby’s personality and anticipate its destiny through its name or birth date. In addition, numerology tries to make people’s lives more successful by exposing things that may assist or impede them.

According to numerology, every person has many numbers, which are calculated somewhat differently. Each number represents a specific aspect of your child’s personality or fate. In numerology, the three important numbers include:

  • Destiny number or Expression Number
  • Heart’s Desire Number or Soul Urge Number
  • Personality Number

The father of this method is Chaldean. They took inspiration from Indian Vedic numerology. It’s the most precise and historical system of number numerology for an alphabet. Like mathematical digits, a name can represent a variety of meanings.

The primary name’s numerical component, which represents the total of all alphabet letters in a person’s name, is known as the expression number or destiny.

Here is the numerology number chart, according to the Chaldean method to calculate your baby name’s numbers:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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1. Destiny Number Or Expression Number

Numerology uses specific numbers to represent things like a person’s destiny, life path, or heart desire. Different methods may be used to derive each form of the number.

It’s sometimes referred to as the “name number” since it is determined using every letter of the first and last name.

This method gives the overview of your baby’s character, specifies personal objectives and how to reach them, and any potential roadblocks.

How do you calculate this destiny number? You may utilize the full name or first name. For instance, try calculating the numerology numbers for the name Elon Musk.

Identify the appropriate digits by looking at the above chart:

5 3 7 5 4 6 3 2
Then add these numbers, and if it’s not a master digit, reduce it to a single value.

Sum = 5 + 3 + 7 + 5 + 4 + 6 + 3 + 2 = 35

It’s a compound digit. Thus, it would be best if you reduced it to a single value:

Single digit = 3 + 5 = 8

The destiny number or expression number is 8.

This number says Elon Musk is very organized, ambitious, self-assured, and realistic. He is a high achiever who puts forth a lot of effort to climb the ranks in his career.

2. Heart’s Desire Number Or Soul Urge Number

It’s a formula where you will use the vowels in your child’s first and last name to calculate.

The desire number or soul urge number represents the inner strength of your baby and what will guide it. Since it describes the inner self, choosing your kid’s name based on numerology is beneficial.

How to calculate a soul urge number or desire number? Let’s use the vowels in your child’s name.

Let’s continue to calculate with the name Elon Musk.

5 _ 7 _ _ 6 _ _
Then add these numbers, and if it’s not a master digit, reduce it to a single value.

Sum =5 + 7 + 6 = 18

It’s a compound digit. Thus, it would be best if you reduced it to a single value:

Single digit = 1 + 8 = 9

The soul urge number or desire number of the name Elon Musk is 9.

The person with the name Elon Musk is selfless and humane. He is compassionate and giving. The defining personality traits include sensitivity, tolerance, idealism, and compassion.

3. Personality Number

A personality number refers to the first impressions other people think about you. It assists you in determining how much you want to expose and with whom since it stands for the aspects of the inner self you will be most eager to share.

This number serves as a filter, letting in objects in line with your true self while keeping out individuals and circumstances you would prefer not to interact with.

You can calculate the personality number by using the consonants in your baby’s first name.

It provides insight into your child’s personality and offers a sense of what others think of them.

Back to the name Elon Musk again.

_ 3 _ 5 4 _ 3 2
Sum = 3 + 5 + 4 + 3 + 2 = 17

It’s a compound digit. Thus, it would be best if you reduced it to a single value:

Single digit = 1 + 7 = 8

The personality number of the name Elon Musk is 8.

Eights are excellent character judges. They have strong intuition, so they know the individuals they should associate with. They have great success in life due to their powerful, self-controlled character.

Besides, it’s worth noting that when calculating, there will be 3 Master Numbers, including 11, 22, and 33. These numbers are more significant than single digits.

Keep reading to decipher the secret of all the remaining numbers.

Numerology Name Meaning

After calculating, you may wonder about your baby’s numerology name meaning.

To make your task easier, here are the interpretations of these digits, including destiny number, soul urge number, and personality number.

Destiny Number Meaning


Number 1

If you have destiny number 1, you are destined to take the lead. You match the leader position with the destiny digit better than anybody else.

You are strong, persistent, and willful. You will do everything required to complete your goals and achieve success.

