Can Pregnant Women Watch Scary Movies?

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Pregnancy is when a mother needs to be careful with the dos and don’ts. One of the controversial acts of this stage was watching scary pictures and movies.

So, can pregnant women watch scary movies? Yes and No because the answer depends on the individual.

There isn’t any medical or scientific basis to prevent you from watching horror movies or any other genre while pregnant. However, some people believe that this action can negatively affect the unborn baby.

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Is It Bad to Watch Scary Movies While Pregnant?

Many pregnant women have wondered about this problem. The answer is Yes and No.

It’s easy to get the advice you know that you shouldn’t watch this movie genre. However, is there any logical basis to confirm this?

In fact, you can watch horror movies while pregnant. This depends on each pregnant woman because the level of impact is different.

When you’re pregnant, you’re surrounded by many old wives’ tales and varied advice. Many people have heard about how diet and food can affect the baby. Others believe that the images you often see will affect the baby’s appearance.

According to many people, your baby will be cute if you are regularly exposed to cute baby pictures during pregnancy. It is not surprising that many people do not want to see scary images during this time. Even so, there isn’t any scientific evidence to back up this claim.

Another more plausible reason is the nature of horror movies. This type of movie often stacks with creepy, sensational images and stimulating sounds.

The stress and anxiety created can trigger the production of hormones that negatively affect mental health. Pregnancy also makes your emotions more sensitive and moods more susceptible to being involved.

So, if you’re a fan of this genre, feel free to do whatever makes you happy. On the contrary, people with sensitive and weak nerves should stay away from them to avoid undesirable consequences.

pregnant woman surprise while watching horror movies

Are Unborn Babies Affected By Scary Movies?

How does watching scary movies affect your unborn babies? In fact, everything will be excellent if you enjoy the genre.

The only reason that prevents moms from watching horror movies is their potential for stress and hormonal changes. High cortisol levels will make the baby less attentive, easily startled, or constantly restless in the long run.

Your body will not be able to adapt to the hormone disruption. It can increase heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar. In rare cases, extreme stress can lead to stillbirth or premature birth.

For this reason, obstetricians and gynecologists often advise mothers to relax and do recreational activities to put their minds at ease. However, if watching horror films makes you comfortable, there’s no reason to stop it.

You should also remember that the fetus will develop several organs of hearing from the 24th week. It means that the baby can listen to and respond to surrounding sounds.

Horror films often have a lot of shouting and loud noises that can upset and squirm babies. Moreover, pregnant mothers tend to be extremely sensitive to violence, horror, and fear at this stage. This action is an evolutionary process for a mother to protect her child from potential dangers outside.

Things to Keep in Mind If Deciding to Watch Horror Movies During Pregnancy

Avoid being too sentimental during pregnancy
Avoid being too sentimental during pregnancy

Prevention is always better than cure, especially during a crucial period like pregnancy. You should pay attention to some of the following issues to ensure your baby’s health and normal development.

  • The key is to stay positive throughout pregnancy. If watching films upsets your emotions and causes stress, it’s better to stay away from them.
  • You should be aware that being pregnant will make you more emotional and jumpier. The main reason is because of hormone changes.
  • Stop doing this if you get tired of sitting up straight in the cinema for hours on end. You can also choose shorter-duration films.
  • Drink water and non-caffeinated beverages to prevent adrenaline spikes.
  • After watching a movie, you should take time to stretch and relax. Take a shower, turn on the soft light mode and listen to some symphonic music to relax your body.
  • Choose horror-comedy films. It will relieve sudden fear and stress.
  • It would help if you watched movies with friends or relatives. They will bring peace of mind and observe adverse changes to the fetus.

You can listen to this melodic and soothing music. It will relax the body and calm the baby in your tummy.


Watching scary movies while pregnant is OK. If you love stimulation and have a steady mind, feel free to do what you want. However, the changing hormones and noise will negatively affect other mothers.

A good piece of advice is to play it safe so you won’t regret it. Provide your baby with a pleasant and relaxing environment for healthy growth.

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