Do Newborns Need a Bassinet Stroller?

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New parents are often overwhelmed when their baby is born. There are so many things that you need to think about and do. One of the most important things you must do is ensure your newborn is safe. A bassinet stroller, or a baby carrier, is a wonderful way for you to carry your newborn while you are outside. But is a bassinet stroller really necessary?

This question requires careful consideration because the answer can be confusing. There are a lot of bassinet strollers out there, each with a different design and its own distinct function and purpose. However, deciding whether or not your baby needs a bassinet stroller is something that you’ll have to decide for yourself.

The following are some reasons to choose and not to choose a bassinet stroller.

What Is A Bassinet Stroller?

Essentially, bassinet strollers are stroller frames with wheels made explicitly for carrying an infant in a lie-down position. They have a portable bassinet attached to it as a replacement for the traditional seat.

Many parents go for a car seat instead of a bassinet stroller. However, you should not let your baby sit in the car seat for an extended period. Infants can’t entirely support their heads well until they reach three months. Hence, the best idea is always to position them on the back when you’re not practicing tummy time or holding them.

How Long Can A Baby Use A Bassinet Stroller?

Some parents are skeptical about purchasing a bassinet stroller since they think their baby will outgrow quickly and can no longer fit into the stroller. Indeed, you will use your stroller repeatedly during the first several months – the critical phase of an infant’s life.

If you intend to take your little one outdoors during this time (the first six months) for family activities, it’s necessary to prepare a safe, comfortable place for him to lie.

Generally, you can use a bassinet stroller for 3-6 months, and the range depends on the weight limit and the size of each model.

In addition, some stroller bassinets, like the Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Stroller’s, can easily convert to a toddler seat with a hand. That means you can use a stroller with multiple attachments, including a bassinet, and a car seat, throughout the year.

It’s also possible to attach the bassinet to a stand so that you can use it in your bedroom or any corner of your house.

six modes of use Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System
Six Modes of Use on Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Stroller

Bassinet Stroller Vs. Car Seat

If you position your infant in a car seat, he will spend most of the time on his back. Research shows that an infant’s inadequate time on his tummy as awake is the prime cause of increased delays. So, car seats may harm newborns if parents keep their babies in them for an extended period.

In addition, babies sitting with their backs for a long time will lead to a matter that all parents are worried about: flat head syndrome.

Yet, don’t panic. Indeed, a car seat is safe and perfect for travel. These seats were born to carry newborns and toddlers when you are driving. However, the CDC recommends that infants and toddlers 2-4 years old should only use a rear-facing car seat in the back seat for their safety.

stroller bassinet vs car seat

So, are car seats or bassinet strollers better for newborns? It can be a yes or no, depending on what you will use them for.

Car seats are convenient. Most models have a handle that helps transition from your vehicle to your house, making it more comfortable. You just need to untighten the seat belt and take it out of your car. Simply put, you can go anywhere with your baby with this item.

Unlike car seats, bassinets act as a sleeping place for your infant. Most stroller bassinets come with handles, meaning you can bring the baby around. And the beauty is that it’s possible to provide your little one with comfortable sleep.

1. If you usually have to bring your baby with you across the town or take her to visit her grandparents, then the first option is a good choice. Your baby only needs to sit in a car seat for a while and then can rest in a bassinet at the grandparents’ house.

2. Meanwhile, if you often go out and need a place for your baby to sleep for a longer time, a car seat will not meet this need. You are better off choosing a stroller bassinet.

3. In fact, both the bassinet stroller and car seat will serve different purposes. Therefore, you are better off having both. You should buckle your baby in a car seat for safety when driving on a long road. When going out or walking for a long time, you should have a bassinet for your baby to rest.

You can consider handy stroller travel systems such as Evenflo Pivot, Graco Modes Pramette, and Maxi-Cosi Zelia Max, which come with a bassinet and a car seat that are interchangeable to attach to their stroller frames.

Graco Modes Pramette Travel System
Graco Modes Pramette Travel System

Are Bassinet Strollers Safe?

Since not all strollers come with features like those for older toddlers, parents may be concerned with safety. Indeed, you don’t have to worry much about that. Manufacturers design those systems with newborns in mind, so they’re safe for your little one.

When picking a travel item for an infant, safety should be the top concern. A stroller travel system is safe if it offers the below features:

Weight Limit and Dimensions

Always ensure your baby’s size and weight are appropriate for the bassinet stroller and the car seat if purchased with the same travel system. A too-tight bassinet will make it difficult for your baby to sleep comfortably.

Settings to Recline

These settings are essential for infants since they can’t sit up alone. Helpfully, you can attach a car seat or bassinet attachment option to your stroller so that the baby can lie safely and adequately.

Locking Brakes

It’s always best to avoid parking your stroller on a steep slope, so locking brakes should be one of its features.

They will keep the system parked as you’re not using it. But remember to locate the brakes that your little one’s hands can’t reach.

Separate Footrests

You need to pay attention to this when buying a double stroller since separated footrests allow more space for babies to get their feet trapped.

For Second-hand Strollers

Check your product’s warranty and parts if you intend to buy a used model to avoid recalls and risks.

parents walking with bassinet stroller


Can a 3-month-old Baby Sit In a Stroller?

Yes. Most 3-month-old babies can support their heads by themselves, meaning you can switch your stroller seat to a reclined position to let your little one sit comfortably.

When he reaches five to seven months, you can turn the seat to an entirely upright position when he can sit up by himself.

During this period, it’s vital to promote the baby’s gross motor skill development and help him reach important milestones.

Can a Baby Sleep in a Stroller Bassinet?

Yes. An infant can sleep in a strolling system as long as you follow the safe sleep precautions recommended by the AAP and monitor your little one.

When the infant is sleeping, don’t put plush toys, pillows, or blankets in the sleeping place. Those objects may accidentally cover your baby’s mouth and nose, or your baby may lie in a position that makes it easy to pull those objects on its face.

When Can I Take My Newborn Outside for a Walk?

You and your infant don’t have to stay inside during the first months if you want to inhale some fresh air despite the traditional belief that parents shouldn’t take their newborns out this time.

Indeed, sunshine and fresh air can benefit the little one and mother with mood-fostering benefits and vitamin D.

However, some doctors may advise you to wait for a decent time before bringing your infant to crowded places with a high risk of transmitting respiratory infections.

Are Bassinet Strollers Worth It?

So, do you need a bassinet stroller? The answer is that it depends. If you have to move frequently or want to run errands or walk long distances while having the little one snooze peacefully, this system will be a way to go.

Many families opt for bassinet strollers to ensure their children have a comfortable and safe place to sleep while they’re out. On the other hand, if regular daily travel or walking is not a usual part of your routine, things will not change much if a baby arrives.

A travel system may not be in occasional use since you and your baby will be in a place the whole day, making it an unreasonable investment. In this case, you should save money to buy a car seat, or invest in a travel crib or a pack-n-play.

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