14 Things to Do Before You Turn 18

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18 is the age of majority, and you will be able to do more things legally than before. Sometimes you will also become busier with work and not have much time to do your hobbies.

This article will suggest some things to do before you turn 18 to have a more exciting life. Enjoy the best time of your youth doing fun things before you become too old. Let’s take a closer look at the article below to learn more!

Things to Do Before 18

There are many things to do before turning 18. The bucket list below is some of the hundreds of things you should do. It’ll be interesting if you do it one by one in the following order.

1. Going to a concert

Everyone has at least one idol in the music industry. It would be challenging to meet those celebrities daily unless you work directly with them. So if your favorite singer or band is holding a concert, buy your tickets now.

Usually, a professional show will cost quite a lot, and you may not even be able to buy a ticket. So you can take advantage of the parties or shows and events that your band participates in.

Access to these events is easier to purchase and possibly free. If you can’t arrange the time to attend those shows, you can take a day off to review the record.

2. Driver’s License Test

A driver’s license is indispensable for independent adult life. Anyway, knowing how to drive is a vital skill to live and work conveniently in the US.

Once you have a driver’s license, you can invite your friends to go out for a few days. Traveling alone will help you be more conscious of living and spending independently.

You will have to calculate by yourself, carefully consider the time, place and cost that you will have to pay. You can even drive yourself to explore new lands.

3. Know How to Play Some Musical Instruments

Knowing how to play an instrument will make your life less boring and more enjoyable. Music is also a factor that helps you improve your ability to think creatively and have a clearer perception.

Some universities require you to take an aptitude test for admission, so knowing how to play a musical instrument will be a big plus.

In addition, a guitar or a small flute can also make your outing more exciting. It only takes one piano to bond and makes everyone happier. You can also use your talent to perform or give it as a gift to someone else.

4. Become a Volunteer

Being a volunteer is more interesting than you think. You will feel happy and valuable because you can help many people in the community. Volunteer work will have many areas for you to choose from depending on each person’s interests.

You can choose to volunteer with disadvantaged people such as the elderly, people with disabilities, etc. Or you can also participate in supporting propaganda and the protection of wildlife. Going to clean up the environment is also an exciting volunteer job.

5. Make Your Own First Money

18-years-old is the age of adulthood, so making your first money is also an achievement. This initial amount may not be large, even just enough to buy a few loaves of bread, but it is still a remarkable thing. At that time, you will have a correct perception of money, have more specific spending plans, and save more.

You can accumulate from those first coins to implement personal plans or serve your own hobbies. You can also save or invest in another one to earn passive money.

6. Find Your Style

Everyone has a different style and personality, and finding the right style for you is significant. Now you are no longer dependent on what your parents shaped you for. You have your funds, and you are free to choose the type you want.

The first thing you need to do is open your closet and give away the clothes you don’t use. That amount of clothes you can donate, do charity or sell depending on your preferences.

Then you will have space and money to buy new items according to the style you are pursuing. The scent, hairstyle is also one factor that contributes to shaping personal style.

7. Daily Exercise

Exercise is indispensable in the development process. The body at this age is the best time for you to exercise and shape your body. You will also have to work and expend more energy and exercise is the way to stay healthy.

You may be very busy and do not have time to exercise, but take a few minutes out of your day, even simply going for a walk, to improve your health.

If you don’t start right away, your body will gradually become old, lazy, and weak. You can also find popular or team sports and practice a few times per week.

8. Write a Story

You don’t have to be a novelist or a writer to publish a book about your own life. Taking notes is a good habit of helping you remember and organize words more scientifically. It is also a method to help you record memorable moments and achievements in your life.

For example, you can talk about the journey to win the first award or about a love you went through and are feeling regretful about.

All events in your life can be recorded. You can choose a genre of expression such as poetry, prose, or narrative like a diary.

9. Read More Books

Reading books helps you to increase your knowledge and understanding.

However, reading is quite difficult for some people because you need time and concentration when reading books. If you can’t find a book and author you love, read more and choose from various genres.

You can also choose books based on your field of work such as economics, education, or journalism to enhance your knowledge. You will need to check the reviews first to know which book to read.

Some science books will be pretty confusing for newcomers. You will need time to work from the basics before moving to more complex and academic books.

10. Discover New Cultures

Staying in one place for too long will make your thinking narrow and reduce creativity. You can travel to another country or region to discover the unique features of a new culture.

A lot of exciting things for you to experience such as the style of dress or some unique dishes and living habits of the local people.

Exploring new lands will help you find ideas for your work or life purpose. Trying new local foods will also help you confront and get out of your comfort zone. Many may fear some specialties, but they will be the voice, characteristic of a culture.

11. Confess to Someone You Crush

Not everyone dares to speak their mind to the person they love. People often tend to overthink and fear when faced with a change.

If you like a person, you should speak your mind to that person to avoid regret. Maybe you will fail. But, you and your friend will become better friends.

You can also prepare a formal confession plan to make the other person remember or can’t refuse. A great location, a few tools, and a good plan will help you feel less nervous when making an important decision. You can also ask a few mutual friends to make the confession more successful.

12. DIY 1 Item By Hand

If you are a skillful person and have a hobby of doing things by yourself, there will be no doubt. However, not everyone has such ability.

Making a gift for a loved one with your efforts will make the gift more meaningful to both the sender and the receiver.

Making a handmade product will also help you increase your creativity. You will also train your focus and be careful when making an item.

In addition to becoming a gift, you can also make your furniture or decoration for your home. Those items will make your home more unique.

13. Looking for a New Hobby

Having a hobby will help you know what to do in your spare time or do it to make you less stressed and happier. There are many hobbies such as reading, learning something new or hobbies about sports or musical instruments.

However, it would help if you considered that your hobby could benefit your life. Toxic hobbies you shouldn’t have, like excessive shopping or drug use, won’t do you any good.

You can also go sightseeing, travel to improve your understanding of the world around you. Going to a museum is also interesting for you to expand your knowledge of history or art.

You can go to the museum alone to enjoy the expertise or go with a few friends to exchange more. Before turning to a new age, a goal is to go through a few museums in the city. It is also quite interesting.

14. Know How to Take Care of Yourself

Cooking yourself a complete meal is not an easy thing. Before the age of 18, you should learn to cook for yourself three meals a day, so you don’t starve.

Then you can learn a few more special dishes that you can cook for your loved ones. Skip instant foods like frozen pizza or ready-to-eat cereal because they are not nutritious enough for an active day.

Self-care also includes many other aspects, such as knowing how to wash your clothes or other personal hygiene habits.

Review the process of bathing or cleaning your teeth properly. In addition, perfume or deodorant spray is also a method to help you become fresher.


The above are just 14 of the billions of things you can do before you’re 18. Experience more. If you skip, there are many things; you won’t be able to or won’t have time to do it later.

If you have more interesting experiences, do not hesitate to share them with many of our readers by commenting below.

Last but not least, don’t forget to share this before-18 bucket list with your friends or relatives. Maybe it will help them a lot!

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