How to Keep Cat Out of Bassinet? (7 Proven Methods)

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Are you preparing to welcome a new baby to your family? And are you a cat owner? You probably need to keep a few things in mind with your lovely cat.

Cats are easily attracted to warm bassinet mattresses in the nursery. Although this image is adorable, it has some hidden dangers.

So, how to keep cats out of the bassinet? Let’s explore seven proven methods below. The last way is the easiest and doesn’t cost a dime.

Is It Safe To Have Cats Around Newborns?

According to a statistic from the AAP, about 3,600 babies die each year while sleeping. Primary causes include unintentional suffocation, strangulation, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), and unknown causes.

One of the risks of letting a pet sleep in the bassinet with a baby is that it could accidentally suffocate your little one.

The bassinet is a warm and comfortable space for your cat. However, it’s pretty narrow and can cause the cat to get too close to the baby’s nose.

Your baby has weak limbs, so it cannot turn its head or move the cat. It’s better to keep your cat away from the bassinet so the baby is safe.

The AAP also has a few other guidelines and recommendations for ensuring infant sleep:

  • Keep the bassinet clean and tidy at all times. Limit items placed on surfaces such as soft toys, stuffed animals, or pillows.
  • The baby should sleep on its back on a firm, flat mattress with a fitted sheet.
  • Do not let babies sleep on sofas or armchairs.

7 Ways To Keep Cats Out Of The Bassinet

Below are the seven proven methods many moms are using, which are especially effective at cat-proofing the bassinet.

1. Buy A Bassinet With a Cover For Cats

A bassinet cover is one of the most straightforward tools to protect your baby from foreign critters. If you’re planning to buy a bassinet and haven’t already owned one, it’s better to choose a bassinet with a built-in cover or canopy.

A critical factor to pay attention to when choosing a bassinet with a cover is the reliability of the cover, in addition to the size, weight capacity, design, and other features of the bassinet.

Here are three bassinet models that have been shown to be effective in preventing cats from jumping in a bassinet. They are very suitable for cat owners.

Baby Delight Go with Me Slumber

Baby Delight Go with Me Slumber

The Baby Delight Go with Me Slumber is a bassinet for portability and small spaces. It’s easy to transport and convenient to store. It comes with a cover that provides a safe sleep environment and complete protection to keep your cat out of the bassinet. This portable bassinet will make your baby feel comfy and secure while being out and about. However, it’s pretty low, so it’s more suitable for travel than daily use.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

A dream come true for all moms. It’s inexpensive and easy to use. This roomy bassinet comes with an adjustable double canopy that can help keep your baby away from cats and bugs. Many new mothers have confirmed this, even if they have 3 cats.

Although this bassinet’s lightweight, it’s sturdy, making it easy to move between rooms and a practical and convenient travel accessory for your baby.

beiens 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

beiens 3-in-1 Bedside Bassinet

This bassinet co-sleeper provides convenience if you wish to take care of your baby at night. Sleeping in the same room with parents and breastfeeding will reduce the risk of SIDS in newborns by 50% to 70%.

The high-strength steel and soft, skin-friendly fabric make this bassinet great for babies. The mesh design also makes it breathable and visible to provide the baby with sufficient air supply.

This bassinet is also equipped with a pretty sturdy canopy that will help stop cats and mosquitoes from entering. However, it’s bigger and heavier than the two candidates above, only suitable for use at home instead of traveling.

2. Buy A Cat Cover For Bassinet

bassinet cover

A more suitable option is a universal bassinet cover attachment if you already own a bassinet. These universal bassinet covers can fit almost perfectly with a bassinet, mini crib, and even a stroller. Some types of covers are also designed to cover the bassinet frame. Thanks to this, the baby’s limbs will not get stuck.

The best advantage of the cover is that you can put it on the bassinet to keep your baby safe from your cat. The mesh fabric helps keep temperature stability and air ventilation, ensuring a good night’s sleep for your baby.

3. Add Cat Furniture To Nursery

Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture
Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture

Cats are an animal with a robust personal space and a sense of sovereignty. Therefore, they sometimes will not be happy if they are kicked out of the room. A cozy bed would be the most appealing spot for a creature that loves to lie down like a cat. A newborn baby’s skin is so soft and warm that cats love it.

One solution to this problem is to prepare some furniture for your cat, where it can sleep, play and forget about your baby. We haven’t yet seen a cat refuse this Cat Tree Tower Condo Furniture. This super cute tower can keep your cat happy and busy all day long.

Equipping such a separate resting area will limit your cat’s desire to climb into your baby’s bassinet. Thanks to that, the two sides will stay together and keep a safe distance.

4. Install A Screen Door

screen door

Keeping a baby away or out of sight of a cat can sometimes be stressful. To appease them, allow them to monitor the baby from a distance. Screen doors are a reasonable choice at this time.

