25+ Unique Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. At no cost to you, I get commissions for purchases made through these links.

As a mom, I remember the excitement and joy of finding out I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to share the happy news with my husband, family, and friends. If you’ve recently found out you’re expecting, Valentine’s Day offers a fun, love-filled occasion to reveal your pregnancy.

After researching ideas myself, I’ve put together this list of creative ways to announce your pregnancy on Valentine’s Day.

Whether in-person or virtually, these are unique ideas to surprise your loved ones with your growing bundle of joy!

1. Make Custom Balloons

Make Custom Balloons

Order personalized balloons from Etsy or a specialty balloon store with cute sayings like “We’re expecting!” or “New baby coming soon!”

I love this idea because the balloons create such a festive atmosphere when you present them to your husband. Watch his face light up when he reads the surprise message.

2. Use an Adorable Onesie

Onesies make adorable pregnancy announcements when gifted to your partner or parents. Choose one in red or pink and pair it with a sweet Valentine’s Day card or funny sayings.

I’d pick a size bigger than newborn since babies grow so fast. It will be even more special for your husband to see your baby wearing it months later!

our little valentine baby onesie
via Etsy

This onesie with “our little Valentine” perfectly captures the spirit of Valentine’s Day, with its tender message that announces your baby’s arrival. It’s like a love note that preludes the excitement to come.

Second pregnancy Announcement Onesie
via Etsy

This playful onesie adds a cheeky twist to the Valentine’s announcement, hinting at the unexpected yet delightful surprises love brings into life. It’s perfect for sharing your growing family’s news in a lighthearted, charming way.

3. Use Little Red Shoes

Little Red Shoes

Tiny red baby shoes tucked inside a box or gift bag make such a creative announcement. Present them to your spouse over a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

For an extra personal touch, attach a heartfelt note explaining your due date or how excited you are for their arrival.

4. Share an Ultrasound Photo

candy heart and ultrasound announcement

Make your Valentine’s gift extra memorable by including a copy of your first ultrasound picture. Put it inside a card or frame it for your partner to open.

ultrasound photo pregnancy test and balloons

The combination of the ultrasound photo, pregnancy test, and balloons ties in beautifully with a Valentine’s Day announcement.

It’s a clear, joyful expression of new life that fits the love-filled theme of the holiday. Holding these items in a photo says, “Our love has blossomed into a new life, and we’re thrilled to share our joy with you!” It’s personal, direct, and full of heart—a perfect announcement for Valentine’s Day.

I love this idea because it makes the pregnancy feel more real. Your spouse will be so moved to see your growing baby for the first time.

5. Wear a Creative T-Shirt

valentine pregnancy announcement shirt
via Etsy

What better way is there to announce your pregnancy than with a cheeky t-shirt? Choose one with a cute phrase like “Bun in the Oven” or “Baby-to-Be.”

I’d plan to wear it when we’re relaxing at home rather than out to dinner. That way, we can really take time to celebrate together.

6. Do Themed Photo Shoots

Grab some Valentine’s themed props like heart garlands, stuffed animals, onesies, or printed signs.

Then stage a cute at-home photo shoot to capture your reactions as you announce the big news! It will be fun to look back at years later.

Here are some ideas for you to try.

ultrasound photos and heart balloons
valentine pregnancy announcement photo shoot 1
via hellowillisfam
love and onesie
fun way valentine
valentine photo shoot idea 2
valentine photo shoot idea 3

7. Use a Festive Flat Lay

Gather cute pregnancy props like onesies, socks, ultrasound images, or decorative signs. Arrange them in a flat-lay display and snap some photos.

It makes such a festive social media announcement for friends and family! I love including a chalkboard sign with your due date or cute message.

You can take the DIY route and make your own, or simplify the process by ordering digital templates on Etsy or downloading free templates from my library to use. I’ve suggested some directions below if you need inspiration.

Gender Neutral Template
via Etsy
Baking Baby
via Etsy
Basket & Petals
via Etsy
simple valentine idea
via Etsy

You can easily recreate this at home with a few items, capturing the warmth of Valentine’s Day and the excitement of your upcoming arrival. It’s a lovely way to share the news in a cozy, personal setting.

