12 Things You Should Stop Doing for Your Teenager

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Today, many parents tend to face challenges when their children reach adolescence. There are many questions like dealing with adolescents, what to do for them, or what is unique and appealing.

There are many proposed answers to the above questions. Of course, it will be tough for parents to find the solution to support their child’s development.

Finding the right balance between teaching teenagers to be independent and responsible while still ensuring they have faith in their parents is difficult.

That’s why we need to put together the right guide to help parents clearly define what they should and shouldn’t focus on.

Take a look at things you should stop doing for your teenager below to understand the problem better!

Things Parents Should Stop Doing for Their Teen

Raising a child is never easy; this task becomes even more difficult as adolescence. This stage shows important transformations in a child’s psyche, appearance, and personality.

Therefore, it is essential to educate children to become independent and have faith in their parents. If you do not know what to do with your child, you can refer to the information below.

1. Waking Them Up

If you are still waking your child up every morning, stop this action immediately if you want to train them to be independent.

On the other hand, if your teenager is old enough to own a smartphone, they are undoubtedly knowledgeable enough to set a morning alarm on it, and you don’t need to get involved.

Besides, you also need to make sure your child has an accurate and complete grasp of his responsibility to wake up on time.

You can educate your child about some of the adverse effects of waking up late and the effects on other family members. Thus, it will help the child understand clearly what he needs to do and what he has to suffer before his actions.

2. Making Their Breakfast and Packing Their Lunch

Another thing you need to stop doing for your teenagers is preparing breakfast and packing lunches for them.

At this time, teens need to be more responsible with their food and make accurate judgments about where to start their breakfast and lunch.

To achieve these elements, you need to teach your children how to wisely manage their time to wake up and prepare their things.

Or, you can also list some good examples for them to look at and learn from. In addition, you also need to equip them with some excellent knowledge of food recommendations for a productive day.

The first step in implementation may be difficult for them, but you absolutely must not let yourself give up the idea of ​​​​letting your child grow up. You can help your child in the first few sessions to help them feel more confident.

3. Filling Out Their Paperwork

Filling out paperwork is intimidating, even for adults. But if you let your children be self-sufficient in this, it will become even easier for them.

You need to be aware that giving them early access is an advantage so that you can help your children gain confidence and handle life situations more easily.

You should let children fill out basic information about themselves on the paperwork. It’s a good thing to do, and it’s not as scary as you might imagine.

They can be awkward the first time they do it, so you can completely support them if needed. But next time, you should not do so because that will form an attitude of dependence and inability to control yourself in the child’s mind.

4. Helping Them with Their Schoolwork

It’s okay to help your teenagers when they’re having trouble with their homework. But once teenagers reach a certain age, they need a solid foundation to tackle homework on their own.

If you continue to help them in this condition, they may never solve the problem on their own. The consequences after that are much more dangerous.

Take a step back and let your teenagers know that they should only ask for help when they are sure they don’t know how to solve the problem.

Only in this way can we help our children improve day by day. Your help is not wrong, but if it is regular, they will not be able to do the work independently and will appear humble, dependent.

However, you need to tactfully refuse to help them to understand what you are trying to do for them. A rough refusal can leave your teenagers scared and distrustful of you.

5. Choosing Their Clothes

If you’re still trying to change your child’s dressing style to your liking, stop it before it has serious consequences.

Fashion style is a part of expressing the personality and life of teenagers, and parents should not interfere in this work.

The act of controlling your clothing can make children feel like they have no say in their own lives. Even with children with negative psychology, there will be many jobs that you cannot imagine.

However, it does not mean that you must not interfere with the way your child dresses. It would help if you did not try to force them to follow you, gently advise them on beautiful and meaningful costumes.

6. Doing Their Laundry

Teenagers are certainly old enough to help their parents with chores around the house on their own, especially with jobs that may involve their interests. With the laundry, you let the teenagers be self-sufficient.

Educate them on what to do and what not to do in your home. Your step is like a milestone marking the growth and awareness of the children before your teachings.

