68 Middle Names For Wilder

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When choosing a middle name for your baby, you want something to carry on throughout life. A name that will be memorable and meaningful to your family and future generations. If you’re looking to choose a middle name that fits all your kids, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the best middle names for Wilder!

Best Middle Names For Wilder

Below are suggestions from which you can find an appropriate middle name to go with Wilder.

Name Initials
Wilder Seven WS
Wilder Briar WB
Wilder Win WW
Wilder Arc WA
Wilder Harmony WH
Wilder Almond WA
Wilder Bravery WB
Wilder Case WC
Wilder Mercury WM
Wilder Baird WB
Wilder Peyton WP
Wilder Suede WS
Wilder Francis WF
Wilder Magic WM
Wilder Evren WE
Wilder Science WS
Wilder Cub WC
Wilder Grey WG
Wilder March WM
Wilder Ballad WB
Wilder Flame WF
Wilder Beck WB
Wilder Wynn WW
Wilder Henry WH
Wilder Reason WR
Wilder Matisse WM
Wilder Witt WW
Wilder Solo WS
Wilder Strong WS
Wilder Cole WC
Wilder Cannon WC
Wilder Hayes WH
Wilder Finn WF
Wilder New WN
Wilder Loyalty WL
Wilder Pyramid WP
Wilder Nash WN
Wilder Bodhi WB
Wilder Branch WB
Wilder Mckinley WM
Wilder Brock WB
Wilder Epic WE
Wilder Denim WD
Wilder Alp WA
Wilder Javelin WJ
Wilder Comfort WC
Wilder Jude WJ
Wilder Vice WV
Wilder Keel WK
Wilder Verse WV
Wilder Vaughn WV
Wilder Ivory WI
Wilder Rule WR
Wilder Hanalei WH
Wilder Truth WT
Wilder Hero WH
Wilder Thomas WT
Wilder Creek WC
Wilder Bourbon WB
Wilder Paradox WP
Wilder Tom WT
Wilder Revel WR
Wilder Steel WS
Wilder Fate WF
Wilder Elon WE
Wilder Freedom WF
Wilder Heron WH
Wilder Bonanza WB

Wilder Name Meaning

Wilder is an English name of German origin, derived from the word wild, meaning “wild, uncontrolled, or untamed.” The name was originally used as a surname for someone who lived in an untamed area or on the edge of a settlement. It can also mean “wild animal.” The name has become increasingly popular recently and is often associated with freedom and adventure.

Popularity of Name Wilder

The SSA’s 2021 reports showed that Wilder was the 367th most popular boy’s name. Specifically, there were 881 baby boys named Wilder, accounting for 0.05% of the total male births. As of 2021, there were 5,368 babies named Wilder. 2021 was also recorded as the year that the first name Wilder was used the most, with a total of 968 babies. Additionally, this name is most commonly used for babies in California, Texas, and Tennessee.

Famous People Named Wilder

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Celebrity Kids With The Name Wilder

Name Celebrity Parent(s)
Wilder Simon Helberg
Wilder Frances Donald Faison
Wilder Wolf Jazz Charton & Kieran Culkin
Wilder David Kim & Brant Daugherty

Nicknames For Wilder

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Similar Names For Wilder

  • Willis
  • Wheeler
  • Willow
  • Wilmer
  • Miller
  • Willie
  • Willard
  • Whitaker
  • Walter
  • Winter
  • Weldon
  • Calder
  • Will
  • Windsor
  • Willa
  • Wynter
  • Wilber
  • Willem
  • Kylar
  • Gilbert

Sibling Names For Wilder

  • Ryker
  • Rozalin
  • Wilde
  • Furmann
  • Waldorf
  • Lamar
  • Otis
  • Emerson
  • Harper
  • Barret
  • Kueffner
  • Wibeke
  • Birdie
  • Clothilde
  • Dirk
  • Robert
  • Harry

Numerology Meaning For Wilder

If you are interested in astrology or the zodiac, you should consult the name numerology numbers to choose a suitable name for your child.

Baby Name Sign
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Destiny Number: 3

You are unwaveringly upbeat if you’re the Destiny Number 3. You are always cheerful, bright, and enthusiastic. You are an ideal companion for a romantic and platonic partner, suitable as you may need assistance.

In addition, you’ll prefer that comfort since your drive to achieve can disappoint you down occasionally. You won’t reveal this urge to anybody, though. You always try to disguise your disappointment behind humor and wit.

