24 Interesting and Fun Hobbies for Teenage Guys (Indoor/Outdoor)

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Adolescence is a wonderful time, but there’s been a lot of change. Teenagers will face many difficulties, especially in the proper use of this precious time.

Whether you’re a boy, girl, or parent with a teen, if you’re still stuck on how to use your time, it’s time to think about it seriously.

And below are some of the best hobbies for teenage guys that are entertaining and valuable for later life that they should experience.

Good Hobbies for Teenage Guys at Home

Hobbies create moments of relaxation for teenagers and contribute significantly to talent building. The fun hobbies to do at home as a teen guy below are examples.

1. Blogging or Vlogging

Blogging or Vlogging is one of the perfect choices

Writing is a good habit that should be maintained regularly because it is a creative activity and a handy way to practice linguistic thinking. In some cases, writing is also an opportunity to be true to yourself.

Blogging is one wonderful way for teenagers to maintain the habit of writing and taking helpful notes.

If you are a teenager getting started with blogging for the first time, you can begin with journaling. By keeping a record of the day’s activities and adding personal experiences and feelings, you will release a lot of negative emotions and have more opportunities to look back on past events.

If you find your passion in writing, you can start the path to becoming an author with poetry, short stories, even novels, and many other genres of literature.

In addition to satisfying your creative passion, blogging and vlogging can also become a profitable full-fledged career when you have valuable shares that are well on the blog.

2. Playing an Instrument

Learning to play a new instrument is an excellent hobby for teenage guys who love music or are simply interested in the art form.

Learning to play and master an instrument doesn’t just train teens to be patient.

Besides, scientists have proven that playing a musical instrument regularly can help reduce stress. So, before entering adulthood like a teenager, knowing how to play an instrument will bring many mental benefits at the age of crisis.

In addition, learning to play a musical instrument also brings many other benefits related to the brain, such as improving memory, promoting creativity, increasing thinking ability – skills that not only teenagers but all children can enjoy. We all need practice.

3. Woodworking

Woodworking will bring you a cool experience

Maybe, woodworking jobs in your impression are not a hobby to maintain because of the clutter that work brings to your home.

However, if you are a parent and your teenage guy is interested in starting a woodworking business, you are welcome.

Teenagers are more valuable than you think because of the excellent skills carpentry gives.

Try to imagine your teenage guy patient enough to create new or valuable things. This image will surely make you more satisfied than guys sitting for hours in front of the computer with unhealthy violent games.

Even learning the basics of woodworking as a teenager can save your guy a lot of money on future projects.

4. Programming

Technology and computers are passions for most teenage guys. And if your guy has this passion, coding is one of the best hobbies he can do as a teenager.

Without a doubt, knowing and mastering at least one programming language will be a massive advantage for him later on.

In addition to opening the door to a career path with an attractive salary, coding also helps him learn how to use time and logical thinking and many lessons about patience and dedication.

If you’re concerned that this hobby might be a bit overwhelming for teens, you can do a quick search for the accessible or affordable coding courses available on the Internet.

5. Photo or Video Editing

Photo or Video Editing can be useful in the future

Being proficient in the photo and video editing is one of the skills needed in today’s era.

Teenagers will hone their creativity and express their individuality when forming a habit and a love for editing.

Besides, designing essential graphic works such as greeting cards, visiting cards, posters are also a stepping stone for career development with orientation as an editor or a content creator in the future.

6. Gaming

Gaming isn’t bad, even with video games. However, spending a lot of time on games that are not educational or do not improve skills is not a tiny waste.

As a parent, you should encourage your teen guy to participate in brain-training games like broad games or puzzles that require logical thinking.

If the above games are not attractive enough for teenagers, you can turn your attention to team games. These games attract the participation of a large number of players and bring valuable lessons about solidarity and teamwork.

7. Cooking

Cooking is a cool hobby for teenage guys for many reasons.

First, teenagers will know how to take care of their health more when they love cooking. And instead of loving outside foods with uncertain nutrition, teenage guys will learn how to create healthy meals, control their weight and health.

Besides, cooking is a hobby that can connect young people with those they love.

In addition, this hobby is not too difficult to implement and maintain. Because cooking is almost a daily job for many households, all teenagers have to do is go to the kitchen and follow instructions from adults or websites or cooking channels.