To leadership roles, you are ideally suited. You don’t enjoy having others direct you. You won’t put up with it.

You appreciate receiving praise from others and being the focus of attention.

You don’t have to be aggressive or overpowering to occupy this position. It’s just how you are.

Other people will regard you as a leader, and you don’t disappoint them with your innovative methods to accomplish your objectives.

Number 2

Twos are inherently calm, collected, and diplomatic. Your ability to persuade others comes naturally, and you put it to good use.

You are the speaker of calm in every tough circumstance and with challenging individuals. Sadly, you might not always prefer to play the role of peacemaker.

You are still the go-to one, nevertheless. Your expertise in this field is well-known and esteemed.

However, these traits don’t always bring good things. Family members may feel confined because you tend to be excessively protective of them.

It might give you the impression of being condescending, which is an undesirable fact as a mediator.

You may improve it and your inclination to be frightened, overly protective, and clever.

You are generally sensitive, kind, and caring and value the arts and aesthetics.

Although you are calm, you might tend towards diplomatic manipulation; you must try to improve.

Number 3

You are unwaveringly upbeat if you’re the number 3. You are always cheerful, bright, and enthusiastic.

You are an ideal companion for a romantic and platonic partner, suitable as you may need assistance.

You’ll prefer that comfort since your drive to achieve can disappoint you down occasionally.

You won’t reveal this urge to anybody, though. You always try to disguise your disappointment behind humor and wit.

No one can notice your sorrow. Because of your thirst for achievement, all people see is your success in life.

However, you’ll undoubtedly discover an innovative approach to connecting with the people you love.

Number 4

Fours are often stiff and content with their established routines. You like being alone or with your pets.

Additionally, you appreciate dependability, honesty, and efficiency. You keep track of the details and make any system put in place better.

You are good at managing. Thus, you are a bright candidate for a manager position for any business.

You would instead do things than idle about, engage in idle conversation, or waste time. That’s why others regard you as a dull or rigid person.

However, you are devoted to your beloved, which should be advantageous in your personal and work lives.

Number 5

A number is good at communication. You can talk with many people in several ways.

Your ability to communicate is helpful while making friends. Due to your outgrowing, you may want to do this frequently.

Your restlessness, which pushes you to seek new adventures, travel, and discovers new cultures, might be the cause.

Due to your limited ability to focus and propensity for boredom, you always search for novelty and movement.

However, your desire for new things makes you enthused, progressive, and daring.

Number 6

You are a godsend to the sick and weak. Since you are a nurturer, you are responsible for assisting other people.

The act of aiding someone else does not preclude your assistance. You have a strong desire for excellence in all you do.

You set high standards for both yourself and other people. It could be difficult for some to handle.

However, you will work well in your business as you can meet all your high expectations.

Moreover, you are considerate and empathetic, making you an excellent employer.

Number 7

Those with the number 7 as their destiny are logical, communicative, creative, and intelligent, making them ideal educators.

However, don’t allow your arrogance and intolerance to come through when you impart your expertise.

Furthermore, you prefer to study and love facts. Additionally, you have a suspicious attitude, which is not beneficial.

And yet, despite the contradiction, you lead a successful life. You’d be the perfect companion and aid to humankind.

Number 8

If you possess number 8, your talent for leadership and work ethic will help you succeed in business.

You are responsible, but you also need to be responsible. You want others to realize your talents. And you are competitive about this side.

However, you will be in a better position than others because you work hard to achieve your goals.

Although you are successful and organized, you also lack tolerance and are likely to be skeptical.

You also struggle to balance your professional goals and your family obligations.

Nevertheless, because of your perseverance, you’ll undoubtedly manage to strike a balance.

Number 9

People with destiny number 9 are generous. You’re charming, compassionate, and a fantastic art lover.

Every action you take aims to make the world more beautiful, and you possess the capacity to inspire others to see their inner beauty.

Nevertheless, you lack patience. You have many desires and always want to have what you expect.

You are conceited. When someone seems uninteresting, you won’t wait for them. You only want to spend time with worthy people.

You have to learn how to be as lovely as the universe you want to build, forgive, and put up with people you think are less than you.

