80 Middle Names For Luka

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Choosing a middle name for your baby can be a difficult task. Luckily, there are lots of middle names out there to choose from. We’ve put together this guide to help you find the perfect middle name for your baby, no matter what type of the first name you’ve chosen.

But what’re the best middle names for Luka? The answer lies in the list below.

Best Middle Names For Luka

Below are suggestions from which you can find an appropriate middle name to go with Luka.

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Classic Middle Names For Luka

Name Initials
Luka Count LC
Luka Racer LR
Luka Wild LW
Luka Revel LR
Luka Oscar LO
Luka Reed LR
Luka Golden LG
Luka Cage LC
Luka Wisdom LW
Luka Maverick LM
Luka Safari LS
Luka Cotton LC
Luka Shaquille LS
Luka Landry LL
Luka Atlas LA
Luka Bourbon LB
Luka Stonewall LS
Luka Cyan LC
Luka Gabriel LG
Luka Beau LB
Luka Rocket LR
Luka Cap LC
Luka Pilot LP
Luka Ridge LR
Luka Vern LV
Luka Justus LJ
Luka Halo LH
Luka Discovery LD
Luka Powers LP
Luka Land LL

Cool Middle Names For Luka

Name Initials
Luka Shale LS
Luka Leif LL
Luka Harmony LH
Luka Concord LC
Luka Booker LB
Luka Wilde LW
Luka Rebop LR
Luka Lyric LL
Luka Quill LQ
Luka Tao LT
Luka Chase LC
Luka Pike LP
Luka Cruz LC
Luka James LJ
Luka Parable LP
Luka Aries LA
Luka Champ LC
Luka Majesty LM
Luka Lebron LL
Luka Bryn LB
Luka Dane LD
Luka Vaughn LV
Luka Timber LT
Luka Adam LA
Luka Deux LD
Luka David LD
Luka Kit LK
Luka Little LL
Luka Audio LA
Luka Plenty LP

Unique Middle Names For Luka

Name Initials
Luka Cello LC
Luka North LN
Luka Elijah LE
Luka Apollo LA
Luka Drew LD
Luka Chosen LC
Luka Prince LP
Luka Ian LI
Luka Hale LH
Luka Blues LB
Luka Louis LL
Luka Colt LC
Luka Kurtis LK
Luka Rio LR
Luka Haze LH
Luka Tower LT
Luka Kool LK
Luka Kicker LK
Luka Grove LG
Luka Cole LC

Luka Name Meaning

Luka is a name of Slavic origin that means “light” or “light-bearing.” It is related to the Greek name Loukas, derived from the Latin lux, meaning “light.” The name is also found in some cultures, meaning “man from Lucania.” Lucania was a region in ancient southern Italy.

Popularity of Name Luka

The SSA’s 2021 reports showed that Luka was the 115th most popular boy’s name. Specifically, there were 3,197 baby boys named Luka, accounting for 0.17% of the total male births. As of 2021, there were 14,847 babies named Luka. 2021 was also recorded as the year that the first name Luka was used the most, with a total of 3,229 babies. Additionally, this name is most commonly used for babies in Nevada, Hawaii, and Florida.

Famous People Named Luka

Name Occupation
Luka Sabbat Actor
Luka Rocco Magnotta Criminal
Luka Modric Football
Luka Doncic Basketball
Luka Sulic Musician
Luka Jones Actor
Luka Nizetic Musician
Luka Peros Actor
Luka Bloom Songwriter
Luka Šulić Musician
Luka Hrgovic Film Director
Luka Dragic Actor
Luka Bukić Sports Star
Luka Stepančić Sports Star
Luka Jović Football
Luka Petrusic Actor
Luka Oman Activist
Luka Lalic Football

Celebrity Kids With The Name Luka

Name Celebrity Parent(s)
Luka Bodhi Tom Colicchio

Nicknames For Luka

  • Loca
  • Loki
  • Loo
  • Lou
  • Lu
  • Luke
  • Lulu

Similar Names For Luka

  • Ivan
  • Luisa
  • Lyla
  • Judah
  • Andrei
  • Laken
  • Luna
  • David
  • Cyrus
  • Lailah
  • Edmond
  • Lucien
  • Lukas
  • Luke
  • Luc
  • Gideon
  • Lylah
  • Leila
  • Felix
  • Lucia
  • Milos
  • Lucas
  • Yasha
  • Klaus
  • Lia
  • Boris
  • Luca
  • Niklaus
  • Julius
  • Lucian
  • Alexander
  • Dimitri
  • Leo
  • Lochlan
  • Lucius
  • Lila

Sibling Names For Luka

  • Harper
  • Epifania
  • Elya
  • Ondrea
  • Remi
  • Noah
  • Amerigo
  • Guglielmo
  • Nikita
  • Troian
  • Evelyn
  • Charlie
  • Wren
  • Lorenzia
  • Lorah
  • Geremia
  • August
  • Aurelio
  • Adrian
  • Luca
  • Brizio
  • Val
  • Sage

Numerology Meaning For Luka

If you are interested in astrology or the zodiac, you should consult the name numerology numbers to choose a suitable name for your child.

