10 Fun Ways to Tell Your Child You’re Pregnant

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Pregnancy is an exciting journey. Your family is increasing by two small feet with the arrival of another baby. Because you’re expecting a kid, you will need to inform your friends and family, including your kids.

There are many cute ways to tell your child you’re pregnant. We have compiled a list of ten inventive and exciting methods. Let’s take a look!

How to Tell Your Kids You’re Pregnant

As previously said, there are many lovely and inventive methods to tell older siblings about pregnancy! Here are a handful of our personal favorites.

1. Scavenger Hunt

If your kid is a preschooler or older, turning the news into a treasure hunt may be a lot of fun!

You can take them on a treasure hunt around the home, leaving them clues and treats along the way and letting them know that the most significant shock awaits them at the finish!

When they reach their destination, you may offer them everything “baby-related” or just a card or a letter informing them! In any case, they’ll be glad!

2. Make Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

What child wouldn’t be delighted to receive a birth announcement in the shape of cookies?!

Let’s make some customized cookies to tell your kid that a new baby is on their way and witness them grin from ear to ear as they savor their new delicacy and fantasize about having fun with their new sibling!

3. Letter From The New Baby

This one appeals to us as well, in which the mom and dad give their children a letter from the baby informing them of their impending arrival. Then, because they are so delighted, the children run about like crazy!

4. Figuring Out The Puzzle

One of our all-time favorite announcement ideas is this one! Do you know that ordering a personalized set of puzzles is a good idea in this situation?

Moreover, you certainly can think about it for almost any occasion! What a joy it would be to see your children put together the new puzzle and realize that they will be big brothers or sisters! It’s so much fun!

5. Give Them a Gift from The Baby

Give these cute t-shirts as a present for your kids and wait until they figure out what they imply!

While these specific T-shirts would be excellent for a soon-to-be family with children, many T-shirts read “big sister” or “big brother,” which is considered as the gift from the baby, will work well too!

6. Take Them to a Baby Store

Make a unique adventure for your kids and you by taking them on a shopping tour to a baby store they have never visited before!

They’ll be confused as to why you’ve chosen to accompany them there. Let your children know why the family may be visiting this store very frequently with a kid on the way in the following years.

Take them in and let your children select a few things for their future siblings, providing them with a sense of ownership and participation in the pre-sister or pre-brother process.

7. Start a Scrapbook with Your Kids

A book might be beneficial in this case

Make a family scrapbook and show it to your children. Then, lead into the page that introduces the arrival of a new baby.

Alternatively, you can provide a multitude of scrapbooking products so that your children can participate in documenting the pregnancy and the process of becoming a brother or sister.

8. Give Them a Special Book

Purchase or write a book about the significance and enchantment of being a big sister or brother.

Use this time to inform your kid that you expect a child, and talk about how wonderful this experience may be. Remember to address any fears or questions about the news for your children as well.

9. Show The Ultrasound

It is sometimes preferable to keep things simple! Ultrasounds are perplexing to most youngsters! It is difficult to tell what you are looking at in an ultrasound, which is why it is such a terrific announcement concept!

Even with your smallest child, showing them the photo and watching them make guesses about what they’re looking at might be a lot of fun!

10. Involve Them in Painting a Former Guest Room With a Twist

Baby room

Have you had a spare room that will quickly belong to a newborn child? If that’s the case, take your children to a ready room and explain that you’ll be painting.

Keep two paintbrushes and paint cans on hand. Ask them to pick up a brush and paint with blue or pink paint. Remember to Inquire as to what color they believe the space should be.

It might take them some minutes to figure out why blue and pink are the only options, but the expressions on their faces once they learn that the mother is pregnant will be wonderful.

Things to Consider Before Sharing The News

There are many creative ways to tell your older child you are pregnant. But, there are also a few things to think about before making your pregnancy announcement!

So here are a few suggestions before telling siblings about the new baby.

Consider Their Ages

Various sorts of pregnancy announcements will evoke different reactions from different age siblings. There are several reasons for this, the most significant of which is that different ages correspond to varying stages of development.

If you make an elaborate statement with your two-year-old, for example, odds are they will not completely get it. Here are some suggestions for communicating your exciting news to various ages.

From 0 To 2 Years Old

Any toddler will have a limited understanding of what having siblings entails. Furthermore, although you explain that mama is carrying a baby in the womb, kids will not comprehend till the baby comes.

As a result, these toddlers’ pregnancy announcements should be kept as simple as possible, similar to a “big sibling” reward.

In most cases, they will mimic your reaction to events and become happy, regardless of how you reveal that a baby is on the way!

From 3 To 6 Years Old

Preschoolers have a better idea of pregnancy and what having a sibling would feel like.

They likely have friends who have little sisters and brothers, so you can use that as a point of reference when announcing that they’ll be getting one too!

Informing your small child that you are expecting a newborn can be a lot of fun and clever! This group of age would enjoy and comprehend a more significant announcement as well as a present.

Above 6 Years Old

When your child reaches school age, they understand what it means to inform them that their mother is pregnant.

They’re mature enough to truly appreciate the benefits of having a younger sibling, along with some of the drawbacks, like having to share attention and toys.

As a result, depending on the child’s nature, you should approach your news with a bit more delicacy and care. It takes us to our next point.

Think about Their Personality

It is critical to think about the personality of your kids when deciding how to announce pregnancy to them.

If the child has been yearning for a little sister or brother for some years, they will adore a grand gesture of an introduction!

It may be something they have been looking forward to, and the official confirmation has been long-awaited. Moreover, it may undoubtedly be a memorable occasion!

This pleasure, though, may not be shared by every youngster, and that’s fine! Is it possible that your youngster is more reserved?

Perhaps your kid has shown a preference for being the lone child? If that’s the case, you might want to take a more gentle approach!

Whether The Siblings are Half-Siblings

When you and a stepchild do not get along, it can be challenging to accept the news of new birth in the family. We propose focusing on strengthening the relationship between the stepparent and the kid.

It would be best if you started cultivating common interests and bonding moments with the kid on your own. The transition to a developing, blended family will be more straightforward if you and your stepchildren have a better bond.


Even if you spend a lot of effort, thought, and time to make a pregnancy announcement to your kids, they may still be hesitant or even express dissatisfaction. In these cases, just have in mind that everything will be alright!

Every sensation that your kid is experiencing should be validated. If the good news doesn’t immediately enthrall your kid, don’t worry; they will! Some youngsters require more time to comprehend information.

Your youngster may ask some clarifying questions. Remember, whatever you choose, to be present for your kid, remind them of your joy, and address any questions they have about the upcoming story.


We agree that you are probably happy to be expecting a child and cannot wait to see how the new child and older children interact and love each other.

Remember that significant life events, such as the birth of a child, can cause conflict among family members. Be receptive to your child’s reactions to the arrival of a new baby.

Recognize that joy isn’t always the first feeling people exhibit. As kids adjust to the new family relationship, show compassion and tolerance, and tell them that having a new child does not imply your love for them will be less.

We hope you find the ten ways to announce pregnancy to kids in this article beneficial. If you have any idea about this, please let us know!

Thank you for reading!

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