Extra Sweet Family
via Etsy
Minimalist Pregnancy Announcement
via Etsy

The minimalist pregnancy announcement with the eucalyptus heart is effortlessly beautiful and so easy to do at home.

Just gather some greenery from your garden or a local florist, arrange it into a heart shape, place your ultrasound in the center, and add your baby’s future surname and arrival month.

It’s understated, elegant, and has a touch of nature’s serenity—perfect for sharing your news in a simple yet stylish way.

8. Involve Older Siblings

Involve Older Siblings

Let big brothers and sisters help announce your pregnancy by dressing them in “big sister/brother” shirts.


Have them hold conversation candy hearts with your due date or ultrasound pics too. It’s a sweet way to reveal the news and excite the kids.


9. Feature Your Pet

fur pet valentine

Dress your fur baby in a fun bandana or sweater with “big brother/sister” on it. Then snap some pics together for a cute pregnancy announcement post.

big sister and brother valentine

Your pet will probably try to sniff and lick your belly – so cute!

10. Bake Pregnancy-Themed Treats

valentine cookies
via sweetsbysarahschoonover

Whip up some yummy cookies or cupcakes decorated with baby icons, rattles, or messages like “bun in the oven.”

Share photos of your creative confections on social media or gift them to surprise family members with the big news.

11. Make a Music Video

Record a silly lip-sync video together to a fitting song like “Baby Love” and post it online. It’s such a fun, lighthearted way to announce your pregnancy that I’m sure will get lots of likes! Feel free to get silly with props.

12. Have a Secret Box

Secret Box
via Etsy

Place little gifts like pacifiers, socks, or rattles inside a decorative box. Present it to your parents so they can unpack the contents and piece together your pregnancy clues!

I love this idea because it builds suspense and excitement.

13. Use a Letter Board


Pose for pictures as a couple holding up a letter board sign with your due date or cute announcement phrase.

Letter Board valentine 2

It’s perfect for capturing genuine reactions! I’d decorate the background with balloons, flowers, or a festive Valentine’s Day theme.

14. Write a Sweet Letter

Craft heartfelt letters to each set of eager grandparents explaining your pregnancy news and due date. Reading them aloud or gifting them inside Valentine’s cards lets them discover the news personally. I love this idea because it’s so sentimental.

15. Make Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day Cards

Make homemade cards with fun phrases like “We’re expecting a Valentine’s baby!” inside. Watch their delighted faces as they read the clever messaging and realize you’re pregnant. It’s a keepsake they can cherish.

16. Host a Special Dinner

valentine wine

Treat the whole extended family to a fancy Valentine’s Day dinner “just because.” Provide cute decor clues like baby bottles, pacifiers, and ultrasound images at their table settings to foreshadow your announcement over dessert! I think the suspense makes it even more fun.

17. Reveal the Nursery

valentine nursery reveal

Give your parents an exclusive tour of the new baby’s coming nursery, complete with crib, rocking chair, and sweet decor!

It’s a precious way to tell them they’re going to be grandparents. Warning – happy tears ahead! I’d have cameras on hand to capture their reactions.

18. Use Captions

Print out several of your ultrasound photos and stick funny or sentimental captions on them like “My first baby pic!” Gifting these to family is a creative way to announce your pregnancy. Just make the captions vague enough that they have to puzzle it out!

Here are 10 creative captions for your pregnancy announcement:

  • “Our family is growing by two feet!”
  • “Love is in the air, and a little one is on the way!”
  • “A little Valentine is joining our tribe this year!”
  • “Our hearts are full, and soon our hands will be too!”
  • “We’re adding a new player to our team this [due month]!”
  • “A new adventure begins: Baby [Last Name] arriving [due date]!”
  • “We’ve been busy creating a masterpiece, due to debut [due month]!”
  • “Guess who’s going to be a big brother/sister? Baby #2 arriving soon!”
  • “Our love story gets its best chapter yet. Baby arriving [due date]!”
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, we’re expecting a baby, and couldn’t be more thrilled!”

Feel free to personalize these captions to fit your unique announcement and style!

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