No one can notice your sorrow. Because of your thirst for achievement, all people see is your success in life. However, you’ll undoubtedly discover an innovative approach to connecting with the people you love.

Desire Number: 6

Harmony, diplomacy, and balance are all traits of a Soul Urge number 6. You most undoubtedly have a close-knit group of devoted friends. Your motivation comes from a desire to see your family and friends happy and healthy.

When tempestuous emotions surface, you tend to bury them behind a lovely smile. You are incredibly generous and giving toward the people you love, which makes you feel meaningful. However, if you focus on meeting the needs and desires of others, you could occasionally lose track of yourself.

You indeed deserve respect. You are a wealth of wisdom, and the arts or health professions may be where you may realize your most significant potential.

Personality Number: 6

If you possess this Personality number, you may have intelligent, dignified, and rational traits. But you need to improve your unemotional nature and reserved attitude.

People with the number 7 excel as poets thanks to their brilliance and mystic aura. Your work can be quirky. You’re accustomed to having your enigmatic behavior, peculiar fashion choices, and poems mocked.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Middle Name

Check The Flow

According to naming experts, the best option is to speak the chosen name out and listen for any pleasant rhythms. However, having too perfectly-matching names is not always a good idea. For example, the name with the ending consonant sound flowing into the next won’t sound nice. Jack Colton and Catherine Nell are two examples.

If the middle name has a different number of syllables, it also sounds smoother. As a result, you can pair one short name, like Lee, with a longer one, like Jessica, or vice versa.

Meaning and Personality

Many parents will give their baby a middle name from the Bible. Others focus on the meaning and origin. You may choose a name that reflects the qualities you want your kid to have. Alternatively, wait until the baby comes and see which names just feel right.

Here are some familiar names for baby girls and their meanings:

  • Aria: Song
  • Bonnie: Pretty
  • Elsie: Plenty
  • Esther: Star
  • Grace: Goodness
  • Ivy: Vine
  • Kate: Pure
  • Marie: Lady of the sea
  • Raine: Queen
  • Selene: Peaceful

If you are expecting a baby boy, consider these middle names:

  • Alfonso: Noble
  • Callum: Dove
  • Dylan: God of the sea
  • Felix: Happy
  • Henry: Ruler
  • Leo: Lion
  • Silas: Forest
  • Tate: Cheerful
  • Walter: Commander
  • William: Resolute protector

Think about The Initials

Check the potential name’s initial so his peers won’t tease him about that. Some examples of terrible middle names when written with initials are:

  • Brian Anthony Dixon (B.A.D)
  • John Rocky King (J.R.K)
  • Finn Ulysses King (F.U.K)
  • Alex Simon Smith (A.S.S)
  • Steve Ethan Xygar (S.E.X)

Consider Nicknames

The middle name can be a part of your child’s nickname. Hence, when choosing one for your little kid, consider which nicknames he may have in the future.

Name After Someone’s

The middle position is ideal for honoring a friend or relative. Middle names are less popular than first names, so you won’t need to worry much about the style factor. You can give your child a stale middle name, like Gertrude and Ralph. People also use the middle name as a place to hide the last name they don’t like or as a spot to include the mother’s family surname in the name.

Choose an Eliminated First Name as The Middle Name

Sometimes parents can’t agree on one first name for their baby. Why don’t you pick one of the two options as the middle name? For example, if the father chooses William while the mother loves Mark, include both your baby’s full name. So, we will have William Mark Smith or Mark William Smith.

Try Two Middle Names

The rules for using middle names are pretty flexible. If you can’t decide on the one that works best, go for two, and things will be fine. So if you and your partner have fantastic suggestions, use both. We have many examples for this case, such as:

  • Lincoln Henry James Arrington
  • Michael Matthew Cade Thompson
  • Harrison Daniel James Ruley
  • Irene Mary Louise Cunningham
  • Sarah Carey Lee Cummings

Wrapping Up

Choosing a suitable middle name for Wilder is as much about creativity as it is about logic. After all, there is no one right way to do things as long as you and your partner devise a good solution. Take some time to think about Wilder’s personality and future. This is the most crucial step in the process. No matter what you choose, we hope you can find a name you like here.

If you are still not 100% sure about choosing this name as your baby’s first name, try other names like Vanessa, Tucker, or Leia.

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