25 Best Hobbies for Teenage Girls (At Home and Outdoors)

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The teenage period is a time when your child’s physiology will change arbitrarily. They can be happy and then sad right away.

At that time, as psychological parents, you should know how to counsel and find something relaxing for your children to keep them motivated.

While boys may often find it easy to discover a hobby to save their boredom, girls are often indifferent and often fall into deep thought. What are good hobbies for teenage girls?

Look no further than this article. It will provide girls with a list of entertaining and useful entertainment when they are bored. Let’s scroll down!

Good Hobbies for Teenage Girls At Home

If you are a teen girl looking for hobbies other than sport to enjoy in your spare time, the list below will help you out. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging may be a fantastic way of expressing oneself, gaining a lot of knowledge about a subject, and even potentially making money in the future.

Many teenage writers discuss issues as diverse as college, fashion, food, or travel. You can refer to these topics or start writing about what attracts and makes you happy.

There are several guidelines about starting up a blog to refer to whatever your interests are. So, don’t stress too much!

Writing is also an art form. Daily writing also helps you receive countless benefits, such as better storytelling skills or polishing your blog more effectively and attractively.

Alternatively, if you’re not the type to be afraid of being in front of the camera, try starting a youtube channel and start vlogging. You don’t need complicated equipment, and just a smartphone is enough.

Like blogging, you can start your channel with any topic as long as you are interested, such as studying with me, getting ready with me, cooking, and many others.

Since youtube allows viewers to comment, you can get thousands of advice or comments from them. So you can improve yourself for the better. It is also a platform to help you make friends from all over the world.

You can also think about this job in the future because it can bring you a huge income. The proof is that young YouTubers can be financially independent by working as a vlogger.


2. Playing an Instrument

If you are really into music, you should learn to play an instrument. Playing an instrument is comparable to mastering a sport in that it requires a lot of practice to become proficient.

You can learn to play some popular instruments like guitar, piano, or violin. If possible, ask your parents to hire a teacher to learn and master faster. However, if the fee is an issue, you can also learn from online sites. There are even free tutorials on how to play an instrument.

If you wonder why playing an instrument is worth hobby, here are the main reasons:

  • You can create the tunes you like.
  • This skill will aid in memory and creative enhancement.
  • Composing songs and making music improves persistence and patience.
  • It helps relieve tension and makes you joyful while immersed in the melody.

3. Cooking or Baking

Cooking a variety of tasty, nutrient-dense foods is not only a fun and fulfilling activity for girls, but it’s also a necessary skill to master.

Don’t let sadness affect your mood if it’s a bad day. Try dispelling the sadness by going into the kitchen with your mother and diving into the recipes.

Spend your free time spreading love and attention into your hearty, healthy meals. And it’s the best way to satiate your appetite for both pleasure and food.

Furthermore, acquiring hidden family recipes from your parents and grandparents is a fantastic opportunity to connect with them. Otherwise, you may also reinvent and design your delectable recipes.

Apart from cooking, baking is one of the most interesting hobbies you can do with your mom. It is also considered a moving meditation. It’s a pleasant, relaxing pastime that demands your undivided concentration and accuracy.

Also, because you can decorate your cakes, pastries, or what you’re making, baking is a kind of inventive self-expression. It is additionally a great way to connect you and your besties.

Make plans with your best friends for this weekend! Even if you can cause catastrophe with the cakes, this will likely be a delightful and unforgettable event for you!


4. Making Jewelry

Teenage girls seem super-adorable in stunning jewelry. It will be wonderful if every bracelet, necklace, ring, and other piece of jewelry you wear can exclude your style, warmth, inventiveness, and personalization.

Moreover, you will never run out of gift ideas for your friends on special occasions, as you can always create unique gifts with jewelry. Your gift will always be special and unmistakable with anything else with your personal touch!

More importantly, making this handmade jewelry will make you feel comfortable and relaxed after stressful studying hours. There are many tutorials on how to create jewelry at home.

Check them out and try them out, or you can come up with a unique design idea for your product!