Number 11

Elevens are skilled performers. You work in print, film, and television.

You feel fulfilled when you’re in the spotlight. You enjoy reading your writing aloud to large audiences or appearing on video.

You are a natural communicator, both verbally and in writing. You can share your expertise and abilities, which is beneficial.

You may spread your spirit among influential individuals with whom you can create new relationships.

They aid you in moving forward toward a prosperous career. You are a leader who never seems to fail.

People that follow you trust you because you don’t budge on your convictions. However, you might be selfish, which is what you must improve.

Number 22

A charismatic, fascinating person is someone who has the number 22. Being the focus of attention is a result of your charisma.

Because you’re clever, you make the most of the excellent attention to advance your career.

You have both pragmatism and idealism. You are, therefore, intriguing, capable, and successful if you put your mind to it.

You’re gifted and skilled at getting goals quickly, yet you could take everything for granted. Besides, it would be best if you control your desire for power.

Number 33

Being the number 33, you are caring, maternal, and generous. You have excellent perception and intuition.

You’d excel in a caregiving position. But for your mental happiness, you also require a fulfilling career.

To succeed, you need a goal. You will suffer if you put your job’s money above your satisfaction.

However, because you have a strong sense of control and can handle pressure, you should be careful while choosing your mission.

Perhaps you would experience less stress if you allowed others to assist you.

Soul Urge Number Meaning

Number 1

As a soul urge number 1, you are independent and self-sufficient. These are signs of an excellent leader.

You are the type of person that has faith in your talents and is not afraid to take risks.

However, there are still difficulties with this number. A great leader will need loyal followership.

Your passion and contagious excitement motivate others to take action. However, you can run afoul of those who dislike being led.

Number 2

As a number 2, you are an emotional and sensitive soul. You may cry because of sad movies.

Feeling safe and comfortable is what you want most of all. Although you may occasionally dislike your sensitivity, it conceals a fantastic asset.

Your intuition is powerful. Since your judgments are frequently accurate, you must learn to trust them and defend what you perceive to be correct.

Number 3

Do you enjoy writing-based kinds of art? Are you a musician, poet, writer, or actor?

As a number 3, the public adores you because you are an innate performer.

However, it would help if you learned how to convey your inner feelings and ideas. Art may help you do this.

You have what it takes to lead a successful life, owing to your abilities and charisma.

If you desire to succeed, you must rely on perseverance and discipline.

Number 4

Do you like chaos over order? Do you prefer consistency to abrupt change?

Do you have a great sense of satisfaction upon achieving a goal? If all the answers are yes, you are number 4.

You are an excellent role model for other individuals in terms of self-control and diligence, making you an asset to any business.

On the other hand, be mindful not to let your companion or children see that your need for rigidity is stifling.

Number 5

If your soul number is 5, you are eager to study and discover as much as possible.

Your charm is endearing, and your excitement spreads like wildfire. You might want to travel and look into new career opportunities.

The biggest obstacle is facing your fears. Despite having numerous friends and lovers, you can be more afraid than they might be.

Your urge to explore might sometimes seem negative via drug use, excessive drinking, and shopping.

You have many godsends for success in every way. However, acquiring discipline is essential to achieving success.

Number 6

Harmony, diplomacy, and balance are all traits of soul number 6. You most undoubtedly have a close-knit group of devoted friends.

Your motivation comes from a desire to see your family and friends happy and healthy.

When tempestuous emotions start to surface, you tend to bury them behind a lovely smile.

You are incredibly generous and giving toward the people you love, which makes you feel meaningful.

However, if you focus on meeting the needs and desires of others, you could occasionally lose track of yourself.

You indeed deserve respect. You are a wealth of wisdom, and the arts or health professions may be where you may realize your most significant potential.

Number 7

After summing up all vowels in the name, if your soul number is 7, you are probably highly independent.

Thanks to your critical and analytical thinking, you can dive into problems more deeply than most people.

You hate having beliefs that have no foundation. Before you trust anything, you require hard evidence.

You are always trying to better yourself. You could even be aiming for enlightenment.

You always look for the truth. You pose probing, insightful queries that may need life to resolve.