These ventilation doors allow cats to observe and smell your little one. This option is better than a bassinet cover but will require more installation and maintenance work.

5. Train Your Cat

pet training mat

The following method is to train your cat not to let it get into a bassinet. Ensure you do this one to two weeks before welcoming your baby home.

A pet training mat is an effective tool that helps you train your cat to stay out of restricted areas. One of the top-rated ones on the market is the PetSafe Training Mat.

All you need to do is spread this mat over the bassinet area or in front of your little one’s room door.

The mat sends a short electrical pulse to your cat or a high-frequency beep when your cat steps on it. Rest assured that this electric current is not capable of harming the cat. It causes the cat to stop and turn its head in the other direction.

If you don’t want to invest in a training mat, use the traditional method of banknotes. When your cat steps on it, the foil will make a noise and stop it. Using this trick a few times, you will notice a difference in how your pet behaves.

The final method is to use The Reward System to train the pet. The first time your cat jumps into the bassinet, your response is to take them away immediately.

For this training method to work, you need to be consistent. Then, reward it with toys and treats when the cat rests in the appropriate area.

Watch the video below to get an idea of The Reward System.

6. Place A Cat Repellent Next To The Bassinet

cat Repellent

A cat repellent is a highly easy-to-use item to keep your cats out of the baby’s bassinet.  This solution is substantial and reasonable to keep your cat away. It will be a challenge to separate it from the bed.

The way these repellents work is quite simple. When it detects your cat has entered the restricted area, the device will scare the cat away with a gentle sound alarm. It’s pretty similar to the training method above.

It’s better to use it to train your cat or place it at the bedroom door to avoid the sound disturbing your baby when sleeping. The room door maybe is the best place to place the repellent as it will prevent the cat from entering the room.

In addition, for this device to work correctly, your cat needs to wear a collar equipped with this device. This can be quite inconvenient for you and your cat.

7. Close The Door

If you have no other solutions, start thinking about closing the door. You can use a baby monitor to observe and monitor your little one easily.

However, this method should not be at the top of the list. Your cats will be sad if they discover their owners are trying to remove them from their lives.


Why Does My Cat Hate My Baby?

Usually, children love to play with cats. However, the sad thing is that not all cats have the same attitude.

The main reason is that cats are sensitive to the environment around them. Cats are susceptible to even factors you do not pay the slightest attention to.

Loud noises or different smells can frighten the creature. The bad news is that babies are often the main culprits for these problems because of their erratic movements and tendency to be noisy.

When cats become stressed, they respond by running away, screaming, or scratching. These actions can hurt your baby. In addition, some cats may experience feelings of jealousy when a new member is added to the family.

Although this feeling may not be as complex and intense as in us humans, they certainly have some similarities.

Some cats have a strong sense of ownership over their territory, people, or things. So, you need to pay attention to them to prevent this situation.

cat look at baby

Do Cats Sit On Babies?

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, cats are not safe to co-sleep with a baby in a bassinet.

Unlike dogs, some cats lie on children’s chests and cover their faces. The reason is that cats like to sleep on soft and comfortable surfaces.

This action can cause infant suffocation and a high risk of death. A one-month-old infant in Battersea died of the exact cause.

Can Newborn Babies Be Allergic To Cats?

Pet allergy is an illness that can affect anyone, including babies. However, your little one will likely have a pet allergy if they show some of the following signs.

First, babies are more likely to have allergies if they have a history of allergic conditions such as eczema or asthma.

Second, the risk of allergies is higher if you have genetics or a family history of asthma or allergies.

Your baby has a 50-percent chance of developing an allergy if one of the parents has it. The rate is up to 75% if both parents have allergies.

Can A Cat Steal A Baby’s Breath?

One of the myths that a cat owner often ponders is whether cats can steal a newborn’s breath. Of course, you don’t need to worry because this is a bogus myth. Cute cats won’t steal your little one’s breath. However, these creatures tend to cuddle and rely on their humans.

Cats can sometimes lie on top of a small child or baby, causing difficulty breathing. If you have a baby and own a cat, ensure that your pet has a warm and soft sleeping space.

Parents should also stay safe and prevent diseases from the cat from spreading to the baby. Use mesh sections designed explicitly for bassinets to avoid this.

Can Cats Cause SIDS?

There isn’t any evidence that cats increase the risk of SIDS in children.

According to a New Zealand Journal study on Sudden Death Syndrome and Infant Mortality, households that don’t own cats have higher rates of SIDS than households that do.

Yet, parents should not forget to rush to adopt a pet to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Please carefully consider the conditions of the family and your ability to care for yourself before deciding to add a new family member.


Hopefully, the methods in this article will help you prevent your cat from getting into the bassinet and help your baby have a peaceful and safe sleep.

The key to it all is discipline and patience. Set clear boundaries so your cat can understand and keep your little one’s distance.

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