8. Origami

Origami is a beautiful form of artistic entertainment that offers many benefits.

It is not merely an entertaining habit, making decorations. On the contrary, this art of paper folding is also psychotherapy, bringing mental comfort, joy, and inspiration to the performer.

Because of creating an Origami item, you will have to apply a lot of geometric rules. Therefore, teenage guys with a hobby of Origami will better think about abstract geometry, spatial geometry, 3-dimensional blocks, visual thinking, etc.

9. Magic

Magic is not just a hobby that requires the practice of tips and tricks. It also requires confidence, ingenuity, patience, agility, flexibility. Therefore, this cool hobby brings a series of benefits.

First, it helps practice skills to handle all jobs quickly. When learning and spending time on magic, you will lose a lot of effort in training the skill of your hands.

Second, when you reach a certain level, you will find that the ability to coordinate the brain with other parts of the body such as hands to perform manipulations and eyes to observe crowds becomes smoother and more efficient than ever.

Third, a teenager who knows and is a master in magic will surely shine in school concerts or in front of relatives, friends, etc.

Magic can improve your thinking

10. Astrology

Astrology is not a superstition or a scam. It’s a real hobby that you can support your teen guy’s pursuit.

It can bring a lot of interesting knowledge about the stars, their positions, and how they affect the personality and life of each person.

Trying to interpret signs in astrology or predicting the future may or may not be correct. Yet, the messages that astrology brings are both fun and meaningful. Teenage guys have a basis for looking forward to the occult in the future and having healing messages of their own.

11. Painting

Painting is the best choice for creative improvement

Many parents think that artistic ability is an innate gift. Even teens have thought so. But in fact, practicing and treating painting as a hobby will make the work more wonderful.

Therefore, don’t let any thought stop your teen from pursuing a painting hobby. You can suggest online or face-to-face courses, even favorite Youtube channels for painting tutorials.

12. Sketching

Sketching is an exciting hobby that is both similar and different from drawing.

The similarity lies in how you can improve your creativity and improve concentration and attention. In terms of other points, even the advantages of this hobby, time is definitely worth paying attention to.

Compared to drawing, sketching does not take too much time because this art form is more about capturing the essence than going into details.

Thus, the draftsman can make sketches impromptu and focus on the most impressive features to him.

To better understand the difference between these two hobbies, you can refer to the following video:

13. Reading

Reading is always a habit that any parent wants to practice for their child, even teenager.

Books can help to improve knowledge and expand vocabulary, improve memory and the language ability of teenagers.

With the development of information technology and many entertainment methods, young people can move away from the habit of reading books.

As a parent, you can prevent this by fostering a love of books in your teen. At the same time, you can also choose other book formats that are more accessible to your teen guy, such as e-books, audiobooks to enhance reading culture in the era of dominant audio-visual culture.

14. Flipping

Flipping is a term used to refer to small-scale profitable trading. In other words, your teenage guy will buy an object for a specific price and then sell it to someone else for a higher price.

It can be that this hobby is inexpensive to pursue and profitable.

Items that teenage boys can trade can be clothes, shoes, baseball cards, video games. He needs communication, negotiation, and communication skills. More important is the business mind.

Therefore, this interesting hobby has almost no downside as teenagers earn extra income and develop essential skills.

There is only one problem with this hobby: he needs to be careful when selling online with many fraudulent sellers or other potential dangers.

Outdoor and Sports Hobbies

If indoor activities don’t impress extroverts, below are outdoor hobby ideas for teenage guys. Even if your guy doesn’t like anything, the following activities will probably convince him once in a while.

1. Cycling

Cycling is an excellent model citizen hobby. Encouraging your teen guy to get into the habit and maintain a love of cycling is sure to have many benefits both physically and mentally.

In terms of physical, science has proven that exercising with a bicycle will help lose weight effectively, tone muscles, and improve cardiovascular health.

Mentally, maintaining a regular cycling habit is an effective solution in reducing stress and pressure. Indeed, exploring the neighborhood, enjoying the fresh air will bring more relaxation to him than you think.

Cycling is one of the best activities for a healthy balance

2. Basketball

In addition to knowing how to play at least one musical instrument, teenagers should learn how to play and enjoy at least one sport.