5. Custom Clothing

It can be a risky project so ask your parents for permission and advice. After getting your parents’ consent, you can freely do your hobbies.

There are many interesting things to do with your clothing. If you don’t want to destroy your favorite costumes, you can use your clothes and those of your loved ones.

If you don’t know where to start, check out the video tutorials on youtube. It’s helpful and free!

Custom clothing

6. Origami

Origami is a traditional Japanese paper folding technique. It is among the most rewarding and enjoyable activities for stay-at-home teenage girls.

It’s astonishing and satisfying how several various forms a scrap of paper can make. You can use your imagination and make your designs. Alternatively, you can look out a plethora of instructions on Youtube.

Most importantly, it brings you many skills, including:

  • Logical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Geometry
  • Retention
  • Problem-solving
  • Concentration

If you are interested in making origami, you can watch this video:

7. Pottery

If you are interested in the visual arts, learning to make pottery will be an ideal hobby for you. It will make your mind more relaxed and calm.

When you’re making pottery, you won’t have to worry about problems in school anymore because you’re concentrating on your artwork.

Making pottery 

8. Astrology

Astrology is far more interesting than just a fad. Discovering how to build a person’s birth chart might reveal much intriguing information about them.

Getting tarot interpretations and understanding how your moon and sun signs affect you is amazing and cool.

9. Painting

Painting is a good activity to take up if you enjoy the artwork and relax. You do not even become a true artist nowadays to paint. Look for a varnish by number technique, and anyone may do so.

Once you complete your painting, it will relieve stress and offer you a sense of accomplishment. If you’re really into this hobby, check how to to get started via social networking sites.


10. Sketching

It is common to use your artistic vision to convey your sentiments. You will increase your creativity, build emotional intelligence, and boost your mood by sketching.

If you’re worried about schoolwork or anything else, you’ll discover that sketching or drawing will help you calm down and ignore your troubles for a while.

11. Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a great hobby for people who enjoy capturing images of happenings. It will assist you in putting your thoughts and memories into a more tangible and organized manner.

Scrapbooking is a pleasure for everyone, regardless of gender or occupation. All you’ll need are photos, some basic tools, and some scrapbooking inspirations to get started.

You can check some unique and interesting ideas on the internet, or you can create on your own. If you have materials, get your creative juices flowing and get started with this wonderful habit.


12. Reading

Interesting books can take you to another time and place. You can learn about different peoples and places by reading about them. If you enjoy history, there are many books available to assist you in discovering amazing historical events.

13. Solving Puzzles

Solving puzzles will be an excellent idea if you’re searching for a unique challenge. This activity can keep your brain active, whether you complete puzzles on your computer or build together an actual jigsaw puzzle at the dinner table.

By looking closely at difficulties from numerous angles, solving puzzles also aids you in enhancing your problem-solving skills. These are crucial life skills to acquire, as they will keep you brimming with confidence and motivation to keep tackling other problems.

Solving puzzles

Outdoors and Sports Hobbies

If you are an active girl, the following hobbies will interest you!

1. Dance

There is a wide range of dance types, such as Modern dance, Aerial Dance, Irish Dance, Ballet, Tap, or Hip Hop to choose from. You can take part in an offline dancing course if you like as long as your parents can afford it.

Alternatively, if you don’t want others to watch your two-left feet, you can learn at home by following videos on Tik Tok or Youtube.


2. Yoga

Yoga courses in parklands are becoming more popular. It’s a fun activity and workout that will help you build your flexibility and strength and improve breathing and sleep quality.

If you can’t participate in an offline yoga class, go to Youtube. There are numerous Yoga videos available that require no equipment. It’s worth trying!

3. Cycling

It’s simple to accomplish and doesn’t cost a fortune; all you need is a bike, which you can acquire for a cheap amount. This activity can be enjoyable if you hunt for wonderful routes in your neighborhood to explore and ride for 30 to 45 minutes each day.

You can invite your closest mate if you need someone to cycle with you every day. It would be fantastic to go on a neighborhood bike ride together. It’s also wonderful to get outside your home, apart from your mom and dad, and enjoy freedom.