You could find it challenging to convey your emotions. You want a companion to offer you the freedom and space you need.

Number 8

As the number 8, you prioritize material possessions. It might be anything, including money, legislation, authority, and prosperity.

You could have a stronger desire for achievement than others. To rule the material world is your soul’s desire.

Nonetheless, you risk losing sight of the more excellent picture in your quest for worldly prosperity.

Although your motivation and willingness might aid your success, they can also lead you to act extremely.

While you excel at earning money, you could also be fast to lose it. To achieve satisfaction, you must balance your aspirations and other vision.

Number 9

If you have number 9, global consciousness is something that concerns you.

Putting the needs of others above your own might be what motivates you. Excellent mental clarity characterizes you, giving you a broader outlook than others.

This number has a powerful vibrational energy. It could occasionally triumph over your selfish impulses. Thus, you are more idealistic, giving, and selfless than others.

Number 11

Your spiritual path in your life is special if you have this master number. You have a strong sense of morals.

You can grasp the transitory character of the material world because of your powerful intuition.

The number 11 possesses tremendous strength and power. It might be challenging to develop such an ability, though.

Most individuals with this number begin their lives in challenging circumstances. You had a difficult childhood instead of a pleasant one.

Perhaps your path wasn’t simple. You have, nonetheless, matured from your hardship.

Number 22

If you have the urge number 22, your inner self is to make a difference in this world in your way. It may be related to spirituality, politics, or financial area.

This number has the intuitive understanding and power of the number 4. Also, it possesses number 4’s practical aptitude.

Anyone having the number 22 is likely to have a profoundly good influence on the world.

Your road might not always be straightforward, though. With great potential comes great responsibility.

And others will look at you critically out of jealousy and adoration. However, don’t let it discourage you.

You are aware of your existence in this world. Be courageous and act on what your heart tells you to do.

Number 33

This master number 33 represents the caring and loving traits of soul desire number 6, making it the most mentally developed of all the numbers.

If your number is 33, you are understanding and loyal. You are a good listener who tries to look for the positive in others and are forgiving.

You frequently prioritize the needs of others before your own. You look for balance and beauty in everything.

Since artistic work gives you such a great sense of fulfillment, you are attracted to art.

Nevertheless, the life journey of soul desire 33 isn’t always smooth despite your talents and skills.

Personality Number Meaning


Number 1

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Creativity
  • Leadership skills

Things you need to improve:

  • Your ego
  • Stubbornness
  • Being overconfident
  • Your lack of compassion

These individuals with this number are naturally born leaders. You are a fearless explorer who takes risks.

You exude such confidence that you frighten people. It would help if you remained calm, approached situations with less enthusiasm, and kept your ego in control.

Number 2

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Trustworthy
  • Friendly
  • Honest
  • Reliable

Things you need to improve:

  • Moodiness
  • Shyness

People with number 2 are best friends. You are reliable, so others can trust you, and you are honest.

If someone says something to you that you disagree with, you will let them know, but in a thoughtful way that preserves harmony.

People with number two are naturally pacifists, but if necessary, you’ll fight. Despite your timid attitude, you have a fiery personality.

Despite the gloominess, the twos are gifted thinkers who are exceedingly philosophical.

Number 3

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Intuition
  • Creativity
  • Opportunistic nature
  • Communication skills

Things you need to improve:

  • Manipulative streak

If you have this number, you are talkative and good at communication. You can skillfully draw people to you, and your creativity can keep them.

You have little trouble making friends, perhaps due to your gregarious nature or conversational side.

However, you are sometimes manipulative. Even if it is unintentional, you should work on it.

Number 4

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Family-oriented
  • Pragmatic
  • Maturity
  • Stability
  • Nurturing nature
  • Well-dressed

Things you need to improve:

  • Being overly serious
  • Dull attitude

The ideal gentlefolk is the number four. You are well-dressed, organized, and devoted to your family.

You have always been a mature person. You have a pragmatist viewpoint, are persistent in your behavior, and command any situation.

Nevertheless, others find you uninteresting because of your pragmatist, systematic view of life.

Number 5

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • High-spirited
  • Adaptable
  • Travel enthusiast

Things you need to improve:

  • Over-burdening

Knowing fives is enjoyable. You have a great spirit and like exploring new places.

