Can You Ride Go-Karts While Pregnant?

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Karting is a type of motorsport. Although it is safer than other forms, you should still be cautious of the risks. So can you ride go-karts while pregnant?

It’s best to avoid go-karting while pregnant. Careless riders and malfunctioning engines may cause collisions, which is extremely dangerous to you and your baby.

We will explain more about why go-karting is not suitable for pregnant women.

Let’s get right into the details!

Is It Safe to Ride Go-Karts While Pregnant?

Go-karts are far slower than vehicles. However, there are some severe concerns to be aware of if you’re pregnant and riding one.

Here are some instances of what might cause injuries for pregnant women and even miscarriage.

1. Collisions

It is very common for go-karts to collide with one another and with obstacles on the racecourse. Go-karting is a competitive sport. Every racer will do all possible to pass the one ahead of them.

Overtaking in racing frequently results in minor collisions, increasing the risk of an accident. Also, keep in mind that other racers may not be aware of your pregnancy, even when you drive slowly.

This issue is dangerous for you since they often drive aggressively and may overtake in hazardous situations. The worst scenario is miscarriage and placental abruption.

2. Get Flung Out of Your Kart

Your go-kart may flip, and you will fling out of your car. Some karts do not feature a safety belt.

If your go-kart has a seatbelt, it dramatically increases the danger of hurting your unborn baby if you’re expecting.

Even though your kart has a belt, you can still get injured. Thus the competitive experience of this sport isn’t worth it.

3. Other Drivers Can Be Reckless

You may be an experienced go-kart driver, and you can head out in the race to be especially careful. The fact is, though, that you have no control over the other riders on the racetrack with you.

Other individuals believe that these pieces of gear are safe. Hence, they tend to drive more aggressively as a result. Many drivers may try to overtake you or smash into you on purpose because they think it’s fun.

These risky moves, unfortunately, might harm you. If you’re pregnant, you should avoid them at all costs.

riding a go kart can cause miscarriage
You cannot avoid collisions during the race.

3. Adrenaline and Stress

Go-karting is a high-intensity sport. The karts are pretty speedy since you are sitting so close to the ground. The fast speed and tight wheel-to-wheel competition come with an adrenaline rush. In most cases, adrenaline is beneficial to your health. It has a similar effect to cardiovascular activities, leading to a higher heart rate.

Yet, some adverse effects, like worry and anxiety, may happen due to this event. As a result, it is not advisable to engage in any strenuous activities when expected. Although adrenaline isn’t directly bad, too much of it might wreak havoc later on.

4. The Engine Can Be Problematic

Go-kart engines are either four-stroke or two-stroke. They require a special lubricant to be blended with the fuel. Within the engine, the gasoline creates a different form of combination. The combustion process can emit fumes and gasses that are potentially dangerous to you and your baby.

Moreover, the engine is quite near the driver. As a result, exhaust gasses even get closer to you. Four-stroke motors emit toxic fumes and chemicals that can be deadly to those allergic to them.

5. Discomfort

Go-karts are simple cars. They don’t have suspension technology, which decreases the comfort level you get while driving. Furthermore, they do not offer comfy seats, making driving them much more unpleasant.

The lack of comfy features exaggerate any shocks in the racetrack, and you sense them all over your body. Moreover, the steering is really harsh. It can be stressful on your hands and arms.

Another issue is the G-force (gravitational force). This term refers to the pressure you feel on your body whenever you speed up, brake, and make a turn.

It might be exhausting if your body can’t adapt to G-forces. While riding, you will surely experience the impact of the forces. You’ll sense it, even more, when your muscles start to heal the following day.

pregnant women should avoid go karting
You may not feel comfortable while riding go-karts.

What Can You Do for Fun While Pregnant?

Go-karting isn’t safe during pregnancy. But don’t be disappointed! You can go for tons of alternatives that are both safe and fun out there, such as:

1. Spa

Treat yourself with hairstyles, makeovers, or spa services. Prenatal massage will relieve pains and aches while also relaxing your mind.

2. Take a Prenatal Class

To stay positive, you should maintain a healthy mental and physical environment. A group activity will not only help you build a social circle, but it will also introduce your infant to new friends.

3. Go Shopping

Consider investing in some nice maternity clothing or replacing the furnishings in your home.

4. Go Hiking

Hiking is an excellent exercise for non-pregnant and pregnant people since it requires some effort, but you can do it at any pace.

5. Swimming

Swimming is the safest activity for most pregnant women and persons with other disabilities due to its minimal impact.

6. Do Some Gardening

Gardening may appear to some as a chore, but you may like immersing in the plants and sunshine. It’s also an excellent workout that makes you feel satisfied.

7. Go on a Picnic

Picnics are always a fantastic summertime outdoor activity. There’s time for you to rest and eat.

8. Camping

Camping isn’t dangerous. You can relax in nature by staying in a tent and enjoying tasty meals with your family.

The above are just some of the fun activities a pregnant woman can do. Find and try other activities that you find more enjoyable, as long as it is safe during pregnancy.


If you’re pregnant, riding a go-kart is not worth it. This experience may cause potentially dangerous issues for you and your unborn baby.

Fortunately, there are numerous activities to try during pregnancy. Check out our to-do list and choose your favorite.

Hopefully, the information we have shared can help. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you for reading!

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