And among the many outdoor sports, basketball deserves to be at the top of your teen guy’s list of favorites.

As a parent, you certainly understand basketball’s positive effects on him. Teenagers who love basketball will have better health with improved muscles, height, and endurance at a growing age.

Teenage guys can also learn many lessons from participating in this sport. Lessons on concentration, discipline, coordination, and teamwork are a few of them.

3. Skateboarding

Like basketball, skateboarding is a sport with physical and mental benefits that any teenager should participate in at least once.

The physical benefits of skateboarding include enhanced coordination, reflexes, and improved pain tolerance.

In terms of personality changes, this cool hobby can make your guy more patient and reduce stress.

At the same time, as in some published studies, skateboarding also has a positive impact on the formation and development of the personality of teenagers.

4. Hiking

Hiking for improving your physical health

Suppose hobbies like basketball and upper body skates positively and directly impact muscle groups. In that case, hiking provides an opportunity for teenagers to exercise and improve bone density and fitness activity of joints.

This hobby is also not too expensive or difficult to maintain. Teenagers should regularly participate in hiking to easily see positive changes in both physical and mental aspects.

Or simply, you just need to walk around the house or more comprehensive where you live to exercise and warm up your body regularly.

5. Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing can be an upgraded version of hiking when this sport synthesizes muscles, joints, and coordination of limbs but requires you to spend more time on the natural body.

However, every trade-off is worth it. Once you’ve developed a preference for indoor climbing, you’ll notice specific changes in your muscles as well as your overall range of motion. In the long run, the heart and lungs will be the two organs that will benefit the most from this helpful habit.

6. Martial Arts

There are many reasons why young people should learn martial arts.

In addition to health improvements such as increased flexibility and coordination, helping the heart work better, there is no denying the self-protection benefits that martial arts bring.

Besides, martial arts is also a good hobby that should improve confidence and develop discipline. More importantly, this hobby can perfect the personality of young people.

Aggressive youth is understandable. Therefore, you may think that learning martial arts makes young people ugly, quickly leading to aggressive actions.

However, the reality has proved the opposite when young people learning martial arts learn beautiful and powerful movements that can protect themselves and understand the strong spirit.

7. Fishing

Fishing for entertainment

If your teenage guy does not enjoy intense physical activities such as climbing, jogging, fishing is an outdoor hobby worth introducing and maintaining.

The reason can be as above because fishing teaches him lessons about patience and gives him the opportunity to have space to think and reduce stress.

In addition, fishing is also an outdoor activity that should regularly increase the bond between family members.

8. Survival

Survival games always bring many valuable lessons and experiences.

Depending on the content of the challenge, your guy will learn different skills. It can be as simple as creating fire from stone to more complex, like building a shelter.

Whatever the lesson is learned, getting into the habit of regularly participating in survival games will certainly benefit teenagers.

Besides lessons on life skills and survival skills, participating in these challenges is also an opportunity for teenagers to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, away from phones and other devices that suffer from technology.

The Survival Challenge will be a place for teenagers to find the stillness they need and truly enjoy the wonders of nature.

9. Photography or Videography

Taking photos is no longer a strange habit for teenagers because most have used their phones to record moments in life, especially taking selfies.

Teenagers can ultimately develop into a hobby from this habit when spending time and effort in taking photos and videos like a professional photographer or videographer.

Maybe to start the journey with this new hobby, the cost to buy shooting equipment will be an issue worth considering.

However, the investment is not wasted if you consider fostering and pursuing a passion that can become a job later on, such as filming or taking photos.

10. Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the hobbies that bring meaning to participants and spread many values ​​to the community.

For young men and women, tutoring disadvantaged children, making donations at local shelters are beautiful experiences.

The above jobs make your teen an altruist with a kind heart and teach him many lessons about how to behave, work, and cooperate in an organization.


The list of best hobbies for teenage guys above suggests sports, passions, and habits that should be maintained and pursued.

Some of the above hobbies can be pretty expensive to get started. Others require a certain seriousness and patience.

Therefore, whether you are a parent concerned about the interests that should be for your child or a teenager looking to build his habits, you must carefully consider your preferences and personal conditions.

We hope you can find a suitable hobby and have valuable experiences with it. Don’t forget to leave a comment in the section below if you have other interesting experiences to share.

Thank you for reading!

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