30 Awesome Hobbies for Stay at Home Moms to Have Fun and Make Money

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If you’re starting as a full-time mom for the first time, you’ll probably feel a bit bored. You stay at home all day and do things related to taking care of your family and home without pleasure.

What’s more, being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job, but it’s not highly paid. Meanwhile, numerous women like working part-time to share the financial burden with their spouses and many other reasons.

The good news is that there are several stay at home mom hobbies to enjoy while still making money. If you are unsure what they are, this article will be helpful. Let’s scroll to discover more interesting leisure activities!

Inexpensive Hobbies for Stay At Home Moms

Here are the best suggestions for full-time moms to experience if you are finding something fun and relaxing:

1. Reading and Book Club

For pregnant stay-at-home moms, reading is an ideal pastime. Building a positive reading habit keeps you from mindlessly browsing through your smartphone. Constantly having your nose buried in reading will inspire your children to do the same!

If you don’t know how to get good books, you may ask friends for recommendations, look for the best-selling novels of the year, or join a real or virtual book club.

Reading books

2. Podcasts

As a stay-at-home mom, podcasts are indeed a lifesaver, particularly in those beginnings when you’re home alone every day with a baby. Podcasts may keep your mind engaged while also giving you a pseudo-adult sense of communication.

There is a wide range of podcasts on practically every topic available, so you’re bound to discover something suitable for you.

Listening to podcasts

3. TV shows

It is probably the most popular hobby among full-time moms. Let your mind rest and relax after hours of child care. There are many TV shows for you to choose from for entertainment!

4. Coloring

Sitting down with a coloring book often is a lot of fun! Quiet activities can have a soothing impact on certain people. If you only have a few minutes to rest your mind, this low-key practice is ideal. It is a wonderful time that you can also experience with your lovely kids!

Coloring with kids

5. Painting

Painting is the finest hobby for stay-at-home moms who are artistic. If you realize you are talented in art but keep finding excuses to avoid doing this form of work, consider carefully.

Make an effort to improve and grow your painting talents. Painting is an effective stress reliever. Find some painting inspiration and set aside time to complete your project.

6. Dancing

You may enroll in lessons in a real studio! However, if childcare is a matter or you are ashamed for anybody to witness your clumsy movements, consider taking courses online from the comfort of your own home.

Dancing with kids

7. Baking

If you are a stay-at-home mom who is really into cooking, learning to bake might be a terrific way to expand your creativity. Bake a cherry mascarpone patty won’t be difficult any longer, and you may make your family members wow.

You may begin selling your desserts or pastries once you’ve mastered a few decent recipes and make some money with your new pastime!

Baking with kids

8. Gardening

A small vegetable garden may provide a lot of pleasure. If your children are big enough to enjoy the soil, this is a terrific pastime to do with them.

They will be surprised that a little seed can develop into such a large pumpkin, and you’ll experience happiness seeing their reaction to their first discovery.

Alternatively, this activity may also be beneficial if you want to improve the appearance of your backyard or front yard. You may enhance your aesthetic appeal by planting your favorite plants and flowers.

9. Learn an Instrument

If you are really into playing musical instruments, it’s time to brush up on your skills. It’s better to get a weekly tutor to come to your home every week.

You can also learn on your own if you can’t afford tutoring fees. Don’t worry! There are some useful apps like Yousician acting as a virtual teacher to help you sharpen your skills.

10. Study Home Decorating

For full-time stay-at-home moms, living space is important. A beautiful home will put you in a good focus to be more productive.

Moreover, the home decoration also reduces stress after hours of taking care of the children. And the result you get from this hobby is a home full of style and individuality.

Decorating home

11. Lego Building

If your child loves to play with legos, you should make it a habit to play with them. It is the time when you can both interact with your baby and relax your mind.

Building lego with kids

12. Brush Lettering

Brush lettering may be a relaxing creative outlet when done as a pastime. This hobby is simple to learn and incorporate into your busy motherhood routine. You might be capable of turning it into a way to earn money later on.

13. Exercise

Daily mild workouts, such as dancing, yoga, or walking, are some of the healthiest pastime ideas stay-at-home moms should do. Exercise has several health advantages, including higher energy and better general health and stress reduction.

For instance, yoga is a meditation that improves both your mental and physical health. Every day, devote at least 30 minutes to your preferred kind of exercise.

Doing exercise

14. Learn To Make Pottery

Pottery might well be viewed as a kind of art or a profession by some, but it is one of the most popular activities for improving attention since each item must be carefully shaped.

It’s also a great method to make new friends and expand your social circle. To enroll, inquire about nearby courses in your region.

