How to Warm Bottles on The Go (6 Easiest Ways)

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When it comes to breast milk or formula, each baby has a unique taste. Some of them love drinking warmed milk because it feels familiar.

This problem becomes troublesome if you travel or want to go to a restaurant to enjoy yourself. No matter what you do, they still refuse cold milk.

So, how to warm a baby bottle on the go? It won’t be too hard. Keep reading to discover bottle warming hacks that you can quickly and easily apply.

6 Best Ways to Warm Bottles On The Go

You can apply many methods to warm up your baby’s bottle while traveling or going out. They may just involve soaking the bottle in warm water or using assistive devices.

1. Ask for Warm Water

If you’re trying to warm up milk on the go, use warm water instead of hot water. Although the process will be longer and more time-consuming, it does not harm the nutrient content and texture of the liquid.

Sometimes the store won’t get the warm water you need. Consider asking for half cold water and half hot water in that situation. Mix the two types of water and test by dropping them onto your arm to see if they fit properly.

Fill a bowl with warm water and place the baby bottle in it. Depending on the temperature of the water, this will take one to two minutes. It would help if you also spun the bottle evenly during this time. It will help limit uneven heating and hot spots.

2. Use a Portable Warmer

Munchkin 98 Digital Bottle Warmer

A portable warmer is a compact device that any breastfeeding mom should have. It helps to heat bottles quickly on the go without you having to touch them.

When you flip through the market, you’ll get tons of different models.

The most popular bottle warmer right now comes from Tommee Tippee. It comes in a thermos that stores hot water to aid in the warming process. Its compact design allows you to take it anywhere. Besides, the lid can firmly prevent liquid from spilling out. You can also use this lid to store warm water to heat up the bottle. Recommended size is standard or Tommee Tippee’s size.

A smarter warmer option is Munchkin Digital Bottle Warmer. This warmer maintains the ideal temperature for the bottle for up to 30 minutes. Using the device is very simple as you just need to screw the bottles directly into the machine and let them do the work alone.

The Munchkin Travel Car warmer is the ultimate choice with an extremely interesting design. It’s like a little heating pad wrapped around the bottle. You can carry this device in your breast pump bag for immediate use in an emergency.

3. Bring a Thermos Of Hot Water

Another easy method is to have hot water ready by your side. It is suitable for carrying in a few days.

Using this thermos will help you avoid asking for help and stopping at shops or restaurants. Instead, you will only need one thermos to warm up your breast milk. However, you keep in mind to choose a thermos that can hold bottles.

Another tip when using is to avoid overfilling the inside of this thermos. It may spill out and injure the user.

Another use of bringing hot water with you is to use it to make formula while on the go. This way is more convenient and less time-consuming. The thermos will also play the role of keeping the formula warm for a long time.

4. Bring An Insulated Bottle Bag

insulated bag

Besides warmer and thermos, pumping moms can also consider an insulated bottle bag like Tommee Tippee Bag. These compact bags can keep your breast milk warm on the go. Its insulation will regulate the milk temperature inside to a moderate level.

It is also much more convenient. Just carry the bottles in bottles and take them out for the baby when it’s time to nurse.

5. Keep At The Room Temperature

Last but not least, you might consider breastfeeding your baby at room temperature.

Of course, store them in a cooler like a portable fridge or a freezable bag before giving them to your baby. Otherwise, the milk may deteriorate. Most children prefer the normal temperature of the milk. So, preparing for it is a decision worth trying.

If you are using a cooler for storage, remove breast milk from the cooler and wait for it to return to room temperature.

6. Bring Ready-to-feed Formulas

ready-to-feed formulas

A simpler option is to bring ready-to-use formulas. You can feed your baby as soon as he needs it without worrying about water quality. Simply peel off the seal and pour it into the baby bottle and feed.

There is a note that you should only buy the formula size that is enough for your baby, otherwise after opening you must have a fridge to store the rest. Typically, ready-to-use formulas can be used for 48 hours if kept in the refrigerator and for 2 hours at room temperature.

To protect the health of your nursing baby, you must not let them drink cold or old milk. Give it to your baby within two hours of that time.


If you have any questions regarding how to warm breast milk or formula while traveling, find the answers here.

How Warm Should A Baby Bottle Be?

A baby bottle should be moderately warm. A newborn baby’s skin is very delicate, and you don’t want hot breast milk or formula to burn their mouth. Typically, the ideal temperature should range from 98.6°F, roughly your body temperature. This number should not exceed 100°F.

You’ll also want to check the milk’s temperature to ensure they’re just right. Put a few drops of milk on the wrist, the most sensitive skin area. If you feel hot, it means that the temperature of breastmilk has exceeded the permissible level. On the contrary, it is a good sign when you feel comfortable or a little cool.

Good advice is not to try to boil breastmilk or formula. Except for the risk of burns, the milk will degrade and lose many nutrients if the temperature exceeds 212°F. However, you can still let the milk cool to room temperature and give it to your baby if they only happen once in a blue moon.

Is It OK To Not Warm The Formula?

Yes. There isn’t a single medical article or study that requires you to warm up the formula before feeding your baby. Depending on preference, the bottle of formula can be cooled, warm, or even a little cold.

The reason parents often warm formula is because they believe it will more closely resemble breast milk. Some people do it because babies love that temperature.

If you’re lucky, your baby won’t mind drinking cold milk. It will help save time and effort to make traveling easier.

Can You Pre Make Baby Bottles?

Some parents choose to make formulas just before breastfeeding. However, others prepare it and store it in the refrigerator for a while.

If your baby has a specific feeding schedule, it will save time when you have several bottles ready throughout the day.

With prepared baby bottles, make sure you keep them well in the fridge. The maximum time the formula can last is 24 hours.

For ready-to-use formulas, use them within 48 hours if kept refrigerated. While you can only use them for 2 hours at room temperature.

In A Nutshell

Warming bottles on the go is not a difficult challenge if you use the methods and tips above. You can simply bring a thermos to warm breast milk without a bottle warmer. However, if you bring a smart warmer you can adjust the milk temperature to the desired level. That’s your choice.

With various methods, you can choose the one that suits you best. The most important key, after all, is to make sure your bottle fits the device properly. You also need to always check the milk temperature before giving it to your baby to avoid damaging the skin.

Hopefully, this article will help you travel or walk around the city without any barriers comfortably.

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