4. Hiking

Do you like to enjoy the amazing beauty of nature while experiencing a flood of joy? Go on a hike!

Hiking with buddies brings forth a bunch of happiness, jokes, meaningful discussions, and wonderful memories. Of course, you can hike alone, connect with nature, and make a personal, heartfelt connection.

Hiking is, without a doubt, refreshing and energizing to the soul, physique, and mind. Hiking might become your new oxygen, so meaningful and necessary if you are an adventure and discovery junkie.

5. Indoor Rock Climbing

Mountain climbing can be reckless at your age. Join the indoor climbing clubs if you still want to try this thrill.

Although it doesn’t feel real compared to the real experience, it is also a sport to keep you entertained after school. It is also a good choice if you are looking for a sport to stay in shape.

Indoor rock climbing

6. Roller Skating

You cannot drive a vehicle alone if you are under sixteen. However, you might well have plans this summertime. Roller skating is an excellent means of transportation, particularly in cities with numerous sidewalks.

This activity also helps you to lose weight or keep fit. When skating, always take measures to avoid being hit by motorists and use protective clothing to keep yourself safe.

7. Martial Arts

Self-defense is essential; therefore, mastering martial arts or enrolling in a self-defense course is a great place to begin for any youngster, including girls.

Martial arts

8. Photography

Among the most interesting outdoor recreation for teen girls is photography! You may not need pricey camera equipment to start photographing as a pastime. Even smartphones can take stunning images.

It’s the most effective technique to preserve your wild adolescent memories. It allows you to use your phone camera to explore and enjoy the beauty, unique features, and intrigue of objects, wildlife, and people.

Before you begin, familiarize yourself with the science and exquisite art of color, light composition, distance moment, and many other aspects that contribute to a fantastic photograph.

9. Gardening

Your garden will be a haven for lovers of greenery. Imagine being lovingly stroked by the sun’s rays. The birds sing delightfully, the bushes are swaying, and a gentle breeze flows. The sky is pure and brilliant.

It will instantly lift and boost your spirits. It will also maintain you busy and energetic. Gardening will allow you to reflect on your beautiful and lush results.

Gardening isn’t as difficult as it may appear. You can do things like:

  • Nurturing some flowers like roses or lavenders
  • Watering trees and flowers
  • Fertilizing plants
  • Planting fruits and vegetables


10. Volunteering

Another mental activity that you should explore is volunteering. You can develop social skills through contributing to a local homeless shelter, teaching orphans, or feeding the poor.

When taking up this activity, you can develop your selflessness because you make the life of others better. Furthermore, as a high schooler, participating in various voluntary activities would greatly aid you in your scholarship application.

11. Swimming

Like other sports or outdoor activities, swimming will help you reduce stress and anxiety. You will feel comfortable and relaxed when immersed in the water. You don’t have to care about other matters in your life. Just enjoy the tranquil moment!

Find out which swimming techniques fit you best, attend a free-swimming club, and begin swimming 2 – 3 times each week. All you’ll need are swimsuits and eyeglasses to get started.


12. Camping

Camping is a fantastic opportunity to go outdoors and connect with nature while also getting some exercise and socializing with other outdoor enthusiasts. You can acquire practical skills like cooking with basic tools and constructing a flame.

You devote a long time to the classroom, all in a similar living environment, studying the old subjects. There are, however, practical lessons you may acquire in wildlife that do not involve you taking notes, memorizing material, or taking examinations.

In addition, when camping, you must try to adapt to your surroundings. Your surroundings are often tailored to your preferences when you’re at home. But when you are on an outdoor picnic, conditions can always surprise you. You should make an effort to become accustomed to it!


In A Nutshell

Those are all the good and fun hobbies for teenage girls you can consider experiencing. All in all, teens must be motivated via enjoyable pastimes to discover their tastes and preferences in life and, ideally, discover their passion.

If you are a teen girl, the above recommendations will help you find out your true hobbies to enjoy and relax in your free time. If you are a parent, you can use this list to consult your teen daughter on the best activities to kill boredom!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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