Making pottery

15. Write Letters

The culture of handwriting is increasingly disappearing with the advent of texting, email, or video conferencing. However, most of your relatives still like receiving a cheerful little letter in their mailboxes.

You can write your loved ones a few lines a week to talk about your daily life, spread joy, or ask how they’ve been doing lately. They will surely be happy to read your handwritten letter as they feel your deep care and sharing!

Writing letter

Hobbies That Make Money for Stay At Home Moms

Are you looking for ways to make money as a stay-at-home mom without incurring additional costs?

These pastimes frequently result in the creation of crafts to sell on Etsy or eBay and digital items to donate to those in need. Some hobbies might turn into part-time or full-time professions. Scroll down!

1. Blogging or Vlogging

For full-time moms, blogging is a fantastic habit. Starting a blog is easy and inexpensive, and you can do it while your child is napping.

You may write about whatever you like or wish to learn more about, and some women even earn money from this hobby!

If you feel free to be in front of a camera, why don’t you build a Youtube channel to share with other women about the life of a full-time mom? Some single girls are often curious about what a mother’s life will be like.

If you’re interested, you may produce vlogs or videos on stay-at-home mommy pastime ideas or cosmetics tips. In this way, you can both pursue your passion, take care of your children, and still earn a huge amount of money from Youtube. It is also your path to becoming a content creator or an influencer.


2. Sewing or Quilting

If you have ever believed that sewing or quilting is only for the elderly, dismiss this thought out of your mind immediately.

According to research, stitching practices can help minimize moderate cognitive problems, making it a beneficial pastime for everybody who participates.

To earn money online, you can sell your handmade products on eCommerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and local shops. At the same time, you can save money on apparel and have an enjoyable way to pass the time.


3. Crochet or Knitting

Do you know crocheting or knitting has health advantages? It appears to be an excellent creative pastime for stay-at-home women, especially when you struggle with worry or sadness.

Are crochet and knitting different? Yes! Though you perform these tasks with a large device and yarn, you need to utilize a crochet hook to do crocheting. It forms a tighter fabric and is more commonly utilized for items like potholders, placemats, and blankets.

Meanwhile, knitting is done with two needles. Knitting is difficult since a section of your product may disintegrate if you drop a thread.

It creates a looser texture, which is why it’s more commonly employed for apparel items like scarves, hats, sweaters, or mittens.

You can choose the best suited with your style. To execute any of these handicrafts, you’ll need a little patience, but others will greatly appreciate your efforts. If you’re talented enough, you can manufacture a limitless number of goods to sell.


4. Making Stuffed Toys or Pillows

You also can take your craft to the next level by crafting soft stuffed toys or pillows! All you have to do is cut the material into designs, stitch along the edges, and fill with the fluff.

You may even make your designs if you need to be more creative. Try out different materials and fluff varieties. You may also add items such as voice boxes or cables to allow you to sculpt parts of the animals. It’ll be a lot of fun!

You can save expenses by making stuffed pillows or toys out of leftover baby garments, as souvenirs may be lucrative. As a result, your revenues will increase.

Stuffed toys

5. Making Soap or Candles

The demand for handmade goods is increasing daily, including handmade soap or candles. If you are a full-time mom, you can consider making these items to make extra money.

To begin, choose trendy and common scents and colors. If you come across a popular or bestseller recipe, keep it on the market and constantly think of new ones to keep your clients interested.

The method of creating soap entails combining fats with sodium hydroxide or lye. To effectively perform this technique, you’ll need to get a scale.

When using sodium hydroxide, take caution. It’s corrosive to the point of becoming toxic. When handling it, ensure to adhere to all safety precautions. It is a great activity to do while the children are napping or after they’ve gone to bed!

One of the reasons homemade soap manufacturing is such a lucrative money-making hobby for stay-at-home moms is that it does not require a lot of skill. You only need to apply the formula and experiment with various chemicals to achieve a satisfying finish.

Moreover, making candles is simple and enjoyable while you may make a large number at once. All you need are appropriate containers to serve as templates and a technique to melt the waxes down. Look for suitable jars, pots, glasses, or vases at your second-hand or thrift store.

If you are curious about homemade candle making, you can watch this video:

6. Paper Crafting

Another fun creative activity for parents is paper crafting! You may not only have a good time, but you can also start crafting your greeting cards and event decor.

Even those who aren’t usually artistic will find paper creating enjoyable and simple thanks to Cricut – an electronic cutting machine!

Paper crafting

7. Making Cards

If you are artistic and passionate about hobbies related to hand-working, making cards is right for you. Discover your preferred subject and begin by carving out a space for yourself with your artwork.

Moreover, there are several reasons why people purchase greeting cards. It means selling your homemade cards will be convenient or even possibly prosperous.