You are ready to handle practically any obstacle, and you will fight with vigor if something goes wrong.

Nevertheless, you tend to overextend yourself at the job or to be everyone’s listening ear.

Number 6

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Warm
  • Caring
  • Responsible
  • Well-balanced

Things you need to improve:

  • Over-worrying
  • Vulnerability
  • Financial frivolity

People with the number six are kind and compassionate. Being sociable, you will instantly be kind and caring for everybody.

You are so attractive from the inner self and give more attention to someone’s insides than their outsides.

However, when you’re criticized, you’re vulnerable. In addition, you frequently worry, particularly about finances.

Number 7

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Intelligent
  • Dignified
  • Rational

Things you need to improve:

  • Unemotional nature
  • Reserved attitude

People with the number 7 excel as poets thanks to their brilliance and mystic aura. Your work can be quirky.

You’re accustomed to having your enigmatic behavior, peculiar fashion choices, and poems mocked.

Number 8

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Controlled
  • Successful
  • Intuitive
  • Amazing judgment

Things you need to improve:

  • Showoffiness
  • Dominating behaviors

If you have the number 8, you have a powerful intuition. You know who you should make friends with.

You will be successful in your career and life thanks to self-controlled traits and fantastic judgment. However, your controlled and firm attitude may appear excessively dominating to other people.

Number 9

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Influential
  • Confident
  • Magnetic
  • Philanthropic
  • Charming

Things you need to improve:

  • Entitlement
  • Being aloof

This number is associated with gracefulness, charm, and elegance. People are drawn to you because of your natural attraction.

Being knowledgeable and confident makes it easy for you to keep people closer.

But you must exercise caution since cockiness may develop from confidence in seconds.

The more favorable attention you receive, the more likely it is that you will become distant and begin acting haughty and entitled.

Number 11

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Sensitive
  • Gentle
  • Passionate
  • Patient

Things you need to improve:

  • Vulnerability

As an eleven, you are a gentle, loving person who does not have time for debates. All you want is peace and love.

Thanks to your tolerance, sympathetic character, and listening aptitude, you may easily make friends despite being cautious.

You do, however, tend to be excessively vulnerable. Being negative drains you, but you can develop your pressure-handling skills.

Number 22

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Powerful

Things you need to improve:

  • Self-doubt

You are reliable and robust, and others can count on you to complete your tasks with efficiency, knowledge, and excellence.

However, you may doubt yourself a lot. You often feel inferior and unconfident to the people around you.

Your lack of confidence causes you to lose motivation, which makes it more challenging to identify your goals. It’s what you need to improve.

Number 33

If you possess this number, you may have the following traits:

  • Confident
  • Artistic
  • Inspiring
  • Parental nature

Things you need to improve:

  • Vulnerability
  • Worry

Owning this number denotes that you are a self-assured, motivational someone who frequently expresses paternal or maternal traits toward your beloved ones.

You may be a wonderful nurturer or an incredible drawing, music, gardening, or writing artist.

However, you are vulnerable to negative comments. You tend to be overly worried about criticism.


1. What Is The Best Name Number In Numerology?

The short answer is there is no best name number in numerology. It depends on the personality, destiny, and soul desire that you hope your child will have.

2. What Is The Difference Between Chaldean And Pythagorean Numerology?

They are the two ways to determine a word’s or person’s name’s numerology number, but they have differences, including

  • The Chaldean method is older than the Pythagorean one.
  • They were designed from different beliefs.
  • The number nine is missing in Pythagorean numerology.
  • Chaldean numerology is more accurate.

3. Does Numerology Consider The First Name Or The Full Name?

The answer is both. When calculating a destiny number, it’s essential to utilize your full name, even if you don’t use it often.

Numerologists tend to be relatively rigid about this rule since changing the name will reduce the original name’s energy and effect.

Wrapping Up

Finding an appropriate name for a newborn baby is always a daunting challenge for new parents. This is especially true for those who are perfectionists and have little interest in astrology or zodiacs.

We hope that after learning the name numerology calculator, you can apply it to find a name with good meaning and bring good luck and a bright future to your child.

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