You can wash their clothes when, unfortunately, they get sick. As for the rest of the cases, let them do the work independently. Besides, you can also let them do the laundry for the whole family and teach them how to sort things.

Doing that is necessary to help them understand your busyness and become interested in family members.

7. Choosing Their Friends

You can choose friends for your child in the early toddler days, but you can’t do that when they’re teenagers. Forcing them to play or not to play with the friends they choose will make them harsh on you.

Teens choose friends based on shared interests and personalities, and you need to understand this to know that you shouldn’t meddle in your teen’s affairs.

As long as the teenagers are safe and there’s no harm done, it’s best to let them make their own decisions in this matter.

Children may encounter bad guys, but it is considered a valuable lesson for them. If so, you should just give them feedback on your choice. Never judge their friends because that’s what they don’t want to hear from you.

8. Giving Them All Money for Things They Want

You may think that giving your teenagers a small amount of money so they can buy the things they like is the right thing to do. But that has been getting teenagers in trouble.

Before you do that, teach your child to understand better the value of money and how hard it is to make money. Helping them find a job to increase their income to prepare their things is much better than regularly giving them money.

The consequences of satisfying all the children’s economic needs are enormous and can be devastating to their futures. That’s why you need to make sure your child understands this and the benefits of being financially independent.

However, it would help if you taught them slowly and gently. Young people often have impulsive and ignorant thoughts, so gently advise your children so that they can realize the value of earning on their own.

9. Making a Bed for Them

It is unnecessary to prepare a bed for your children; doing that makes them more sluggish and dependent.

Folding blankets, making beds are things teenagers can do themselves; they need to be responsible for their sleep and health. You may think that it is simply an act of love and care for your children so that they feel the warmth of love.

If you are thinking that way, you are wrong. You can show your love in many different ways, and it is better for the child’s development. However, you can still help them when they are sick or unable to do so.

10. Stop Giving Them What They Forgot

Teenagers often forget to bring the things they need to school or anywhere. And the best thing you should do right now is to stop getting the stuff they forgot; that’s the best way to educate them.

Let the children feel worried and have timely solutions when they forget an item. It’s okay that you help them bring those items, but if it’s a routine action, you’re teaching your child the wrong way. Your efforts will cause them to form a bad attitude, rely on others, and have no intention of self-development.

However, that doesn’t mean you have to turn down all your teenagers’ pleas for help. In some typical cases, you still need to bring things to them, which is a necessary action. It can be that teenagers are a rather sensitive age.

11. Stop Making Them Dinner

Today, many teens tend to eat according to their diet but cannot prepare for themselves, but always have to ask their parents. It is awful for teenagers, reflecting the sad reality of children’s autonomy.

If you still regularly prepare dinner for your child, then you are wrong.

It may be something that you see as a way of showing love to your child. Yet, it has been causing your child to lack self-control. Let the teenagers prepare their dinner; all you need to do is instruct them on what to do or not to do.

Don’t worry too much about them making nasty dishes. You can rest assured that they will find and learn this independently. Also, consider sharing with them how to make a family dinner. It helps instill love in them.

13. Stop Emailing or Calling Them

Most teenagers nowadays own their smartphones. And you can text or call your child; however, you should limit the frequency of such actions.

They are big enough and know what you have to do in this life. Too much contact sometimes makes them feel annoyed and have an attitude towards you.

In addition, educate your children completely and correctly about how they respond to texts or emails.

Everything needs to have its standards to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

At the same time, educate them about some of the consequences of using the phone to connect with many people during class time or maybe more. Let them know what is right and wrong to do.

Overall, the bottom line is that you should stop calling or emailing your teenagers. Let them be independent.


With the things you should stop doing for your teen above, hopefully, it will help you overview your child’s education.

Teenager is an age with many changes in psychology and personality, so you need a specific teaching method to help them develop comprehensively.

In particular, pay attention to the previous do’s and don’ts so that you can support them to form independent thoughts and still have faith in their parents. Gentleness is something you should be able to teach your child more effectively.

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