You may produce blank cards if you want to concentrate on the graphics. In addition, you can use event cards if you have anything creative or poignant to express.

You might sell your ideas on your own through social networking sites or a blog, or you could sell them to greeting card companies.

8. Making Printables

Are you interested in designs and creativity? If that’s the case, other mothers will be envious. Mommy bloggers from all over the globe will be lining up at the house for the prettiest and most imaginative printable for their projects and articles.

Printables, PDFs, and other compact digital items are in high demand. You may advertise them on your website, through a profit channel, or in your Etsy store.

If you’re curious what kinds of printables someone can make to sell, here are some suggestions:

  • Calendars and planners
  • Budget printables
  • Workout trackers
  • Finance worksheets
  • Homeschool worksheets

Homemade planner

9. T-Shirt Making

What a blast it would be to create and sell t-shirts for a living. It is a simple way to earn money from your interest.

T-shirts may be used for a plethora of purposes. Furthermore, if you like designing t-shirts, selling them on Etsy might be a fun way to supplement your income.

You may also visit to learn how to earn money by making and selling t-shirts. You create the design, and Teespring will provide the items.

This technique can apply to much more than simply t-shirts. You can create everything from mobile phone covers to comforters on the Teespring marketplace.

10. Photography

Photography is a lucrative money-making pastime for a reason. Photographers in high demand are always in short supply. If you’ve had a gift for shooting great photos, sell them to get some additional money.

To supplement your income as a photographer, you do not need to create a studio. There are several sites that are interested in purchasing digital photographs. Here are a few of the most well-known photo-buying websites to consider:

  • Shutterstock
  • CreStock
  • Dreamstime
  • 123RF
  • SmugMug
  • Fotolia
  • Getty Images

Ask a wedding photographer in your region, perhaps a relative, or a cake artist for a less stressful possibility. Photography requires a keen eye, but it may be a lucrative money-maker or work-from-home job with a flexible timetable.

A personal blog is one effective way to display your pictures. It may be used as your portfolio for potential clients to see your services. From there, you may pursue your passion while still earning enough money to live comfortably.

A good photographer may make their pastime a full-time profession, but if you’re searching for something free, it’s also an interest you can employ as a side business. Food, kids, pets, portraits, or nature are some of the subjects you might start at your home.

However, starting this hobby might be costly because you’ll need to purchase some nice starting equipment. You may sell your images or photography services when you’ve gained some expertise.

Take photos

11. Graphic Design

Another passion that some parents have is graphic design, which they normally study in college or through computer software. In either case, this activity has the potential to be financially rewarding.

Spreadshirt is a good option if you’re not yet eager to build your website. It is a free online marketplace where you may personalize and design things before selling them via user-created stores. It is one of the most profitable hobbies.

Is this something you’d be interested in? To begin earning money, develop and publish your graphic to their platform.

There isn’t a shop associated, and shop ownership isn’t required. Spreadshirt will distribute and advertise your items, and you will get paid!

12. 3D Printing

Once you’ve set up 3D printing and learned how to utilize the technology, 3D printing becomes a technologically great outlet restricted only by your imagination and the printer’s size.

You may create your own and then sell them on social networking sites to supplement your income.

3D printing 

13. NFT Games

Do you want to spend time playing with your kids but still want to earn extra income during that time? NFT Games is the best solution.

In gameplay, NFT games have grown widespread as a source of revenue. You may trade your NFTs in-game to the other collectors and gamers, and play-to-earn designs also allow you to gain coins.

14. Selling Handmade Jewelry

Making handcrafted jewelry is a lucrative pastime for the talented or artistic.

People are more interested than ever in handmade items with a distinct style rather than mass-produced ones. It is your opportunity to show off your jewelry-making skills.

These one-of-a-kind goods, such as bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, have a large market. To generate profits in your city, advertise them on several internet marketplaces or go to local handicraft and artist festivals.

If you want to sell your jewelry, it’s vital to have a distinct style so that your buyers can recognize your unique touch.

Handmade jewelry

15. Being A Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant positions are a great opportunity for moms to work and generate as much additional cash as possible besides hiring out workspace inside the house.

Thanks to the growing number of organizations that provide remote roles, it’s quite simple to do this job. You can even discover businesses eager to meet your schedule, providing flexible hours to adapt to your childcare plan.

This job is ideal for well-organized moms who love using computers. Those with secretarial expertise and familiarity with computer systems for trade payables and receivable work will benefit from this position.

In A Nutshell

Those are all the best hobbies for stay-at-home moms to enjoy and make money you can consider experiencing. No matter what hobby you decide to start with, we hope you will find comfort to melt away your fatigue and worries.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful for you. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next post!

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