Destiny Number: 3

You are unwaveringly upbeat if you’re the Destiny Number 3. You are always cheerful, bright, and enthusiastic. You are an ideal companion for a romantic and platonic partner, suitable as you may need assistance.

In addition, you’ll prefer that comfort since your drive to achieve can disappoint you down occasionally. You won’t reveal this urge to anybody, though. You always try to disguise your disappointment behind humor and wit.

No one can notice your sorrow. Because of your thirst for achievement, all people see is your success in life. However, you’ll undoubtedly discover an innovative approach to connecting with the people you love.

Desire Number: 7

After summing up all vowels in the name, if your Soul Urge number is 7, you are probably highly independent. Thanks to your critical and analytical thinking, you can dive into problems more deeply than most people.

You hate having beliefs that have no foundation. Before you trust anything, you require hard evidence. You are always trying to better yourself. You could even be aiming for enlightenment.

You always look for the truth and pose probing, insightful queries that may need life to resolve.

You could find it challenging to convey your emotions. You want a companion to offer you the freedom and space you need.

Personality Number: 5

If you possess this Personality number, you may have intelligent, dignified, and rational traits. But you need to improve your unemotional nature and reserved attitude.

People with the number 7 excel as poets thanks to their brilliance and mystic aura. Your work can be quirky. You’re accustomed to having your enigmatic behavior, peculiar fashion choices, and poems mocked.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Baby Middle Name

Consider the Meaning of the Name

When choosing a middle name for your baby, it is important to consider what the word means. Does the name have any historical significance? Are there any cultural or religious connotations associated with it? Depending on how traditional or open-minded you are, you may find yourself drawn toward certain names because of their deeper meaning. For example, if you want your child’s name to reflect their heritage, then you might opt for a culturally significant middle name such as “Sanchez” (Hispanic) or “Kim” (Korean).

Look at How It Flows on Paper

It’s important to remember that names don’t exist in isolation – they must fit together to sound cohesive and pleasing. When selecting a middle name for your baby, look at how it flows with the first and last names in combination. If possible, try saying each one out loud before making a final decision. This will give you an idea of whether or not they sound good together, and if they don’t, then you’ll know right away that another option is needed.

Take Your Time When Making A Decision

You have nine months before your baby arrives, so don’t rush into choosing their middle name! Spend some time researching different options and reading up on their meanings and history before committing to anything too quickly.

Visit online forums where other parents chat about naming their newborns; this can be a great way to brainstorm ideas and gain insight from others’ experiences.

Additionally, consider asking family members if there is any special name that has been passed down through generations; this could provide an interesting source of inspiration when selecting your baby’s middle name.

Don’t Be Too Trendy

We understand why parents want their children’s names to stay current and trendy; however, keep in mind that “trendy” names tend to become outdated quickly. Instead of falling victim to fleeting trends by giving your child an overly unique or unusual spelling of popular names like Kaylinn or Jaxon — opt for something more traditional like Kathryn or Jackson instead (or even better—combine two different names together!).

Choose Something That Goes With The Surname

Another factor worth considering when choosing middle names for babies is how it goes with their surname – especially since the two will be joined together forever once all three parts are put together (first +middle+ last). Again, try saying all three parts aloud – if they still sound pleasing after combining them, then chances are this could work out well! Additionally, research any potential double letter combinations within the first +middle+ last combination – as these can often lead to awkward pronunciations once said aloud as well.

Wrapping Up

Middle names for Luka can be tricky, but following these tips should help you make a decision that you and your spouse will be happy with. It is very important to think about the meaning behind the name as well as the flow of the name when choosing. While it’s true that you have a few months to come up with a name, if you’re at the end of your period and still can’t decide, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your parents, siblings, friends, or even the baby’s godparents.

If you are still not 100% sure about choosing this name as your baby’s first name, try other names like Rory, Audrey, or Shiloh.

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